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  • No...This Kaze tachinu is based on a series of comic strips by the movie's writer and director Hayao Miyazaki, which were serialized intermittently in the monthly Model Graphix magazine from April 2010 to January 2011. Miyazaki's Kaze tachinu takes its name from the 1938 novel by Tatsuo Hori (of which the 1954 and 1976 films are direct adaptations) but draws inspiration from a variety of sources which also include the life and work of aircraft engineer Jirô Horikoshi, other works by Hori and the poem Le Cimetière marin by French writer Paul Valéry from which Hori's novel in turn took its title, also movie recognizes a novel by Thomas Mann, called "Magic Mountain" and integrates its setting to the movie's story. Edit (Coming Soon)


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