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If you haven't seen HELP!, it's still a good movie.
icygirlx20 March 2012
I'm going to keep this short.

I'm a Beatles fan and a Big Time Rush fan. When I tell people that I liked this movie, they gasp, thinking I've lost my mind. But, I haven't. If you go back in time and watch the Beatles' movie "Help!", you will find similar gags and stupidities. This movie is enjoyable, harmless, and full of good music. I find their song covers to be quite refreshing. The kept all of the familiar elements of the songs while modernizing them. After watching this movie I downloaded the soundtrack. They do just as well as the cast of "Across the Universe". Nobody will ever be as good as The Beatles, even BTR admitted this. I applaud Big Time Rush for doing what most do not dare try.
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This movie is better than any movie I've ever seen in my life. Period.
emeraldfang2 February 2019
Please watch this movie! It has a great soundtrack, it's super funny, and the writing is absolutely incredible! If you haven't seen the movie, you're a fraud for missing out on this masterpiece of a film. Rusher forever! In fact, even if you aren't a fan of BTR right now, this movie will convince you to be one. Watch it NOW :)
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Good TV Movie.
harmainmalik25 October 2015
A good TV movie for Rushers. The guys did great. HATERS GONNA HATE,RUSHERS GONNA ELEVATE. Kendall, James, Carlos, and Logan are on their plane ride to London, their first stop for their tour. They finally start off as they join Penny in a black spy van with an AI, while Gustavo and Kelly worry about what the boys are up to like causing trouble while they are away from them.

Meanwhile, Gustavo and Kelly are mad at for the boys being late for their sound-check rehearsal, and end up doing their best to find them. Meanwhile for the storyline of Katie and Mrs. Knight, they were having their pastime with the Duke Of Bath which Katie really wants her mom to fall in love with over the pastime so Katie can become a princess like in her dream. While everyone's busy, (Gustavo and Kelly being tortured at the HQ) and (Katie and Mrs. Knight having pastime with the Duke Of Bath), the guys, including Penny disguise themselves so they could get past Moon's crew through the park so they could carefully get to the sound-check. They don't really get to the park safely-they get into problems, like being chased by fans, being chased by a dog, and more. After the boys finish their sound-check, they meet up with Penny backstage and rush to the field where Moon's helicopter landed. However only the boys see Moon, Penny Wants to assault Moon to make sure he losses. The MI6 Agency figure out Moon's plan and try to stop him but can't because Moon is jamming communication signals so no one gets in his way. After the boys manage to defeat Moon and save Katie, the MI6 agents arrive at the scene to give the boys a helicopter ride to Hyde Park just in time for the boys to finally start their world tour.
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Pathetic. Just pathetic.
ddelhuerto22 September 2015
This movie is so bad, that it makes no sense. It is Big Time Rush, which is why I hate it. Stupid plot, weak cinematography, lame characters, god awful songs, and a horrible ending. This is one of the worst movies Nickelodeon has ever made. If I want to see a Paramount/Sony movie from Nickelodeon, I'D WATCH THE ADVENTURES OF TINTIN FROM STEVEN SPIELBERG!!!!! This is such a lame spy movie. This makes James Bond look like Justin Bieber!! And what's worse, they make the Beatles FEEL LIKE ONE DIRECTION!!!!!! Big Time Rush's covers for the Beatles' songs ARE AWFUL!!!! This has to be the worst spy movie that anyone has ever seen. James Bond is watching this movie, and he is so not impressed. Thanks a lot for disappointing us again, Nickelodeon.
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Don't bother with this garbage!!
Crazyandbella4 July 2013
Warning: Spoilers
This was probably by FAR, the worst thing I've seen on the nickelodeon television station. The acting was TERRIBLE and the fact the nick can't even make their own story line for this movie is just plain sad. Nick couldn't even make a couple decent songs for the movie! INSTEAD they had to steal/ recreate their own version of The Beatles songs. The covers were TERRIBLE! They totally destroyed those great songs by recreating them to fit this generation. THE BEATLES ARE A CLASSIC ROCK BAND. They are not some crappy boy band from today's generation. If BTR had stuck with the original tone, a decent storyline and good acting, the movie would've been great! But they didn't. Instead they swag-fagged it up and created a piece of crap movie. DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME WITH THIS MOVIE. Not worth it.
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Dumb dumb dumb! I worry for our current and future generations!
blueypie11 June 2016
What an absolute load of tosh! Terribly awkward at trying to be funny and epically failing at humour. I love a comedy but the point of a comedy is that it's funny and invokes at least the occasional chuckle. Terrible, weak story, awful casting and to top it off, they had to film it in England and offend just about every aspect of life in Europe (and even Japan) with its ignorance. The worst kind of Americanism - this movie will probably be enjoyed by redneck trailer trash kids up to 12 years old who are in no danger of ever leaving the town they were born in. If this is the funny of this century, then the human race doesn't deserve to survive. It doesn't get any worse than this...
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At the very least, much better than "Johnny English"
gridoon201928 September 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I've been watching a couple of Nickelodeon TV shows this past summer, and I find "Big Time Rush" the craziest and funniest of them; it's like "Naked Gun" minus the R-rated gags. This feature-length expansion of their show should please its fans (it's certainly faithful to its anything-goes spirit), but it never quite matches the exhilaration of its terrific opening sequence (an action fantasy mini-movie, accompanied by the Beatles classic "Help!"). I also kind of missed the quirky, witty presence of Erin Sanders as Camille, though the stunning Emma Lahana makes a worthy temporary replacement. My favorite joke: the Japanese "torture". **1/2 out of 4.
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