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  • As the fallout continues to reverberate from the pending lawsuit against Pearson Hardman, Harvey turns to a former colleague, with whom he has a thorny past, for help in proving the firm's case.


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  • Open with Harvey being deposed by Travis. Travis has no interest in offering the firm a settlement that doesn't include Harvey being disbarred. Travis starts making fun of the Harvey/Jessica dynamic. When Travis takes a shot at Harvey's mother, Harvey punches him in the face.

    Daniel suggests they do some practicing before trial to ensure Harvey doesn't lose his cool. Harvey agrees. The plan is for Louis to play the role of Travis during the rehearsals.

    Harvey still hasn't heard from Donna. Mike is drafted to help Louis during the mock trial. Harvey and Mike plan not to discuss the "trial" until it is finished.

    Harvey asks Zoe to do jury consulting work for the firm. She realizes that Jessica will have to be convinced.

    Rachel asks Mike if he thinks it's possible Harvey "did it." Mike says he believes Harvey, then has an idea. Rachel wonders what happens to Mike if Harvey loses.

    Mike suggests Louis should use the fact he doesn't think Harvey has any integrity against him. Mike calls Louis out for being devious when he planted his Dictaphone in Harvey's office. And Mike thinks he should use that in the trial run.

    Harvey finds Donna and asks if she'll help him with the trial run. She's upset that Harvey wouldn't fire her himself. He tells her he needs her. She says she's hired an attorney and plans to plead the fifth.

    Zoe tells Jessica and Harvey then need men on the jury. Harvey thinks that Zoe working at the firm previously will help them at trial. The deal is sealed when she promises to keep Daniel out of the loop.

    Louis questions Harvey on the "stand." He appears to score some points.

    Mike questions Rachel, who is pretending to be Donna. It appears that Mike plans to be very harsh with Donna on the stand, using her claims as being the city's best legal secretary against her.

    Louis has Mike take a polygraph in an attempt to get him to give up info about Harvey. He asks Mike about law school and Mike is evasive. Mike gets up and leaves, promising to get him Donna.

    Donna tells Mike about hiring an attorney and having promised she'll avoid the firms until Harvey's trial is over. Mike is pissed at her, saying Harvey could lose his ability to practice law because of her mistake.

    When Louis tries to call Jessica for the trial run, she thinks Daniel is trying to make her look bad. She eventually agrees and takes the stand. Louis asks her about Harvey's compensation and how important his trial success is in being a senior partner. He points out there seems to be a win-at-all-costs environment at the firm.

    Harvey and Zoe have a flirty dinner. She asks if he's worried. He says no. She says the reason they never got together years earlier is he never showed any vulnerability. She thinks the jury needs to care about him.

    Surprisingly Donna shows up for her portion of the questioning. Mike tells Louis to read from the script he gave her. He asks whether she would have shredded documents for Harvey if he'd asked. She pauses and Louis follows up by asking if she loves Harvey. He brings up her most recent failed relationship and the fact she chose work (Harvey) over him. He then badgers about whether she loves Harvey and eventually Harvey stands up and tells him to stop. A stunned Donna storms out and leaves the building without speaking to anyone.

    In the bathroom Harvey tells Louis he crossed the line. Louis tells him Travis won't stop and he was just doing his job. He says what is happening, including Donna being humiliated, is all Harvey's fault.

    Outside Donna yells at Mike. He says all he was doing was trying to help Harvey. During the argument Mike gets another idea.

    Mike is going through all of Travis' cases, looking for something illegal. Daniel finds him working in the conference room and decides to help him.

    Jessica questions Harvey. Jessica tries to establish that Harvey cares about his clients and the people he works with, but he doesn't want anybody to know he cares. She asks why and Harvey says caring is weakness.

    Afterwards Harvey asks Zoe if Jessica's questions were her idea. She says yes.

    Jessica asks Louis if he resents Harvey for being better than he is. He admits the answer is yes, but also admits Harvey deserves to be senior partner and is an excellent attorney. And he reluctantly says he doesn't think Harvey committed the fraud.

    Mike tells Jessica he thinks she should be finding a way to settle. When she says they haven't found a way yet, he tells her he's found something on Travis.

    Travis pays Harvey a visit, holding a settlement that gets Harvey off the court. Harvey is genuinely surprised.

    The settlement costs every partner in the firm $100,000. Daniel likes it, but Jessica thinks she can win at trial. Daniel tells them he's found dirt on Travis, but doesn't tell them what it is. The plan is for the partners to take a vote.

    Harvey tells Mike they're not going to take the deal. Mike thinks it's because he doesn't trust Daniel. Mike counters that if they take it to trial it will "cost us a whole lot more than money."

    The partner vote is a tie, with Harvey casting a vote in favor of the settlement. The instant the settlement is agreed upon Daniel calls a partners meeting to discuss whether Jessica should retain her position as managing partner.

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