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The Worst Shows Critics Ever Reviewed — IndieWire Survey

The Worst Shows Critics Ever Reviewed — IndieWire Survey
Every week, IndieWire asks a select handful of TV critics two questions and publishes the results on Tuesday. (The answer to the second, “What is the best show currently on TV?” can be found at the end of this post.)

This week’s question: What is the worst show you’ve ever reviewed? Why was it so bad? Did you waver over the grade or rating you gave it?

Daniel Fienberg (@TheFienPrint), The Hollywood Reporter

I’ve compared “Mixology” to contracting TV herpes, “Fuller House” to exhuming a bloating, gaseous corpse and called “Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders” the perfect xenophobic TV show for Trump’s America. Still, there’s little doubt that no show has ever made me so irate for its mere misguided existence than a little show called “H8r” on The CW. If you don’t remember “H8r” the premise was this: Mario Lopez drives his F-list celebrity
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'Hunger Games'-Esque Reality Show Coming To The CW

Two new reality shows are coming to the CW. The network has ordered "The Hunt" and "Perfect Score," Mark Pedowitz, The CW president announced Wednesday.

The CW described "The Hunt" as "an intense wilderness competition" in which twelve teams of two set out in the great outdoors without any food, water or shelter and must "capture each other" to win a cash prize.

"Perfect Score" is dating show that challenges its participants to pick a potential partner they are well-suited for. Contestants can find love -- and win cash -- by determining which of twelve possible matches a compatibility test has determined is the best fit for them.

Premiere dates have yet to be announced for either series.

While The CW has found a niche in scripted programming aimed at young female viewers, the network has yet to find much success in its forays into reality TV. "The Catalina," which
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America's Next Top Model: All-Stars 17.07 "Kathy Griffin" Review

Pop quiz, class. Pencils up, only one question.

I made it multiple choice because, y'know, I care and stuff.

The America's Next Top Model fragrance, which is set to launch at the end of cycle 17, will smell like ___________________.

a. Booty tooch sweat, Nicole from cycle five's lost Red Bull, and the pee that Robin let out in cycle one during the snake photo shoot.

b. An empty bottle of Mr. Jay's hair dye that's been sitting in the garbage for weeks, the remnants of a drain in Andre's salon that hasn't been cleaned in a while, and the tears of wayward models from sea to shining sea.

c. The crushed dreams of stardom from everybody associated with Shedding for the Wedding, Fly Girls, H8R, Blonde Charity Mafia, High Society, Farmer Wants a Wife, Plain Jane, and Stylista.

d. Girlicious.

I'll give you a second to think.

Pencils down.

The correct answer is.
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News anchor hates Kim Kardashian so much he won't say her name. Who's your pop culture Voldemort?

  • Pop2it
The CW might've canceled "H8R," but irrational celebrity hatred lives on. 

Just this week a Dallas news anchor refused to even utter Kim Kardashian's name when discussing her 31st birthday (Oct. 21) on-air because he was so disgusted that she was an actual famous person people care about.

Well, "Good Morning Dallas" anchor Tim Ryan, we understand you all too well. Here at Zap2it, there are plenty of people we dislike so much it hurts to say their names. In honor of your brave stand against inexplicable reality star Kim Kardashian, here are the people whom, much like Voldemort, we can't even mention by name.

Paris HiltonEvery time I re-watch "Veronica Mars," I get to the second episode and become infuriated that Paris Hilton sullied one of my all-time favorite shows. It is grossly unfair that someone so disgusting and stupid has so much money. - Andrea Reiher

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Kim Kardashian turns 31; Here's 31 of her greatest moments

  • Pop2it
Everyone's favorite socialite Kim Kardashian turns 31 on Friday (Oct. 21).

It's been an interesting life for the one-time Paris Hilton sidekick. Over the past few years, she's become internationally famous, starred in a highly-rated reality show and achieved wealth that many of us could only dream of.

In honor of Kim turning 31, we've compiled a list of 31 of her career highlights and lowlights.

