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  • Family bonds bring the Ewings together as a loved one faces a medical crisis. Christopher and Elena begin to learn that not everyone is who they appear to be, including the people closest to them. Long buried secrets are revealed as the past rears its ugly head.

  • Just now Christopher is ready to forgive Rebecca for the twin babies' sake, Tommy returns to demand his share agreed years ago, leading to a fight in which she fatally shoots him. Their true rapport is now revealed, deciding Christopher to turn away, after which she returns to her father, Cliff Barnes, who masterminded their dirty plot trough 'Smiling' Frank. John Ross delights his Ewing Energies partners Christopher and Elena by hiring the former Ewing Oil offices. They still question the project when his full part in the Southfork dealing becomes known, but Bobby persuades them to go ahead to reunite the family. After Justice uncovers the whole Del Sol plot, Vicente Cano is arrested and his deal annulled. J.R. isn't charged, already having transferred the Southfork deed, but is warned Bobby keeps copies of the incriminating evidence. Anne tricks Harris Ryland so as to undo his blackmail on Sue Ellen, who does resumes her campaign for governor of Texas.


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  • Moments after the shot rings out between Tommy and Rebecca...he falls to the floor, dead. She's spattered with blood and shaking as she picks up the phone.

    "I'm in trouble," she says.

    She starts furiously scrubbing the floor to get the blood stains out. Unseen workers come to help her clean up, getting rid of the blood and wrapping Tommy's body in plastic and taking it away, with the murder weapon. The now blood-spattered teddy bears Christopher bought for their twins go in the trash.

    The murder scene is cleaned.

    At the hospital, the doctor tells the Ewings that the surgeon was able to stop the bleeding in Bobby's brain. He's stable, but he hasn't woken up yet so they don't know if he sustained any brain damage.

    J.R. listens and goes in to talk to Bobby.

    He takes his hand. "C'mon, wake up, ya here me. You wake up and keep fighting, keep fighting me. I'm going to tell you something you never heard me say before: 'I love you, Bobby, and I don't know who I'd be without you," JR says.

    John Ross ducks out to take a call from Vicente, he's checking out Christopher's methane extraction rig. He wants to know when it will be fully operational and when it can be moved. He reminds John Ross that he's the one who pulled him into the deal. "You knew the game you were playing," Vicente says.

    Rebecca arrives at the hospital and Christopher mistakes her tears for concern over Bobby. Then he sees the marks on her face and neck. She tells him she got in a fight with Tommy, but he's gone for good. She promises Christopher she'll let him know if Tommy ever gets in touch. He's wearing his wedding ring again and suggests she put hers back on.

    Christopher tells John Ross to have Bum find Tommy.

    Rebecca pulls into a seedy motel. She lets herself into Tommy's room and searches for her rings. She finds photos of them kissing and tears them up and flushes them. She calls someone. "Where did you put Tommy's body? There's something I need to find," she says.

    Bobby wakes up in the hospital with Ann and Christopher in his room. He's fine.

    Rebecca goes into an empty airplane hangar and opens a white van that has Tommy's body wrapped in plastic in the back. She opens the plastic and paws through his pockets. In his wallet she finds a pawn slip.

    John Ross shows Elena his surprise: an empty office floor. The new home of Ewing Energies. It's the old Ewing Oil suites. He thinks it'll show Christopher how much the Ewing name means to him.

    But he has another surprise: he takes out a ring box. When he was a kid he thought nothing could be more beautiful than light reflecting off oil, then he saw Elena. He gets down on one knee and proposes. She says yes.

    Rebecca goes to the pawn shop, but they were sold yesterday. She gives the guy a wad of cash and he promises to get them back.

    Christopher joins John Ross and Elena at the new Ewing Energies space. Christopher approves. He sees Elena's ring and manages to be happy for them.

    John Ross wants to get the methane rights back from Vicente, but Christopher mentions his father's lawyer has a lead on something so they should wait. He says it's a time to celebrate mending fences.

    At her place, Rebecca has flashbacks to shooting Tommy. Christopher joins her with take out. He notices she's still not wearing her ring. She claims swollen pregnancy fingers.

    Bobby signs something for Lou. JR walks in as Lou leaves. "You know you've hit a low when even a lawyer won't take the time to insult you," JR mutters.

    JR tells him to get better. Bobby tells JR they have unfinished business. JR insists he had nothing to do with the Marta fraud, he just borrowed money from the wrong people.

    Bobby tells him about Marta's cloud drive with incriminating video of JR dealing with Marta. He's ready to put an end to JR's "double dealing."

    Sue Ellen visits the hospital. She tells Ann she's dropping out of the race for governor and telling Harris Ryland to shove it.

    At Southfork, John Ross and Christopher are shooting hoops like pals when JR and Lou pull up. JR tells John Ross that Bobby is gunning for both of them.

    Elena shares her engagement news with her mom, who says she might have misjudged John Ross.

