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Okay taking into account what you could expect
Horst_In_Translation19 July 2019
Warning: Spoilers
The title "Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards 2012" here is pretty telling, you should know exactly what to expect with this one if you have come across another edition of the event already. This one's from seven years ago, maybe more if you read this review at some point in the future. Here the kids have the choice to vote for certain awards categories with really stupid names some of them. But kids-friendly, somewhat fun at times even. Or do they really? Well, lets not get into that. The show was directed by Joe DeMaio (sounds like a baseballer, but is a really prolific event director) and written by Suli McCullough (not half as prolific). The version I watched ran for pretty much exactly an hour, but here on imdb it says 90 minutes, so (almost) half an hour of commercials really is a lot honestly. Too much if you ask me, especially for a show aimed primarily at kids. Now as for the exact contents: The host is Will Smith and the way how he entered the show is probably the only memorable thing from him that night. Then again, he was almost gone except when it was about getting his wife inside the program (can't stand her) or have his kids announce the final award of the show. What was that come on, they are neither particularly famous nor talented and nobody would have ever heard of them if they did not have a super famous dad. Anyway, who'd have thought Justin Bieber could for once be more memorable than the people announcing him. What else? Oh yeah, there's quite a few young talented performers to be seen in here. I will spare you the names, justg look at the cast list. The perhaps most cringeworthy moment was (then still) First Lady Michelle Obama entering the stage handing a humanitarian award wo Taylor Swift. Oh boy, the cringe. Also obviously, this was a few months before Obama's reelection, so you know exactly whe was on here. What else can I say? Well, Will Smith also had horrible material at times. The whole mysterious evil voice thingey was just painful to watch admittedly. Yeah, he is such a master of disguise if he just reveals himself randomly at the end of the show. Right, nobody has ever seen him. Admittedly, this was maybe also for me from a subjective position as the one who it turned out to be eventually I couldn't care less about. Besides, lots of slime too once more. That was kinda fun. Oscar winner Halle Berry ended up in a slime massacre and so did Smith and Bieber at the very end of the show. But overall, the good moments or lets say memorable moments were probably not half as many as the weak and forgettable moments honestly. Overall, this show is not a failure and I am kinda glad it was not packed with music performances like many other awards shows these days, but focused mostly on the awards, which was nice. So no need to drag the show, the running time was perfect. And Kristen Stewart is a joy to see as always. But that is almost all the good I can come up with already. Don't watch.
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