1. Her sex tape with Ray J which catapulted her to fame.

2. She launched a music career, or perhaps better put, the singular song "Jam."

3. Sued Old Navy for using someone who looked like her (Melissa Molinaro) in their commercials.

4. Had a two-part, four-hour wedding extravaganza on E! that drew a combined 8.4 million viewers.

5. Served as guest hostess of WrestleMania Xxiv.

6. Had a wedding that cost a reported $20 million.

7. Launched the ill-fated Kardashian Kard which was quickly sacked for charging excessive fees.

8. Got her own wax figure at New York's Madame Tussauds.
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Someone Really Hates Kim Kardashian

This is perhaps the funniest thing I've ever seen in my life.

There are plenty of people out in the world who could care less about the Kardashians, like... really care less. And then there are people like me who like to have a good laugh at their expense (Kim Kardashian's single "Jam [Turn It Up]"), but don't really hate them.

Yea well, this woman Hates Kim.

Meet Deena Jacobs. She was featured on the CW show H8R (which didn't last too long - womp womp). She's Kim's No. 1 hater, and the woman doesn't hold back, explaining in a very Nsfw video exactly why she hates the reality star.

Now to be fair, Kim Was voted The Most Annoying Celebrity of 2011, but I personally don't think she's worthy of being hated! Apparently Deena thinks otherwise.

Check out the video below to see why Deena dislikes Kim so much.


Do you agree with anything Deena said?
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TV Bits: Netflix May Revive ‘Reno 911!’, NBC Cancels ‘Free Agents’, CW Cancels ‘H8R’, Adult Swim Renews ‘Ntsf:sd:suv’, Cinemax Renews ‘Strike Back’

TV Bits: Netflix May Revive ‘Reno 911!’, NBC Cancels ‘Free Agents’, CW Cancels ‘H8R’, Adult Swim Renews ‘Ntsf:sd:suv’, Cinemax Renews ‘Strike Back’
[1] Let's call this the "life or death" edition of TV Bits, as it's all about renewals, cancellations, and even one possible renewal of a previously cancelled series. After the jump, more on: Renewals for Cinemax's Strike Back and Adult Swim's Ntsf:sd:suv Cancellations for The CW's H8R and NBC's Free Agents And last but not least, the possible revival of Reno 911! It's a good week for fans of cancelled comedy shows. Earlier this week, Mitchell Hurwitz talked up [2] a (temporary) return to the small screen for Arrested Development, and now comes news that Reno 911! could be coming back from the dead as well. Netflix is reportedly negotiating with the show's producers about the possibility of creating more episodes of the show, which revolved around a police team in the titular city. Though Vulture [3] cautions that the show's return is still a "long shot" -- talks are still in the early stages,
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Kim Kardashian’s Reality Show Got Cancelled — Oh No!

The Mario Lopez-hosted 'H8R' lasted just four episodes -- even with a boost from Kim! Kim Kardashian starred in an episode of H8R, but the hot new show just got axed for poor ratings! Kim, 30, was featured on the Mario Lopez show, which got axed after just four episodes, Deadline.com reports. What do you think, HollywoodLifers -- will you miss H8R? -- William Earl [flv width="600"]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AM6sMebcAZ4/flv] More On Your Fav Kardashians! Kim Kardashian Channels Cher: Does This Mean Their Twitter Feud Is Over? Kendall Jenner, 15, Looks Sultry & Adult In New Bikini Modeling Photos! Kim Kardashian & Kris Humphries Kiss On Live Television! Watch!
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Free Agents, H8R Cancelled. Angels Almost Out

After cancelling “The Playboy Club” earlier this week, NBC has pulled the plug of “Free Agents,” the Wednesday night dark comedy starring Hank Azaria as a divorced PR executive who falls for a co-worker.

Last week, NBC chairman Bob Greenblatt “wasn’t rushing” to cancel his network’s underperforming shows, but after a single stay of execution the ratings didn’t improve. ”Free Agents” posted a 1.0 rating in its demo two weeks in a row, so it wasn’t quite the hit it was on the BBC two years ago.

