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Poppy Montgomery: Carrie Wells



  • Carrie Wells : [to Al at a crime scene]  Morning. We got to stop meeting like this.

  • Carrie Wells : Maria Ortiz is lying. I'm not sure about what, but she's lying.

    Mike Costello : I'm-I'm sorry. Am I missing something?

    Carrie Wells : All right, guy tries to rape you. You get away, you call the cops, right? But when the reporter asked her why she didn't, she couldn't answer the question. She froze, completely.

    Nina Inara : I didn't pick that up.

    Carrie Wells : Well, that's 'cause you were looking at the lawyer.

  • Carrie Wells : If you want to win on self-defense, you better hope she can repeat that performance.

    Debi Moser : Look, Detective... Wells, was it? This woman was brutally assaulted. Showing stunning presence of mind, she dared to resist her attacker, which may be the only reason you didn't find her on that floor.

    Carrie Wells : Pace yourself, counselor. You want to save something for closing arguments.

  • Debi Moser : There she is. Detective Wells, I hope you don't mind me dropping in like this, but that seems to be the way you roll. I brought you something. It's a copy of the Constitution. Somewhere in there, it says something about self-incrimination. You had no right questioning my client in her home.

    Carrie Wells : It wasn't a custodial interrogation. I was simply talking to her.

    Debi Moser : So now you're a lawyer. Okay, Perry Mason, just know this: you can't use a word of what she said to you.

    Carrie Wells : Well - and this is just a suggestion - maybe you can.

    Debi Moser : Talk to her again outside of my presence or without my permission, and I'll sue this whole department for harassment. I'm having lunch with the deputy mayor on Friday. Maybe I'll mention it.

  • Carrie Wells : [seeing Maria's family photos]  I'm gonna take these, okay?

    Roe Saunders : Sure, but, uh, you've already seen 'em, so what's the point, right?

    Carrie Wells : Oh, my god. It learns.

  • Al Burns : So we got a drug company, a gym bag, and a Dominican housekeeper. What's the connection?

    Carrie Wells : I say we just ask her.

    Mike Costello : Well, you can't question her. She's got counsel.

    Carrie Wells : I'm just going to talk to her.

    Al Burns : That'll bite us in the ass. I wouldn't do that.

    Carrie Wells : I know *you* wouldn't.

    Al Burns : Carrie...

    Carrie Wells : I'll be careful.

  • Al Burns : What happened to careful?

    Carrie Wells : Apparently, I don't do careful.

    Al Burns : What else don't you do? You want to give me a list? I told you not to question her.

    Carrie Wells : I wasn't questioning her. We talked about her family.

  • Carrie Wells : Al, listen to me...

    Al Burns : No, no, no, you listen. You are part of a team here. If you're trying to get fired, there are easier ways to do that.

    Carrie Wells : You want to fire me, you go ahead. You dragged me into this, and I'm trying to help you.

    Al Burns : By talking to a suspect without counsel?

    Carrie Wells : Maria Ortiz has a story. I don't know if she's innocent or guilty or what it is, but there is something else there, and that lawyer is stopping her from telling. You have to trust me on this.

  • Carrie Wells : All right, when we got to the hotel, the florist was trying to change the old flowers. They were roses. The same roses would have been there the night before when Brett Langley was killed. These are sunflowers. So where are the roses? This video isn't from the night of the murder. It's been doctored.

  • Carrie Wells : Your client was just arrested. Where were you?

    Debi Moser : She lied to me. What can I do? She's indefensible.

    Carrie Wells : In the court of pubic opinion, maybe.

    Debi Moser : In any court. She conspired with these Smith people.

    Carrie Wells : Maria didn't kill Langley. She wasn't even there.

    Debi Moser : What are you talking about?

    Carrie Wells : She has a rock-solid alibi, we know that for sure.

    Debi Moser : Then why would she confess?

    Carrie Wells : Oh, come on, you know the story. She trusted someone, they betrayed her. The question is: are you gonna betray her, too?

  • Debi Moser : You know, I checked you out. Quite the superstar. You were, what, a coed showing up all those Mayberry cops in Syracuse? I'm sorry about your sister, by the way. Robert - my researcher - is a bit of a superstar, too. They never found the guy?

    Carrie Wells : No.

    Debi Moser : You still looking?

    Carrie Wells : Yeah.

    Debi Moser : Well, if you ever need help, I specialize in lost causes.

    Carrie Wells : Then don't give up on this one.

  • Al Burns : We believe Tom Martin's the guy. Maria Ortiz wasn't even in the room.

    ADA Adam Gilroy : Well, thanks for letting us know.

    Carrie Wells : You should thank us. Somebody was gonna turn up Maria's alibi sooner or later.

    ADA Adam Gilroy : Are you trying to make me look bad, Detective?

  • Carrie Wells : I was out of line today. Sorry.

    Al Burns : That's okay.

    [they laugh] 

    Al Burns : You're still pretty lousy at that, aren't you?

    Carrie Wells : What, at admitting I'm wrong?

    Al Burns : Pretending to admit you're wrong.

    Carrie Wells : Oh. Was it the "sorry"?

    Al Burns : Yeah.

    Carrie Wells : Yeah.


    Carrie Wells : Yeah, that was pushing it a little, huh?

  • Al Burns : I know you think you're only doing this for Rachel, that all this being police again is just something you gotta put up with. But think about how it went down with Maria Ortiz. We never would have gotten to Tom Martin if it wasn't for you. And there are thousands like her. People you need... a certain kind of eyes to see.

    Carrie Wells : You know, Maria said something that made me think. All these years, I thought I couldn't remember because of what happened, you know? But it's not just that Rachel died or how she died. I think... I think it's that I lived, and I... I don't understand why.

    Al Burns : It's not like Maria's son. I mean, that was an accident; it's chance, no sense to it. This guy let you live. Maybe he wanted you to.

    Carrie Wells : Why?

    Al Burns : Stick to it. Out there, in here; you'll figure it out.

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