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Sex & Nudity

  • Since the movie contains rape against children, I have listed all the scenes in detail in the Violence & Gore section.

Violence & Gore

  • Each case of sexual molestation on each child can be very graphic. I have described in detail what each scene consist to give account of what you are about to watch and to decide if the younger audience is mature enough to watch the movie.
  • A child commits suicide by stepping in front of a train. The suicide itself is not seen but it shows the train heading towards the child then you see a motionless child by the tracks and his shoes scattered.
  • A man hits an animal with his car, the animal is seen by the side of the road and blood surrounding it.
  • In multiple scenes it shows a man pushing, slapping, and kicking a young boy.
  • A woman is seen holding a young girl's head underwater in a laundry machine.
  • It is implied that the principle of the school tried to sexually molest one of the girls, "but failed since she was too young".
  • Many children are seen with bruises and bleeding cuts, later we find out these children were beaten because they tried to report being sexually molested.
  • In one of the scenes a man beats a boy up and grabs a golf club. He attempts to hit the boy with it but is told to beat the boy with the golf club somewhere else. A man hears this and hits the other man in the head with a flower pot.
  • During the courtroom scenes the molestations are discussed.


  • Very little actual profanity - one use of "shit" in the subtitles. Nonetheless, there are extremely graphic descriptions of sexual abuse throughout.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Some characters smoke.
  • One of the characters are described as an alcoholic.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The whole theme of the movie is dark and depressing.
  • Many children are shown being assaulted.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • A young girl tells her story of her rape through sign language. While she is telling about her rape, it shows what she experienced. The scene is not visually graphic, it is more-so implied in her words. ie. the principle taking her to watch porn on his TV but it doesn't show what is on the TV. While watching you see the principle start to reach up her shirt but she runs away. He chases after her and pulls her pants and underwear off, he takes off his pants and underwear, he kicks her but ends up being interrupted. The scene ends.
  • A man is seen with his pants off walking up to a young girl and rapes her. The man pulls off the young girls pants and underwear while she cries and gets in position. The scene ends.
  • In regards to the previous rape, a girl explains in her own words of witnessing the rape. (mild nudity) She sees through the crack of the door and sees the naked man's butt. All the while you hear the other girls cries. He catches the spying girl and threatens to kill her if she says anything to anyone about what she saw.
  • A boy describes what happened to his brother before he committed suicide. The boy tells his account of how he was raped. The boy's buttocks are graphically visible in the scene as we see him shaking. A man threatens two boys to go to his house or he would beat them. Next we see the man washing one of the naked boys in a tub while the other boy is watching in shock (one of the boys backside is shown). The man asks if the watching boy wants to go first. The watching boy is locked outside the bathroom and watches through the shutters. The man is seen stroking the boys behind, holding his hands in front of the boys genitals, and he is staring at the boy's butt as his face is only inches away. We next see the boy bending down and the man still stroking the boys butt and in between. The man stops what he is doing and starts beating the other boy because he is screaming at the man to make him stop. The next thing we see is the unconscious boy laying on the ground (blood is oozing from his mouth) and we see the man laying in bed implying he raped the boy. The boy wakes up looking for his brother and the man wakes up and starts hugging and touching the boy. The man grabs the boy by the hair and throws him down and takes off his underwear (no nudity). The scene switches to the boy talking about the incident and the boy describes the rape saying, "in my butt". The interviewer asks why he didn't run away and the boy claims he would have been beaten all night if he did. The boy proceeds to say that the incident happened again later at the school. The boy says that soon his "brother became weak because of the rape and couldn't walk from the pain". The scene ends.
  • One of the girls gives an account of how one of the men would pay her money when they would hurt her. The man would take her clothes off and tie her hands and feet to the table. She is shown shaking and pees in her chair. A flashback shows the man using tape to tie her hands and feet to the table.
  • A boy in revenge, stabs a man and holds the man down on the railroad tracks while the train runs over both the boy and the man.

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