According to a staffer, production was halted in the middle of the day, during the middle of an episode, and its actors were called and told not to come to work anymore. To apparently pour salt in the wound, NBC will replace “Free Agents” with rerun episodes of its comedy black hole “Whitney,” which could use the extra exposure (even
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H8R: Cancelled

Tyra Banks has got to be overjoyed. The CW has finally decided to cancel H8R, the lowest-rated show on The CW and the lead-in for America's Next Top Model.

Hosted by Mario Lopez, H8R tracks down regular people who have a deep dislike for a particular celebrity and then puts the two together. The famous person tries to win the person over, to prove they're actually just regular people. Celebrities have included Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi (Jersey Shores), Jake Pavelka (The Bachelor), Eva Longoria (Desperate Housewives), Scott Disick (Keeping Up with the Kardashians), Kim Kardashian (Keeping Up with the Kardashians), Joe Francis (Girls Gone Wild), Maksim Chmerkovskiy (Dancing with the Stars) and The Miz (WWE wrestler).

The reality show has been the lowest-rated TV series on the network since the start of the season. In its opening week, H8R attracted a meager 0.6 rating in the
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The CW cancels 'H8R'; celebrities now have to fend for themselves

"H8R" won't be defending any more demi-celebrities from Internet snark this season. Sorry, Levi Johnston and Janice Dickinson.

The CW on Thursday (Oct. 6) pulled its new unscripted series (or "hit reality show," if you were to believe the network's own promos) after four episodes. Ratings for "H8R" were dismal -- it was the least-watched show of the young season among any of the five English-language broadcast networks.

Apparently people weren't all that interested in watching a show in which celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Jake Pavelka and Snooki bravely stand up to heretofore anonymous everyday people who said mean things about them on the Internet. Now that the show is gone, they'll just have to settle for being on other TV shows and in the media all the time.

Through four episodes, "H8R" was averaging a paltry 1.2 million viewers per week and a 0.5 rating in the adults 18-49 demographic. It wasn't
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CW Pulls 'H8R' From Its Schedule

  • The Wrap
CW Pulls 'H8R' From Its Schedule
The third victim of the fall 2011 television season has fallen. Following the cancellations of "The Playboy Club" and "Free Agents" by NBC, the CW has pulled the Mario Lopez-hosted reality series "H8R," from its schedule, the network confirms to TheWrap. Also read: NBC Cancels 'Playboy Club'; Orders Full Seasons of 'Up All Night,' 'Whitney' The series, which connected celebrities with their anti-fans so that they can attempt to win them over, aired for four episodes. It performed poorly in the ratings, dropping 33 percent to a 0.4 rating/1 share in the adults
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The CW Says "C U L8R, H8R"

  • TV.com
The good news: Mario Lopez is now available for birthday parties, bar mitzvahs, and, you know, to just hang out. The better news: The CW has canceled its reality stunt H8R after four episodes, which is only four episodes too late.

The series, hosted by dimple-factory Lopez, facilitated meet-and-greets between normal people who talked smack about Z-list celebrities and the celebrities about which the smack-talking occurred, the idea being that the celebrities could try to convince their H8Rs not to hate them anymore. It was all pretty stupid, really. Among the famous folks who participated were Jake...  More >>
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And the First New CW Show to Get the Ax Is...

And the First New CW Show to Get the Ax Is...
With no clear standout at the CW so far this fall, it was only a matter of time before the ax swung, and whack! It just did. So which new series just got canceled? And which Fox fan favorite just got renewed? So You Think You Can Dance lives on! Fox just picked it up for a ninth season. And the CW just canned: H8R. Surprised? Yeah, us neither. Though it begs the question: How will Kim Kardashian find a way to go finger-painting with nonfans now? Last night the series, hosted by Mario Lopez, was down 33 percent from last week to a series low 0.4 adults 18-49 rating. The good news for all you Sarah Michele Gellar fans? Ringer repeats will be taking H8R's place as of next week,...
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H8R Canceled by The CW

The CW has now joined NBC in cancelling a new fall show, as the network has officially pulled the plug on H8R, its much maligned Wednesday night reality series. Following four low rated episodes, including last night's series low, the show has been replaced in favor of Ringer repeats.

