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  • LOVE AND LEMONS is a romantic comedy about love, friendship and the courage it takes to follow your dreams. The movie is based on the successful novel with the same title by author Kajsa Ingemarsson. Agnes is a chef and she loves cooking. She has a good job, a boyfriend who loves her and a best friend who is always there for her. One day she is both fired from the luxurious restaurant and dumped by her boyfriend. Therefore she has nothing left to loose when a friend asks Agnes if she would like to be part owner in and open up a new restaurant. At the same time she manages to fall in love with the one person who cannot know who she really is.


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  • Agnes loves being a part of the restaurant business. For her its a magical world of scent, taste and passion. She also loves her boyfriend, rock musician Tobias. Then she gets fired and dumped on the same day, and her life seems to have reached an all-time low. In an attempt to put her life back on track she gambles everything she has, including her parents lifetime savings, to become part owner of a new restaurant. But the restaurant gets off to a disastrous start, and something drastic need to be done before all comes crumbling down. The way to a good review and some much needed publicity seems to be for Agnes to charm her oddball neighbor David, who is secretly the well-renowned and often feared food critic, Lola. Pushed by her crazy friend Lussan, and by her ambitious partners, Agnes sets out to do what needs to be done to regain both her self-respect and the money she borrowed from her parents. Love and Lemons is a vibrant, full-flavored story about finding something genuine in a world of shallow sophistication. Most of all, though, its a story about love.

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