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Conni zieht um
Conni's family has to move house. Losing her friends, going to a new school, having a new bedroom? But in the end it all turns out to be good. In the playground near to her new home, Conni meets Anna - the beginning of a great friendship.
Conni bekommt eine Katze
Conni finds a little cat and takes it home with her. Might she convince her parents that tomcat Mau has found a new home? What does a tomcat need? A lot of questions and...a happy ending?
Conni lernt Rad fahren
Conni has wanted a bicycle for a long time. Her parents surprise her with a beautiful bike. She is very happy, but she has to learn how to ride it.
Conni geht zelten
Conni goes camping beside the sea with her parents and her friend Simon. It's a holiday full of new experiences and adventures and then it starts to does it feel to spend a night inside a wet sleeping bag in a tent?
Conni lernt backen
Grandma is sleeping and Mum has gone shopping. Hey - we will surprise them both with some homemade cakes because we are the bakers. Is this really a good idea of Conni's or will it cause pandemonium?
Conni schläft im Kindergarten
Sleeping a night in the school means: having a barbecue, listening to stories and taking a night walk to look for hedgehogs and ...little funny vampires? Or are these perhaps bats? Conni will sort it out.
Conni macht das Seepferdchen
Swimming in a bathtub is great but how to swim in a big swimming pool? No problem for Conni. Together with her friend Simon she learns how to swim; it takes time but in the end they both receive a seahorse swimming award.
Connis erster Flug
From rainy home to sunny Spain - Conni is going on holiday and she will fly for the first time. It's a big adventure - passport control, check-in, bag drop-off. And then in the airplane, where there are so many other exciting things that the long journey to Spain seems to pass in the blink of an eye.
Conni auf dem Bauernhof
Conni visits her friend Annika who is living on a farm. There are pigs, cows, chickens and a lot of other animals to discover. These are thrilling days, with a lot of fun but also a lot to learn about animals and a farmer's life.
Conni tanzt
Conni wants to learn classical dance and goes to a dancing school. At the beginning it seems easy, but then the exercises become more difficult to do and Conni is close to giving up. But Dad's birthday is near and she wants to perform a birthday dance for him. A good reason not to give up.
Conni hat Geburtstag
Birthday. Finally - but before the party can start there are many things to do. To write the invitation cards for all her friends, to invent fun games and surprises for all the guests. The night before, Conni is so excited that she can hardly sleep, thinking about what birthday presents she will get from her family and friends.
Conni lernt die Uhrzeit
At nine o'clock you have to be at school, at two o'clock at your gymnastics class, and at five o'clock your friend Anna is coming, says Grandma. Conni thinks it's time to learn tell the time herself. In a very innovative and unusual way Grandma teaches her, and soon Conni is an expert.
Conni ghet zum Zahnarzt
Conni has to go to the dentist for the first time. Does it hurt, will the dentist take a big drill to her teeth like Dad's drill at home? Conni is scared, but really this is an exciting day. The dentist explains to her everything she wants to know. The examination is interesting and the "tooth machine" is funny.
Conni geht in den Zoo
Conni and all kids from her school visit the zoo. Each child can ask a question about an animal in the zoo. They see the giraffe, monkeys and lions. But Conni is looking for a particular animal. Which could it be?
Conni und der Osterhase
Painting on Easter eggs, making decorations for the Easter flower arrangement and planting cress all over the table, making it look like a flower bed in spring. Conni and Jacob are having lots of fun with that. After the big Easter campfire, Conni wants to show all the beautiful things to Anna, but what's that - is the Easter bunny sleeping on the table in the cress bed?
Conni und der Laternenumzug
In the autumn you can make lots of things from colorful leaves and fruits from the trees. The big hollow pumpkins are particularly pretty and you can put candles inside, but Conni has a much better idea for the lantern parade.
Conni lernt reiten
How do you sit straight in a saddle and how do you put your feet into the stirrups? What is a trot and how do you stop the horse? Conni gets to attend riding lessons with Anna. She can learn everything on her pony, Fecki, until she can ride like an Indian.
Conni backt Pizza
When the Pizzeria is closed, why not open your own, Conni thinks. Together with Simon she wants to bake a real good Pizza for his mother. Luckily, Conni's Mum helps a little.
Conni macht Musik
Funny that Dad doesn't care too much about Conni's drum concert with the pot lids. After all, they are taught in school that almost everything can be used to make music - you just have to invent a really good melody. When Conni and the school group does exactly that, Dad suddenly finds the 'kitchen concert' really cool.
Conni fährt Ski
Winter holidays in the mountains are more fun when you know how to ski. That's just what Conni wants to learn now. However, it isn't as simple as it looks at first. But luckily Conni finds a nice girlfriend in the kid's ski group and together it is much easier and lots of fun, too.
Conni am Strand
What is a lighthouse needed for? What is high and low tide? How many animals live on the beach and what happens to the little sea lion that got lost? Conni had never thought that there was so much to discover and ask when you go on holiday to the seaside.
Conni spielt Fußball
Kicking a ball about is nice, but being able to dribble and kick right would be even better. That's why Uncle Gunter enrolls Conni and Anna for kid's soccer. The two are having lots of fun, but of all days, on the day of the great tournament it's raining cats and dogs. Was all they learned in vain, or will they still be able to score goals?
Conni in den Bergen
Holidays in the mountains are the greatest thing for Conni - if only you didn't have to hike up and down all the time. But then she discovers a waterfall, a cave with stalagmites and stalactites, wild animals and much more. And luckily a cable car as well.
Conni geht verloren
Conni and Mum are going shopping for a new pair of trousers and T-Shirts. Naturally, Conni wants to pick out her own clothes and looks around here and there behind the racks and shelves. Suddenly Mum is gone. Now the department store is not so nice anymore, because there are strangers everywhere. Conni is scared. Will she ever find Mum again?
Conni entdeckt die Bücher
Books are full of secrets that can all be uncovered. But when Conni suddenly loses her favorite book, she discovers where to buy or borrow books and even how to learn stories by heart and tell them to others.
Conni geht zum Kinderarzt
A visit to the doctor's can be really fun, as Conni discovers when she is told to hop on one leg, guide her fingertips to the tip of her nose and then memorizes lots of colorful pictures as in the Memory game. Actually, she would like to go to the pediatrician again, next week.

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