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16 Mar. 2016
Episode #12.1
The Geordies are back! Chloe turns on her charm to try to get with Scott. Holly has a huge secret but will she tell anyone? A shock new arrival sees the lads buzzin' and Chloe stressing.
23 Mar. 2016
Episode #12.2
Charlotte finally turns up with some bunnies and some bigger news for Gaz. Will Holly share her secret? Aaron and Scott's dates with Chantelle end badly as the lads and Chloe all kick off.
29 Mar. 2016
Episode #12.3
Charlotte gets the girls to go hard on Gaz, Scott drops the girlfriend bomb on Chantelle and Holly has a big bust up with Charlotte when she sees her kissing Chloe.
5 Apr. 2016
Episode #12.4
With Holly away, Chloe and Charlotte's friendship goes next level. Chantelle's plan to test Scott goes badly wrong and Chloe is quick to take advantage.
12 Apr. 2016
Episode #12.5
Boss Anna treats the Geordies with a trip to Hull.Gaz and Charlotte spend the night together, Chloe finally comes clean to Chantelle over what she gave Scott and it all Kicks off.
19 Apr. 2016
Episode #12.6
Chloe is buzzin' when a new lad arrives. Marnie goes mental when a girl of Aaron's turns up and it kicks off again when the newbie drops Scott right in it with Chantelle
26 Apr. 2016
Episode #12.7
Marnie necks on with new lad Marty to teach Aaron a lesson. Charlotte's got Chloe's back when it all kicks off between the girls. Gary and Charlotte end up in bed causing ripples.
3 May 2016
Episode #12.8
It's the final episode. Gary returns and drops a bombshell. New boy Marty cant' get a stiffy with Chloe. Holly needs to make an all important decision and there's a shock exit!
25 Oct. 2016
Episode #13.1
The Geordies are back and this time they're on the ultimate island party tour! Join the lads and lasses of the Toon for a season of island hopping mayhem!
1 Nov. 2016
Episode #13.2
Aaron and Marty decide to get close to newbies Sarah and Abbie. After her kick-off with Zahida, Chloe gets some big news. And the family is stunned when two more new workers arrive. (S14, ep2)
8 Nov. 2016
Episode #13.3
Nathan plans to test how radge the new workers are. Chloe returns, Marnie and Marty kick off over Aaron and there's a huge shock when the next newbie arrives. Marty reaches out to Chloe. (S14, ep3)
15 Nov. 2016
Episode #13.4
Marty's plan to win Elettra over with a new hair colour goes west. Marnie's worried she's sending out mixed signals to Aaron. And when a new radgie arrives Chloe is all over him. (S14, ep4)
22 Nov. 2016
Episode #13.5
Marnie's excited when the next arrival turns up, until Aaron gets stuck in and leaves her with a big decision. Marty's desperate to step it up with Elettra but Chloe has other ideas. (S14, ep5)
29 Nov. 2016
Episode #13.6
The house is stunned to discover that Marnie left after Aaron and Chelsea got together. Elettra and Marty boot off over their hot tub frisk and Chloe pushes Marty to breaking point.
6 Dec. 2016
Episode #13.7
Boss Anna sends the squad to the French Alps. Scotty T's back and immediately gets stuck into the newbies, and when Anna reveals her latest decision for the new workers Marty isn't happy. (S14, ep7)
13 Dec. 2016
Episode #13.8
It's proper awks between the newbies, while Scotty T and Abbie begin to get closer. Zahida goes mental at Marty and Gaz gets his revenge on Sam. Marnie's back and gets properly mortal. (S14, ep8)
20 Dec. 2016
Episode #13.9
It's the squad's last days on the piste. Aaron is on the pull with wingman Gaz, it's pure awks between Abbie and Sarah over Scotty T, and things get worse when he tries it on with Zahida. (S14, ep9)
20 Dec. 2016
Episode #13.10
The Squad head back to the toon and give the newbies their most brutal initiation yet! Zahida and Scotty get closer but will they be able to keep it a secret? Boss Anna has some big news. (S14, ep10)

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