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  • One of the girls steals something from Michelle's house, Truly has a love interest.

  • With Fanny on hiatus, Michelle is running ragged from teaching both her & Fanny's classes. If things weren't bad enough, the dressing room in the dance studio has sprung a leak. With Michelle in a panic, she seeks Truly's help & learns of her new love interest. While the dressing room is under repair, Michelle let's the girls use her place to change. All is well until someone steals something from Michelle's house.


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  • Michelle leads a dance class of six year olds. They all have to run to the bathroom at the same time. She has a day of Zumba, Jazzercise and hip hop line dancing tomorrow. Boo breaks the news that Fanny extended her vacation, she's not coming home til next week.

    Boo's mom Nannette comes by with "air fries," but they're not on Boo's diet, even though they taste terrible so they must be healthy.

    Nannette sees the pole in the studio. "Are you teaching my daughter to strip? No judgment, I always told her it'd be good to have something to fall back on. I always thought typing, but this could be good, too," Nannette says. It's for cardio strip tease.

    Nannette realizes she left Boo's brother at the market.

    Melanie and Ginny notice Sasha hasn't been around. They wonder if she's finally grounded. Ginny has a great night planned for her eight year anniversary with Josh, a food truck fair. She's excited. Josh calls, changing plans. He's putting together an entertainment center for Ginny's mom so she can show a house and it has to be done now. Ginny tries not to be disappointed.

    Michelle bails on a tap class, exhausted from her teach-athon. She notices water pouring from above and races up to the dressing rooms to find water pouring in from the ceiling.

    Michelle calls Fanny and leaves a message, having a conversation by herself. Michelle calls Truly who advises her to call a plumber. "Let me know what happens, I'm part of this now," she says.

    Davis (Todd Lowe -- Gilmore Girls alum alert!) the one-eyed plumber punches holes in the wall looking for the leak. When he goes for a tool in his truck, Truly tells Michelle that no one hires Davis for plumbing. "We use him to keep an eye on things."

    Ginny, Boo and Melanie arrive and refuse to change in the boy's dressing room. Michelle lends them the keys to her cottage, and the whole class goes in to change. They look through all of her things. They find playbills of shows Michelle has been in.

    Sasha arrives. She says her parents took her to a spa, and she has a credit card. The girls keep going through Michelle's stuff.

    Michelle leads the class through a routine, but they're interrupted by Davis and Truly arguing. They start again, earning raves from Davis.

    Later upstairs, Davis stares down Truly angrily and reports he fixed the broken pipe. Truly tells Michelle to get fans to dry the carpet so it doesn't mildew. Michelle hunkers down with a hairdryer.

    Ginny, Melanie, Sasha and Boo come help. Melanie's brother Charlie comes to pick her up and Boo lingers. Melanie shooes him away.

    Three hours later, after a night of blow drying, Michelle takes them to dinner at the Oyster Bar. Boo has a salad and waits on other tables. Fanny would never let them eat what they wanted, she has a lot of rules, including no horseback riding, no tight jeans and no eating after sundown. No high heels, no walking on sand. And there's the boob rule -- if you have a certain size you have to double bra or tape them down. Fanny hates bounce.

    Josh joins them, then realizes it's a girl thing and excuses himself to wait to drive her home. Michelle finds the fact they've been together since second grade "weird." She tells them about how wild she was in high school, dating lots of guys.

    Michelle returns back to the dance studio and finds Truly and Davis making out. After they leave, the roof starts leaking again. She sits down and spends the night emptying the bucket.

    She returns to her cottage the next morning to find the girls making themselves at home. She runs them off.

    At the Oyster Bar, Melanie feels sick from their greasy over-indulgence. Ginny joins her and is soon followed by Josh. He's been looking everywhere for her, it was one of his regular days to pick her up after school and she wasn't there. She needs space and runs to the bathroom. Josh follows her in.

    Michelle finds Truly and tries to apologize. Truly doesn't want to talk about it. She still loves Hubble. Michelle reminds her that he's gone and before he was gone, he was taken. She says it's OK to move on.

    Michelle sees Sasha arriving for class and notices she's wearing Michelle's shirt. She asks for it back, but Sasha claims it's hers. Michelle insists and Sasha finally turns it over.

    Michelle leads class and notices Sasha strolling in late like it's no big deal. Michelle stops class and pulls her into the dressing room.

    "What's your damage, Heather?" Michelle asks, she segues into yelling at Sasha for forcing her to be an authority figure. Even if Fanny isn't there, her rules are and Sasha had better follow them.

    Sasha joins class a short time later, chastened.

    After class, Charlie comes to get Melanie. Nannette comes for Boo, excited to be on time. Then Ginny's mom comes and yells at Michelle for convincing Ginny to break up with Josh. "She doesn't know that when you find a man who is good to you, and your mother, you keep him," she says.

    Ginny, Melanie and other girls come in to hear Claire continue to chew Michelle out for meddling, but mostly she's upset she doesn't have a man to fix things anymore.

    Michelle walks out and goes home. Nannette finds her and gives her a juice box and cookies. Michelle tells Nannette about Sasha taking her shirt and lying about it. Michelle goes on about not being a mother or knowing how. "I'm all sharp corners and a pool with no cover," she says.

    Nannette tells her Boo loves her and she's having a great influence on the girls and to hang in there.

    After class, Charlie asks Boo what's going on with Ginny. He wants Boo to talk him up to her because Ginny's hot.

    When he leaves, Boo tells Ginny that Charlie is interested. Ginny is excited at the possibility, not really noticing how much it depresses Boo. She thinks Michelle was right about there being a whole world of boys out there.

    Michelle thanks Nannette for listening. Michelle waves good-bye to Boo, who only glowers in return. Nannette leaves her the bag of cookies.

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