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Season 2

19 Oct. 2012
Codename: Growing Rogue
When new boy Nick stands against Marcus for school president, Tim tries to help his campaign. Meanwhile at MI5, Tim attempts to sabotage Caitlin and Portis' relationship with some dubious advice.
26 Oct. 2012
Codename: Riding High
Tim falls for a woman in Witness Protection, Chris and Judith team up to get rid of her. Meanwhile, Marcus tries to teach himself how to ride a bicycle.
2 Nov. 2012
Codename: Lie Hard
Tim's identity as an MI5 officer risks being revealed when he is forced to take Marcus to work with him. Meanwhile, Owen leads Philip and Judith in an elaborate role play exercise.
9 Nov. 2012
Codename: Mistaken Identity
When the Examiner selects Tim and Caitlin to star in a recruitment video, their disguised identities go to their head. Meanwhile, Chris agrees to partner Marcus in a TV quiz but will his nerves hold.
16 Nov. 2012
Codename: Family Bonds
Judith receives a head blow and awakes believing she and Tim are still married. Chris takes Philip out dating and Owen is enlisted to help Marcus with his music recital. And poor Marcus has two embarrassing parents or was it all a dream?
23 Nov. 2012
Codename: Citizen Lame
When Marcus is sent on work experience, he develops a taste for retail. Meanwhile, the Examiner's work appraisal does not go as planned.
30 Nov. 2012
Codename: Ball Busted
When the dreaded Mrs Godfrey usurps Philip as school head, Marcus' hopes of organizing the Summer Ball are dashed. Meanwhile, Tim struggles to find a date.
7 Dec. 2012
Codename: Double Oh
When Tim discovers he has a genius MI5 body double, he agrees to compete for custody of Marcus. Meanwhile, Moritz is trying to romance a hostage's anxious girlfriend.
14 Dec. 2012
Codename: Pulp Friction
Chris' efforts to turn Marcus into a celebrated author get out of control when he tells a few too many lies. Meanwhile, Tim tries to sabotage Portis' preparations for Caitlin's birthday.
21 Dec. 2012
Codename: Last Scupper
When Tim finds himself on an assassin's hit list, he realizes this may be his last time to romance Caitlin. Meanwhile, Marcus is hoping to humiliate Nick at Justine's dinner party.
26 Dec. 2012
Christmas Special: Codename - Show Stopper
Marcus plans the Christmas party. Meanwhile, Portis discovers that Tim and Caitlin have feelings for each other and his thoughts turn to revenge.

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