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Bill Clinton does Funny Or Die with Ben Stiller and Matt Damon

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We never thought we'd see "Uploader: President Bill Clinton" tagged on a Funny Or Die video, but it's a new day! Clinton recruited A-list celebrities like Ben Stiller, Matt Damon, Sean Penn, Kristen Wiig, and many more to contribute to a fun "Celebrity Brainstorm" viral vid to support the Clinton Foundation.

We particularly love Penn's "simple initiative whereby people do not steal my lunch from the break room fridge." Jack Black even Skyped in his own contribution to the conversation -- a foundation theme song. Because everybody knows that every foundation needs a theme song.

The best part, of course, is Clinton's actual appearance in the video. Check it out below -- and learn how you can help the Foundation.

Clinton Foundation: Celebrity Division from President Bill Clinton
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Kristen Wiig Wants to Stop Global Warming in the Dumbest Way Possible

It's interesting how when people are successful in one field they think they can be great at pretty much anything. Funny lady Kristen Wiig's recent box office glory with "Bridesmaids" has clearly given her delusions of grandeur, as the new video from Funny or Die proves.

Her proposed Global Breathing Initiative (Gbi) will not win over most people who enjoy a steady supply of air in their lungs, but the video is for a good cause: to spur donations to the Clinton Foundation. Run by Slick Willy himself, the Foundation's aim is to combat climate change, fight obesity, encourage development in Africa, and other general do-gooder kind of initiatives.

This is actually an extended scene of Wiig's improv-y contribution to the "Clinton Foundation: Celebrity Division" video that dropped last month on the site, and featured celebs like Ben Stiller, Matt Damon, Jack Black, and the former President himself.

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