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  • Andrew hopes to assure his investment firm's future with new software. His ICT expert being unavailable, he gives Malcolm, a professor, a shot, which Bridget arranged as her man is running out of money and options. She gets Henry to agree to a meeting sos he can explain her erratic behavior and the Gemma drama, but that goes south because of the real Siobhan, who returned from Paris as her lover Tyler no longer puts their affair over company loyalty to Andrew, and impersonates herself in therapy and home to sabotage Bridget, who ends up seeing her with unsuspecting Andrew. Bridget helps Andrew organize a benefit party for Juliet's school, which they end up hosting, but she claimed to schoolmate that favorite teacher Carpenter abused her, gets drunk at the party and makes a scene, after which both (step-)parents turn on him.

  • Bridget offers to host a fundraiser that her friend Greer is holding for Juliet's school and discovers that Greer knew one of Siobhan's deep dark secrets. While back in New York, Siobhan discovers that Bridget has settled into her former life more easily than Siobhan expected and she is determined to change that. Meanwhile, Malcolm decides to work for Andrew at Martin/Charles in order to keep an eye on him, and Henry mourns the death of his wife.


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  • "Ringer" - "It Just Got Normal" - Feb. 1, 2012

    Hey, remember this show!? It's been awhile.

    The title of this episode is "It Just Got Normal," but, really, it just gets more complicated.

    So, if you'll recall real Siobhan is back in New York and she's about to wreak some havoc for Bridget-As-Siobhan, Andrew, and Henry.

    So BAS and Andrew go to dinner with some old friends they haven't seen in a while. The wife, Greer, is cool and bitchy to BAS and she picks up that something went down between Greer and her sister. Looking to mend fences she offers to help with a fundraiser Greer is throwing for Juliet's school. In the process of prepping for the event, which takes place at Andrew an BAS's apartment, she learns Greer saw her and Henry in a clinch during a shared vacation between the three couples in Boston. Greer never told anyone but it ruined her relationship with Gemma because she coud never look her in the eye again knowing her best friend and husband were lying to her. BAS apologizes and demonstrates she's a new person and Greer forgives her.

    Meanwhile actual Siobhan is back in town with two missions: to reunite somehow with Henry and to get a look at Andrew's business statements. She tells Tyler-- who is back in Paris-- that she thinks Andrew is lying to his investors and keeps two sets of books. When she can't get into his work computer, Tyler tells her to try at home where security is more lax. Siobhan busts in and uploads the necessary files to a USB drive. While she's doing it though both Andrew and BAS come home. She hides and watches and sees that her sister has successfully integrated herself into her old life. When BAS is in the shower, Siobhan steals the big fancy ring that Andrew bought for BAS. BAS lies and tells Andrew-- with whom she's getting along swimmingly-- she took it to get sized but is worried it fell down the drain.

    While involved in her undercover mission, Siobhan missed a meeting with Henry. She had gone to him, tried to apologize and tell him she still loved him and asked him to meet. Like a man with a recently dead wife might, he raged at her but ultimately relented. But when she blew him off he went to the fundraiser and told a very confused BAS to stay out of his life forever. Real Siobhan went to him the next day and promised she could explain. He asked who the hell she is.

    Henry is also concerned that the police and the Feds have given up on Gemma's case since it looks like Charlie/John killed her and then killed himself which isn't adding up for him, or for Machado, especially since Bridget's fingerprints were found on the gun. Machado does a little digging and discovers that Charlie/John and Bridget were seen in the Hamptons in May, a time when Machado knows Bridget was in Wyoming. He deduces that Charlie/John was meeting with Siobhan but he can't figure out why.

    Speaking of Wyoming, Bridget's old friend Malcolm is looking for work in New York and not having much luck. He then helps Andrew out in a pinch with a presentation. He's a computer science prof and claims he's no tech, but quickly figures out a programming issue during Andrew's meeting with investors. Andrew is impressed and offers him a job.

    Even though her best friend implores Juliet to tell her parents about Mr. Carpenter raping her, Juliet says things have just gotten normal at home and she doesn't want to upset the applecart. She just wants to forget it and move on. She can't, however, when Mr. C. shows up at the fundraiser at the apartment. Juliet gets rip roaring drunk and taunts him. Andrew, not knowing anything, sends her to her room. There BAS gets out of Juliet what happened and then goes and promptly decks Mr. C. in the middle of the party causing a big scene. Juliet is mortified. All she wanted was for the whole mess to go away and BAS has now essentially made it public, she is very angry at BAS. Her dad tries to comfort her but Juliet won't let him. Andrew does file a police report, however.

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