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Written by kids -- and it shows!
zacpetch6 June 2015
Matt Smith and Karen Gillan as the 11th Doctor and Amy Pomd are always superb. And this is no exception. I love the Weeping Angels as well. So you'd think this would be good. You'd be wrong. The script was written by kids and it shows.

Amy believes that she's contractually obligated to receive one adventure per week so the Doctor takes her the 2012 Olympics. Last seen in Fear Her. That should be your first warning. Then the torchbearer enters the TARDIS (not the 10th Doctor because sod continuity) followed by the angel (because sod a whole stadium of observers). Through some magical TARDISey stuff the Doctor destroys the angel and the runner rewards him for being "good as gold" by giving him a gold medal. Even though the games haven't started yet. Hmm.

I don't want to be mean to the kids who wrote it but surely they could've done better than this?
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AleksandrBelenko4 September 2019
As I am watching Dr.Who, I decided to watch specials to the show too. There are good and not bad episodes. But this one is pointless. I know, it was done by children, but I will critic it anyway. We know that in 2012 Olympics the one who put fire in the Olympic torch was the 10th Doctor. He was the last torchbearer. So how would this line up with events in Fear Her? There were 2 Doctors during the Olympics? You might say, those kids havent seen that episode, go easy on them. Ok. But the plot of this actual episode is still rubish.
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Okay idea, but does very little for me Warning: Spoilers
"Doctor Who: Good as Gold" is a 3.5-minute live action short film from 2012, so this one has its 5th anniversary this year and back then it was the year of the Olympic Games in London and in here we see what happens when a group of kids comes up with a script for the possibly most famous doctor of the world. I am certainly a bit biased here as I have never seen the appeal in Doctor Who and lets be honest the character here is as annoying as always, keeps forgetting how he needs to have an adventure every once in a while, but then on other occasions he is super smart again. His assistant and the athlete are not any better / more likable. The only somewhat good component here is that honestly despite being written by girls it is not worse than other Doctor Who stuff I have seen that was from experienced professional writers. That doesn't mean it's good though. Luckily it is over that quickly. Oh yeah the main antagonist really is a joke as well and not a good one. Good as gold, are you Doctor? Not in your wildest dreams, sucker! Watch something else instead.
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