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Tom's stance on the Royal Caledonian bank is seen as a personal triumph though Tony's death is a personal tragedy. Ellis goes ahead with the story of how he inadvertently caused civilian deaths in Bosnia but this pales beside the news that the Iranians have arrested supposed British spies and are spoiling for aggression. Agnes wipes her files and comes to meet Tom with evidence of MI6 complicity in Tony's murder. She is arrested but Tom orders her release. He then learns from Paul Clark and Ellis that Samir Sharour was not a saboteur but a Petro-Fex employee and that the plane blew up by accident when drone fuel being carried on board leaked and caused an explosion,just as it had in Scarrow. Armed with this news he gives a rousing Commons speech,damning the greedy capitalists - and implicitly,members of his Cabinet - who would benefit from a war with Iran and invites a vote of No Confidence in his party,stressing that he wishes to put popular interest first. Will this pay off or is he ...

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