The Angry Birds Movie (2016) Poster

Kate McKinnon: Stella, Eva the Birthday Mom



  • [from trailer] 

    Bomb : Sometimes, when I get upset, I have been known to blow up.

    [Bomb walks into his house] 

    Birds : Surprise!

    Bomb : Ahh!

    [He and his house explodes] 

    Bomb : Oh, excuse me, party foul.

    Stella : [fell over]  Ow!

  • Leonard : Hmm... is that what I think it is?

    Stella : That's an egg. That's how are children are born. You guys don't like eggs?

    Leonard : [Sotto voce]  I wish we did.

    [Daydream sequence: Leonard is out in a meadow having a picnic with the egg] 

    Leonard : Enchanté.

    [pours wine and "feeds" the wine to the egg] 

    Leonard : You look delicious, my dear.

    [Leonard skips through the meadow holding the egg while laughing maniacally, then rolls through the grass and points at the sky] 

    Leonard : That's us.

    [2 clouds appear in a heart shape, then the big cloud eats the small cloud. Back to reality: Leonard is holding the egg while laughing maniacally] 

  • Stella : Hi Red! Good to see you!

    Red : I wish I could say the same.

  • [from trailer] 

    Stella : Hey, something's coming!

  • Stella : [to the pigs]  You guys don't lay eggs?

  • Stella : Hi, Red. It's good to see you!

    Red : I wish I could say the same.

  • Stella : Red, we need a leader.

    Red : Wait a minute. I'm not a leader!

  • Eva : Your Honor, our family has always practiced natural child-hatch; the risks of having a scrambled infant are too great. There was going to be music, the nest was going to be full with beautiful, fresh-cut flowers, and the first two faces he was going to see were the loving faces of his mother and his father.

    [Edward sheds a tear falls onto their hatchling] 

    Eva : We can never get that moment back.

    Red : Ma'am, I never wanted my face to be the first face your baby saw. I mean, what are we talking about here? He probably doesn't even remember me!

    [Red walks over to the family, then the hatchling excitedly exclaims] 

    Hatchling : Daddy!

  • Leonard : Citizens of Pig Island. If you spot any birds destroying your neighborhood please capture them.

    Pig : What did he say?

    Leonard : There's been a change of plans. We will eat the eggs for lunch.

    Stella : Did he say eat the eggs?

  • Red : Oh, oh, mmm! Oh, wait. I almost forgot. You know, I'm supposed to do a quick customer satisfaction survey before I...

    Red : [whistles]  split, okay? So, on the scale of one to three stars, what would you say about my performance? And don't forget, the squirrel was...

    Red : [steps on a squirrel; Distorted scream]  free... Sorry about this!

    Edward the Birthday Dad : [Distorts]  No!

    Red : [Distorts]  My bad.

    Red : [Grunts as he stops]  Huh!

    Edward the Birthday Dad , Eva the Birthday Mom , Timothy the Birthday Boy : [They hold Red from above their egg] 

    Timothy the Birthday Boy : [He realizes the crumb of the birthday cake on the floor and eats it]  Mmm!

    Edward the Birthday Dad , Eva the Birthday Mom : [They gasped as Red accidentally hatched their egg] 

    Red : [Muffled]  Congratulations!

    Edward the Birthday Dad : Huh?

    Eva the Birthday Mom : Oh!

    Red : [gives a thumb up]  It's a boy!

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