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Corey Reynolds: David Gabriel



  • Sgt. David Gabriel : [about Anne]  Four days ago we decided to combine our resources, but, uh, we've been dating about a year now. It felt like it was time. You know, I haven't told my family yet. I'd actually appreciate it if you didn't tell anyone else around here, knowing what people think about lawyers.

    Captain Sharon Raydor : Married one, myself.

    Sgt. David Gabriel : Really?

    Captain Sharon Raydor : Well, technically he's a lawyer. First he passed the bar, then he spent the next ten years drinking at one till he gave that up for gambling.

    Sgt. David Gabriel : So, what, you're divorced?

    Captain Sharon Raydor : Separated... for twenty years. It's all very Catholic.

  • Detective Lt. Provenza : [referring to the unrepentant killer]  See, Gabriel, that's the kind of people that lawyers hang out with. You better take a long, hard look at your life choices, my friend.

    Sgt. David Gabriel : Come on.

    Captain Sharon Raydor : Attorneys protect us from people like this, Lieutenant.

    Detective Lt. Provenza : Protect us? How?

    Captain Sharon Raydor : Imagine what we would do with a man like this if we didn't know he had an attorney coming.

  • [as Dr. Parr explains his circumstance, Brenda's keenly aware how his wording can apply to herself as well] 

    Dr. Stephen Parr : The system should work as designed but sometimes we have mistakes, awful mistakes, so last night, after observing Miss Lee's asymptomatic responses to the chemo, I went back to my office and looked at my own files from last year.

    Deputy Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson : What did you find?

    Dr. Stephen Parr : What I thought I'd find, a period during which many patients seemed not to properly absorb the chemo. When, instead of improving, people died. I felt errors may have been made, but I was afraid that if I brought attention to the problem, that...

    Sgt. David Gabriel : You'd be sued.

    Dr. Stephen Parr : Yes, I'd be sued. I... I deal with life and death on a daily basis. I can be taken to court where, even if I win, I lose. My liability insurance goes up. I have to explain myself over and over to medical boards, my peers... If I ever find myself in circumstances where I can't properly clear my name, nothing is the same after that.

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