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Season 1

3 Oct. 2011
Episode #1.1
Salvacion mayor, Amang Deogracias, challenges the incumbency of Pepe Ilustre for the governorship of the province of Verano. It is abruptly thwarted by a grenade explosion during the miting de avance of Amang Deogracias which killed him instantly. The Deogracias blames the Ilustres.
4 Oct. 2011
Episode #1.2
Now a widow, Elena Deogracias is put into the political front by the Obrero Party as she replaces the gubernatorial candidacy of her husband, Amang Deogracias. Lucia Ilustre, the wife of Pepe Ilustre who is running for another term, will do everything and anything to bring her down.
5 Oct. 2011
Episode #1.3
Dorinda, an Obrero party-mate, is prepping up Elena of her campaign speech but she is belittled and viewed by them as weak and stupid. But Pacita Toribio, Elena's sister, is encouraging her to speak in Tagalog so that many can understand her. During the campaign sortie, Elena impresses the people of her speech delivered in Tagalog as Pepe clandestinely watches her. In the Ilustre camp, Lucia reminds their allies of their support come election day and hands them over some bribe money. Meanwhile, Angelo Deogracias, a police and Amang's son, is taking part in the blast ...

 Season 1 

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