There are no current plans to air the remaining episodes of the show, though that may change should The CW decide to burn the episodes off in the summer. Its next episode was scheduled to include former Top Model judge Janice Dickinson and Bristol Palin's baby's father Levi Johnston.

H8R featured celebrities confronting their "h8rs" (haters) and ultimately trying to convince said hater that they aren't such a bad person after all. The show, hosted by Mario Lopez, had been focusing on reality alumni, with Snooki, Jake Pavelka, and Kim Kardashian among the first participants.

Were you watching H8R?
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CW Cancels New Reality Series ‘H8R’

CW Cancels New Reality Series ‘H8R’
The CW is pulling new reality show H8R off the schedule effective immediately. Starting next week, the network will air repeats of new drama Ringer in H8R‘s Wednesday 8 Pm slot. The demise of H8R extends the CW’s dry spell on the unscripted side where the network has not been able to launch a successful series. (America’s Next Top Model started off on Upn.) The CW will use the slot to get additional sampling for Ringer, which the network’s brass like creatively and are getting behind despite recent ratings decline. This has become a trend this fall as NBC too replaced its recently canceled shows with reruns of freshman series in need of extra sampling: Prime Suspect (in for Playboy Club) and Whitney (in for Free Agents). After perking up last week with the episode featuring Kim Kardashian, which hit a series high in total viewers and posted 50% gains in the demos,
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Racial profiling: Kim Kardashian's Booty defense on H8R (Video)

Kim Kardashian went cheek to cheek with a Kard"ass"ian H8R on last night.s episode of Mario Lopez.s new reality series on the CW. Meet African-American Deena who attacked Kim.s curves on H8R saying, .I thought we had a corner on that. That.s us. That.s who we are.. Kim's penchant for dark meat was grinding Deena's gears too. Kardashian has had profile relationships with prominent Africa-American men, marrying a half white, half black athlete, Kris Humphries. .But I.m Armenian, so that.s a part of my culture,. Kim explained. .You look at my aunts, my cousins and my sisters and everyone, we have that curvy body too. It.s not just an African-American thing.. .I don.t see it on them,. Deena said.
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Deena Hates Kim Kardashian Because of Her Curves on 'H8R' (Video)

  • Aol TV.
Deena Hates Kim Kardashian Because of Her Curves on 'H8R' (Video)
Filed under: TV Replay

Deena decided to make her rant against Kim Kardashian on behalf of the African-American community, whether they wanted her to or not, on 'H8R' (Wed., 8:30Pm Et on ABC). At least, that what it looked like when she was complaining that Kim had curves, saying, "I thought we had a corner on that. That's us. That's who we are."

She also took issue with the Kardashian family not doing enough for the African-American community. So Kim had to defend a perhaps legitimate argument here, and then one that sounded more like petty jealousy.

She explained that curves on women is also an Armenian thing, but that didn't seem to win Deena over. But when she talked about going to New Orleans to help after Katrina, and taking multiple trips to Africa to help impoverished people there, Deena started to lighten up.


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Kim Kardashian 'H8R' Tweet-a-Thon

  • Extra
Kim Kardashian 'H8R' Tweet-a-Thon
Reality TV star Kim Kardashian took to her Twitter account Wednesday to talk about her appearance on The CW show 'H8R.'

Scott Disick, who was on "H8R" last week, tweeted, "Don't forget to watch joe francis on h8r tonight!! going to be good."

Kim responded, "Ummm I'm on tonight too!" Then later she wrote, "Omg @MarioLopezExtra my episode of H8R is on now! I'm scared to see what's gonna go down!!!"

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Nancy Grace to Kim K's 'H8R': 'Get Over It!'

  • Extra
Nancy Grace to Kim K's 'H8R': 'Get Over It!'
The always opinionated Nancy Grace talked with "Extra's" Mario Lopez at The Grove - and gave her two cents about the hater who disses Kim Kardashian on The CW show "H8R."

"She's extremely jealous and that's where her hatred comes from," said Grace. "Because anytime you have to get up and show your booty and try to compare it to Kim Kardashian's, forget it! Kardashian is going to win. Get over it!"

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