"Person of Interest" Matsya Nyaya (TV Episode 2012) Poster

(TV Series)


Michael Emerson: Harold Finch


  • Harold Finch : Based on her remarks at the bar, sounds like Detective Carter is eying Fusco. Isn't it time we told her that he's working with HR at our behest?

    John Reese : Not yet.

    Harold Finch : And after all that talk about honesty.

    John Reese : It's safer for both of them. The less people who know about Fusco, the less danger he's in.

    Harold Finch : So now you're protecting Fusco?

    John Reese : I'm protecting an asset.

  • John Reese : Did we actually accomplish anything here?

    John Reese : We stopped Tommy from getting away with murder. That's something.

    Harold Finch : He didn't stand a chance, did he? ?

    John Reese : The problem with trying to be the bad guy... there's always someone worse.

  • Harold Finch : [after Fusco shot Lynch to protect Reese]  Mr. Reese, everything okay?

    John Reese : Finch, we're going to need your trunk.

    Detective Lionel Fusco : No, I got this one. I shot him with her gun. Simple enough to make it look like Lynch botched the whole thing.

    John Reese : You're getting good at this, Lionel.

    Detective Lionel Fusco : I was always good at this. That's why you picked me in the first place. Remember?

  • Harold Finch : The crew consists of a driver, Murray Langston been working at Grayling for 20 years. Tommy is the hopper, the most dangerous position on the crew. He has to leave the truck to pick up and drop off cargo. And then there's the guard, which is you.

    John Reese : If the machine gave us Tommy's number...

    Harold Finch : Then somebody's probably planning a robbery. Seventy-three percent of car robberies happen when the hopper's away. So if they're gonna hit you, that's when it'll happen.

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