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  • With tension mounting between the newly married Christopher and Rebecca, family ties begin to unravel when the deed to Southfork is revealed. In order to thwart J.R.'s schemes, Ann seeks help from someone in her past, and Christopher decides it is time to fight dirty.

  • Even John Ross is baffled to find the Southfork purchase deed solely in J.R.'s name, but grudgingly accepts a procuration with instructions to start drilling while his father leaves indefinitely. Christopher is shocked as badly again when Rebecca admits Tommy planned preying on the Ewings as college mate years ago. He finds fake Marta alias Veronica's blackmail recordings of John Ross's own infidelity but decides against showing them to Elena after finding her inflexibly unforgiving about the e-mail debacle. Bobby just reports to the police, who find J.R.'s sale incontestable unless he is proved to have used fraud, which seems possible only for the fake Del Sol and the lawyer, who disappeared too. Meanwhile Anne asks her ex Harris Ryland to sabotage the drilling by breaking his transport contract.


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  • (Where the last episode left off...)

    In the stables with Christopher, Rebecca tearfully brings up the email that broke up him and Elena. She cries, telling Christopher that she loves him and that John Ross is blackmailing her. Her brother Tommy moved to Dallas a few years ago and heard about Christopher. She only knew that Christopher would be on the train and that he had recently broken up with someone. She swears she didn't know about the email.

    Tommy sent it and made it look like it came from her. After hearing her confession, Christopher storms off. He races back to the party and runs up to Tommy and decks him. He knocks him to the ground and wails on him as the party watches.

    Rebecca shouts to Tommy that she had to tell Christopher about the email he sent. Tommy sees what's going on and tells everyone that Rebecca had nothing to do with it. Bobby has him thrown off the ranch.

    Rebecca follows Christopher into the house where he's packing up all her things. She tells him she never would have taken his money and begs him to believe her. "Make sure I never see you again," he says.

    Elena apologizes to John Ross for not believing him. He waits for her to chase after Christopher, but she tells him he tried to buy her off, saying she had no integrity. She and Christopher are through.

    Later, Bobby and Ann wait to hear from Christopher. Ann feels bad for Rebecca. A messenger arrives with the deed for the ranch. Bobby is shocked to see it in JR's name. He confronts him.

    JR tells him he heard Marta Del Sol was about to sell the ranch to Cliff Barnes and so he got investors together to buy it out from under Cliff.

    Bobby vows it won't stand and he certainly won't let JR drill.

    "You want to carry on mama's legacy? Well I want to carry on Daddy's. I'm taking what should have been mine in the first place," JR says. He tells Bobby he can stay as long as he wants, "we're family." "I'm going to make this right. And I'm going to take you down, brother," Bobby says.

    Ann can't believe JR. "They warned me, my whole marriage they told me about you. But in my wildest imagination I never thought you could stoop to this," Ann says. "Well, Annie, you're just going to have to work on your imagination," JR says.

    Christopher comes home and Ann tells him and Elena what JR did. She assumes John Ross is involved. Christopher and his dad go visit Mitch Lobell, but his office is packed up and empty.

    Christopher and Bobby visit another lawyer, Lou (Glenn Morshower), who spoke with the real Carlos Del Sol and Dallas PD. He tells them the Del Sols were never involved. There's a warrant out for "Marta." The whole deal was done offshore so they have control over the money.

    The sale of Southfork went through because Bobby got the money for it and cashed the check. The sale to JR can't be undone unless they can prove that JR knew about the fraud or was involved. Christopher ignores a call from Rebecca.

    Back home, Tommy is just glad they got Christopher's plans in time to sell them. Rebecca sulks. He reminds her they're in it together and says she'd better pull herself together.

    Elena drops by John Ross'. He's stunned to learn the deed is in JR's name -- not his. "I was just starting to trust you again," she says, leaving.

    JR ignores John Ross' call.

    Christopher and Bobby return to Southfork to see oil tankers pulling up. JR isn't there.

    Christopher suggests going outside the law, but Bobby has fought JR before and says they're doing things the right way. He tells Ann to start unpacking.

    John Ross goes to Marta's. She shows him the picture of him and Elena. She says she warned him not to toy with her. All he can do is warn her to stay away. He leaves. Marta watches the video she took of herself in bed with John Ross. She takes out the disc, contemplating it.

    JR's man Bum intercepts John Ross. He brings him to JR in Jerry Jones' box at a Dallas Cowboys' game.

    "Good to have you back in form," Jerry Jones says. "And I appreciate you making sure everybody knows it," JR says.

    John Ross threatens to turn his dad over to the police. JR says Southfork can still belong to John Ross. JR is leaving town in a while and he's putting John Ross in charge. He gives John Ross his power of attorney and warns him not to screw it up. The Jumbotron zooms in on JR. He waves to the crowd.

    Back at Southfork, Ann answers Rebecca's call. Rebecca apologizes and asks Ann to meet with her.

    "Marta" leaves John Ross' building as Christopher sweet talks his way upstairs to John Ross' apartment. Christopher goes through his papers.

    In his bedroom, Christopher sees the DVD with a note from Marta asking him to come back to her. He pops it in and watches John Ross in bed with her.

    JR leaves on a helicopter. John Ross asks where he's going. "Now what fun would I get out of telling you that?" JR answers.

    John Ross goes to Southfork to talk to Bobby, telling him he doesn't want any trouble. He denies again that he had anything to do with the deal. He tells Bobby that JR just left Dallas. He shows Bobby JR's power of attorney. John Ross announces he's moving into his dad's suite to keep an eye on things, but he hopes they can stay out of each other's way.

    "The last thing I'd want to do is have to kick you out of this ranch, like you did to me," John Ross says.

    Ann has dinner with Rebecca, who tells her that she's afraid of Tommy, but she doesn't want any part of what he did (she doesn't mention what he's doing). Ann suggests she come clean to Christopher first, and try to regain his trust.

    John Ross goes to Elena's and catches her up. But he thinks Southfork is his birth right and he's not sorry JR stopped Bobby from selling it. He asks her to join him, but she doesn't want any part of it.

    Bobby wants a way to slow down the drilling.

    Christopher drinks alone in his room with the sex tape. He drunkenly goes to Elena's and pounds on her door. He tells her he's sorry for what he said to her. She lets him in.

    Christopher wakes up on her couch the next morning. She offers him coffee and tells him to leave. She hasn't forgiven him.

    She brings up John Ross and Christopher considers showing her the DVD, but thinks better of it as she says that John Ross has never hurt her the way he did.

    Ann visits her ex-husband Harris Ryland (Mitch Pileggi). She's hesitant to hug him when he asks. He has the contract to move JR's oil and she wants him to cancel it.

    She can see he's not inclined to help and she starts to leave. He agrees to pull his trucks, in exchange for a hug.

    Elena visits John Ross, telling him she doesn't want to be in the middle of the Southfork war. She's going to work the leases on the Henderson land.

    She asks him to promise he had nothing to do with stealing Southfork.

    "Promise you're the man I think you are," she says. "I swear, none of it was me," he tells her, looking deep into her eyes. She kisses him and in 10 seconds flat, her shirt is off.

    Back home, Rebecca reads through boxes of papers. She hides one when Tommy comes home.

    Christopher waits for John Ross at his apartment, with the DVD. He lets John Ross watch it. Then he points out that in the DVD John Ross calls Marta by her real name, Veronica, proving he knew who she was.

    He wants proof from John Ross that JR was in on the Southfork fraud, or John Ross is going to jail for fraud.

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