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Season 1

29 Nov. 2012
When in Reverie
Betrayal, jealousy, uncertainties, and heartbreak begins NOW! After an unexpected car crash Paisley is uncertain as to whether or not she is in a dream state. As her high school year comes to an end she is recording her best friends as they express their aspirations transitioning into college. Paisley fails at her attempt to confess her love for her childhood best friend Ethan and at the very same time he drops the bombshell of his relationship with Sienna Davis, head cheerleader and closet cocaine addict. We also meet two of Paisley's girlfriends Veronica and Jamie. ...
29 Nov. 2012
Do Something About It
Paisley finds herself "In Reverie" when she is snapped out of a bad daydream about her best friend and love of her life Ethan, on a dinner date with the cold-hearted Sienna. Jamie continues to struggle with Adrian as he finally breaks off their volatile relationship. Veronica ends her romance with Mr. Addante when he begins to speak of their future together. Also, Paisley will take another approach at confessing her feelings for Ethan through an acting technique.
6 Dec. 2012
Captain's meeting is in order and we meet Kasey Sutton, hunky captain of the wrestling team who was recruited to help out with their graduation cheer showcase. Sienna becomes irritated with Jamie, who is constantly calling and begging Adrian to take her back. The girls develop a plan to use Kasey to make Adrian jealous at a huge fraternity party that night. After football practice, Ethan invites Jack Parker, the rich ladies man of the group, to come to the Fraternity party as Paisley's date. Jack loves the challenge of winning Paisley over as another notch on his belt...
1 Jan. 2012
Jack of All Trades
It's time for the party we've been waiting for and all bets are on. Will Jamie and Kasey succeed in making Adrian jealous? Will Paisley finally let loose? Get ready because the show is about to start and this time it won't only be in your dreams, or will it? Watch now.
1 Jan. 2012
The Hangover
You finally got to see the party we've all been waiting for last week. See what happens next as the characters recap their wild night. New relationships have formed and some may even end. Watch to find out.
1 Jan. 2012
Shhh Its a Surprise
It's Ethan's eighteenth birthday party and the crew is ready to celebrate. Emotions are heightened, and spin the bottle is in full effect. You never know who will get together. Expect the unexpected.
10 Jan. 2013
Secrets in Society
High School is almost over and the crew is enjoying some fun in the sun. Only the fun can't last forever and it's time to impress the important people over at Cal West. Will the girls be able to keep their friendship alive over at "Kappa Beta" without revealing some of each other's naughty secrets? Will the guys be able to take the pressure of their first encounter with the infamous "Pythons"? Watch and find out...
17 Jan. 2013
Spring Fling, Secrets Sting
It's Spring time! Relationships are blooming, some may even be dying, and trauma from the past may be effecting what should have been the best end to a senior year for Paisley and her group of friends. Secrets do sting, and you're sure to be shocked when you find out what is next. Please be advised there is a lot of sex, drugs, and rock n' roll coming your way for the remainder of this season. You have been warned!
24 Jan. 2013
The Truth Cuts Deep
Mr. Addante takes his revenge to the next level by involving Veronica's mother. As Paisley and Jack's relationship grows stronger it seems that fate has another plan in store for them. Confessions are forced and the truth will cut deep.
31 Jan. 2013
Center of Attention
An ex makes an appearance to comfort Sienna through her breakup, if you were shocked last week to see who it was just wait until you find out what kind of trouble he has up his sleeve. The drama continues as some suffer the consequences of their actions. The backstabbing, conniving, and broken promises are just intensifying. It's not always a good thing to be the "Center of Attention" watch and find out why.
14 Feb. 2013
Episode #1.11
Relationships will be pushed to their limits and friendships will die. How did this web of daydreams become so tangled? Will all your questions be answered? What is real and what is in reverie? Find out on the season finale.

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