    Inside with Lou and Bobby, John Ross refuses to confess to anything. Lou tells him the videos prove that John Ross brought Marta and the Venezuelans in on the deal. John Ross is defending himself when Elena walks up in the hall outside. He offers to confess if they agree to keep what he says from Elena.

    She walks in. "You lied about everything," she says. She leaves and he goes after her. He tells her he was too ashamed to confess. She reminds him about him lying to her face, which he says he did because he knew she wouldn't give him a second chance.

    "You lie so easily, John Ross, how can I ever trust you again?" she asks.

    He tells her he's trying to put things right. She takes off her ring and he asks her not to give up on him. He tells her he'll be at Ewing Energies tomorrow and asks her to meet him.

    Ann visits Harris. She figures he's blackmailing Sue Ellen to get to her. He explains he needs his money laundered and she has nothing to do with it.

    "Please, Harris, just take it out on me," she says. He comes on to her.

    She takes off her jacket and slowly, shakily, unbuttons her shirt. She reveals her bra, and also the microphone attached to it. She has him on tape confessing to extortion and bribery, the next time he tries anything, she'll expose him. He grabs for her, but she gives him a swift jab to the face.

    Vicente meets with Frank to sell the methane rights and Southfork lien to Cliff Barnes. Vicente's about to sign when he's notified there are federal agents at the door.

    Ann sits on the playground again and watches the kids. Sue Ellen meets her. Ann turns over Ryland's confession and urges her to stay in the race.

    The FBI brings Vicente in to talk to Bobby, JR and John Ross. JR and John Ross have signed confessions, which link him to the fraud and invalidate any lien deals and therefore any methane rights. Marta also had tape running in her hotel room when his guys came in pushed her off the balcony.

    "Remember, your son's the one who pulled me into this deal. If I go down, he goes down," Vicente threatens. JR reminds him John Ross didn't ask him to hurt anyone and they have immunity for their deals.

    JR confessed because he knew Bobby wouldn't send him to jail. But Bobby has a back-up copy of Veronica's cloud drive. "You cross me again, I will you use it," Bobby says. "I wouldn't have it any other way," JR says.

    Back at Southfork, Christopher tells John Ross what he did was even worse than he expected. "He was just acting like his father," Bobby says. He urges them to work things out.

    Bum calls. He found Tommy.

    Christopher meets him outside the seedy motel room. They go inside and it's completely cleaned up. Bum checks the bed and Christopher pounds the wall. The phone rings and Christopher answers. A young woman tells "Tommy" that their uncle had a heart attack and he has to come back to Des Moines. It's his sister, Rebecca.

    Christopher goes to Rebecca's house, where she's sitting in the dark. He tells her he just spoke to Rebecca Sutter. "So who the hell are you?" he asks. "I'm your wife, I'm Rebecca Ewing," she says.

    She protests that she tried to get out from under everything. She says he's right to be angry, but he lied, too, by being in love with Elena.

    "I will find out who you are, and when I do, I'm going to send you to prison. And I'm going to see to it that those babies you're carrying never find out what a lying piece of garbage you really are," he says.

    He leaves her there.

    Elena contemplates her ring from John Ross. She puts it back in the boss and in her purse. She leaves. Christopher finds her outside.

    He tells her about loving her throughout their lives. "We've wasted too much of our lives not being together," he says.

    He tells her that he and Rebecca are through forever. He gives her back the engagement ring he gave her years ago.

    Sue Ellen makes a speech at a political rally about the last few weeks being hard for her.

    At Ewing Energies, John Ross hears the elevator. But it's not Elena, it's Carmen, returning his ring.

    On Southfork, Ann and Bobby watch the ranch. "Feels like home again," she says.

    Sue Ellen talks about wanting to lead the state. She rallies the crowd.

    Rebecca waits in the airport hangar. She meets with Frank, who is displeased that she brought in Tommy on the deal. He warned her Tommy was a loose cannon and now he was forced to clean up his body. She apologizes. But Frank suggests she apologize to her father.

    Cliff Barnes steps down off the private plane. "You're just like your aunt Pamela, when it comes to the Ewings I never could trust her and I can't trust you," he tells her.

    He shows her her rings from Christopher, saying that she probably would have put them back on, too, if he hadn't bought them. She tells him she got caught up in it.

    "I gave up two years of my life for you, so you could finally settle things and be at peace," she says.

    He's giving her a second chance to get a piece of Ewing Energies.

    He tells Frank to protect her from the Ewing firestorm and warns her not to lose focus.

    John Ross stands alone at Ewing Energies.

    Christopher and Elena check into a motel and get in bed, making up for lost time.

    JR visits his son, offering him a drink. "You want in on Ewing Energies, then you stop teaching me about the oil business and start teaching me every dirty trick you know. And when I take this company from Christopher and Elena, I'll cut you in. But only then. If you screw me, I will make sure that you don't see a dime of that oil sitting under Southfork and I will put you back in that home for good. Got it?" John Ross says.

    "Now that's my son, from tip to tail," JR says.

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