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  • Harvey's personal history with a client forces him and Mike to take on an unorthodox case from which they'd normally walk away. Louis and Rachel team up to save a mutually beloved institution from ruin. Jessica runs into an unexpected roadblock while defending the firm against a lawsuit.


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  • Open with Harvey calling for a car and a tuxedo. He drops by Mike's apartment unannounced and tells him he needs him to grab his tux and come with him. Mike doesn't have a tux.

    Louis and Rachel run into each other at the ballet. Both are huge fans and he ends up inviting her to sit with him for the second act. Neither has been able to get in touch with Donna.

    It turns out Harvey brought an extra tux for Mike. The two of them pull up in front of a casino in Atlantic City with some contracts. At the front door he is told the man he is meeting, Keith, is in the poker room. Keith is a friend of Harvey's who was giving a keynote that speech. As they reach the poker room Harvey tells Mike that Keith is a gambling addict and alcoholic. Keith has about $3 million in chips in front of him and pushes all of them in the middle. He's called and has his opponent beat before a miraculous card is turned over. A spectator stands up and takes a napkin with him. Keith has apparently just lost his company.

    Upstairs Keith tells Harvey he put his company up as collateral for a $3 million loan, plus $500,000 of anything he won. Keith wants to know if there is anything they can do and references Harvey owing him one. It seems Keith was pretty drunk when he made the deal.

    After the ballet Louis runs into Sergei, the director of the ballet company. He is complaining about the rehearsal space his dancers have to use and Louis offers to help him resolve the issue.

    Harvey pays a visit to Tommy, the man who holds the napkin contract. After confirming that the napkin meets the criteria for a valid contract, Harvey offers Tommy his $3 million, plus the extra half million to let this issue go. Since Keith's company is worth ten times that much, Tommy declines the offer.

    When Louis gets frustrated with Harold, he decides to have Rachel help him with the ballet case. He wants her to investigate the company thoroughly.

    Jessica calls Harvey. She tells him she's assigning him a temp to replace Donna. Their critical motion to seal has just been denied by the judge. Jessica plans to pay a visit to the judge, Ella Fullman. Harvey has a casino connection to help him get surveillance footage from the poker room.

    Jessica recognized the judge as a woman she played a prank on when the two were in law school together. Ella doesn't seem as if she's going to be a friendly face on the bench.

    Harvey's plan is to use the footage from the casino and dismiss based on the number of drinks Keith had that night. Harvey's new assistant has gone a little crazy changing things around.

    Jessica tells Harvey she got Ella drunk and left her in a law school class naked. She has a plan to get Ella to recuse herself.

    Mike watched the video and we see Keith had at least 15 drinks that night. Rachel tells him about working with Louis.

    During the first meeting with a judge, Tommy's attorney points out that Harvey made them an offer that night. Because of that fact the judge decides the case should go to trial.

    Harvey thinks what is important is making sure Keith stays in control of the company. He wants to bring in Keith for a deposition.

    Rachel shows Louis she's found something related to lead paint. He thinks it could be a game-changer.

    Jessica meets Ella at a fundraiser. She tells Ella the firm has already donate to her election campaign. Jessica basically threatens her with the potential of an ugly conflict of interest situation.

    Louis and Rachel show the owner of the ballet hall the paint and threaten him with legal action if he doesn't pay to have it fixed. He points out that the contract stipulates all repairs are to be paid for by the ballet from a special fund. They have been paying into the fund, but the money seems to be gone. Since Louis threatened him with a suit, the owner decides he's going to counter-sue and have the ballet evicted.

    During Tommy's deposition Harvey and Mike point out that Tommy doesn't really have the expertise to run an energy company. But during trial Tommy points out that he rarely knows anything about the companies he takes over. What he does is hire people with the proper expertise. When compared to Keith, Tommy appears to be the more stable person to be in control of the company. The judge gives Tommy control of the company.

    After this setback Harvey tells Mike he doesn't think they're going to win. The plan is some kind of bluff involving a threat.

    Louis is upset that Sergei lied to him but is struggling with having to get rid of him. Rachel points out the ballet is bigger than Sergei.

    Cut to Louis at the theater telling Sergei that the ballet will be able to pay their debts by firing him and his bloated salary.

    Ella tells Jessica she'll recuse herself as long as Jessica admits she played the joke in part to give herself he best chance to get a job. Jessica does just that.

    While Rachel tells Mike she liked working for Louis, Mike spots Louis' Dictaphone. After a few moments he listens to the recording Louis made of Mike and Harvey in Harvey's office.

    Harvey tells Tommy that Keith has given him power of attorney. And if Tommy doesn't turn back over the company Keith will cooperate with some of the lawsuits currently pending, essentially destroying the company's value. One of the options Harvey gives Tommy is to play him in poker with the company on the line.

    Mike thinks playing poker for $30 million is crazy. He tells Harvey about Louis taping their conversation.

    During the first hand of the poker game Harvey pulls off a huge bluff. We learn later that was enough to rattle Tommy and Harvey won the match in about 20 minutes.

    Jessica expresses concern regarding Harvey's reckless behavior. Eventually she says she needs to know he'll be able to focus on the suit.

    Harvey storms into Louis' office with the Dictaphone. He gets into Louis' face and says that he won't do anything now, but that Louis owes him one.

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