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  • Daniela, raised in the bosom of a strict Evangelical family and recently unmasked as a fornicator by her shocked parents, struggles to find her own path to spiritual harmony.


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  • Daniela is a 17-year-old girl who lives in Santiago, Chile. Despite her family's deeply held Protestant beliefs, she eagerly explores her sexuality, through both casual sex and an Internet blog titled Joven y Alocada (Young and Wild). The blog serves as a place where she questions her church's teachings and documents her sexual adventures, including her first experiences with masturbation, oral sex, and anal sex. As her blog becomes more popular, it attracts comments from people who range from supportive to gossipy to outright propositioning her for sex.

    After she is caught having sex with another student, she is expelled from her conservative Christian school. Her mother does not initially react when told the news, and Daniela learns that her beloved aunt, a bohemian who serves as a role-model for her, is being taken to the hospital due to cancer. There, her aunt pleads with Daniela's mother not to send the girl away to perform grueling missionary work. Instead, Daniela takes a job at a local Christian television station as a gofer, where she meets co-workers Tomás and Antonia.

    Daniela is immediately drawn to Tomás, about whom she begins fantasizing. The two begin dating, though he refuses to engage in premarital sexual activity. Sexually frustrated, Daniela attempts to seduce him and has varying degrees of success. When she complains to Antonia, Antonia invites her to a party, where Daniela briefly performs oral sex on Tomás until he stops her. As she leaves the party, Daniela whispers to Antonia that she came to have sex with both Tomás and her. Shortly after, Antonia and Daniela begin an affair that Daniela documents on her blog.

    Daniela's parents come to trust Tomás, whom they allow to stay unsupervised with her. However, Tomás' inhibitions finally break down when Daniela questions whether he is interested in her. The two finally have sex, and Daniela describes on her blog how she feels torn between her romantic feelings for both Antonia and Tomás, both of whom with which she is regularly having sex without each others knowledge.

    Antonia soon expresses displeasure with their covert relationship and wants to go public, but Daniela is unwilling to commit to only one partner. After her family's prayer apparently foils a robbery, Daniela begins to question both her spirituality and morals.

    Daniela surprises both her blog readers and family when she announces that she wishes to be baptized. Her family is excited, and her aunt arranges a baptism at a lake, the same as her aunt's experience. However, Tomás discovers her blog and learns that she has been cheating on him with Antonia who also discovers her blog. Furious, both of them break up with Daniela, and minutes later her mother angrily chastises Daniela for her behavior. Her aunt dies shortly afterward, leaving Daniela with many questions, ranging from spirituality to relationships.

    After attending her aunt's funeral, Daniela closes the film with a voice-over that quotes Paul the Apostle and says that she has not abandoned the innocent beliefs of her childhood.

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