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In London, Pip rooms with the unaffected Herbert Pocket, a relative of Miss Havisham, cut off by his family for wanting to marry the poorly situated Clara Barley and whom Pip helps get work. In other respects, as he fritters away the allowance paid him by Jaggers, his guardian, he becomes a snob, uneasy when Joe visits. He is still in love with Estella, as is the egocentric toff Bentley Drummle, but Estella tells Pip she is incapable of love as Miss Havisham taught her to be hard-hearted and Pip is a witness when Estella accuses her adoptive mother of this. Returning from Kent for Mrs Joe's funeral, Pip is on the eve of his twenty-first birthday when he will receive his full inheritance when he has a visitor, Abel Magwitch, the convict he once tried to help. To Pip's horror, Magwitch tells him that he is his benefactor and not, as Pip had supposed, Miss Havisham.

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