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MPAA Rated PG-13 for sequences of violence, menace, terror, and for language

Sex & Nudity

  • Practically none.
  • A supporting character makes allusions to sex several times, but it is never talked about.
  • A woman changes her clothes, she is only shown from shoulders above.
  • A man takes a shower and he steps out of the shower and steps close to a woman he is terrorizing until they almost touch, but he backs away. (The male is only shown from the waist on up.)
  • Several cleavage shots throughout the movie.

Violence & Gore

  • A man is shot, then soon after shoots the security guard in the chest (quite bloody).
  • A man breaks a woman's neck, then grabs a nearby lamp and smashes her head three times (quite violent).
  • A man crashes his car.
  • A man hits a woman in the head with a shovel (a bloody image is briefly shown).
  • A man is hit in the head with a fire extinguisher.
  • A man shoots the cop three more times to kill
  • A man is shot six or seven times.
  • A lot of violence throughout the film including a bloody image, especially for a PG-13 film.


  • 2 F words (Fuck you, i said fuck you) 10 Scatological terms (Shit) 1 Anatomical term (asshole) 3 mild obscenities Exclamations (shut up, keep your mouth shut) name calling (vicious, animal, mess, pathetic, weak, stupid, sick mother (could be short for MFer) Stereotypical references to men, women, unfaithful spouses, mothers, criminals, politicians, prison guards, people with mental illnesses, people board members, 3 religious profanities (GD) and 1 religious exclamations (Oh my god)

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Two women become tipsy after several glasses of what is assumed to be wine.
  • A man and woman go into a garage to smoke a cigarette.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The main theme of the movie is about a ex con/serial killer invading a woman's home and terrorizing her and her family.
  • There will possibly be a couple of jump scenes.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The plot twist is intense and may surprise many: The victim's husband was sleeping with the convict's girlfriend.

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