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22 Jul. 2014
Episode #8.1
The Geordies are back, and during their first night on the Toon getting mortal Gaz arrives with a surprise: his name is Aaron, he's Gaz's mate, and he's the new lad in the Geordie Shore house.[!CR!]Aaron quickly settles in and takes a shine to Holly, but she's playing hard to get and Scotty T's after her too.[!CR!]They have a house party to celebrate Gary's birthday, with a good helping of tequila, mayhem and a couple of threesomes.[!CR!]James sets a challenge for everyone - a Hardcore Fitness Challenge that they will attempt as a team in a few weeks. The hard ...
29 Jul. 2014
Episode #8.2
New boy Aaron has made it his mission to get with Holly but Holly wants to know if he's serious, so she gives him a task to complete - a list of items such as a unicorn and a star, that he must find to prove he really likes her.[!CR!]On a night out there's a surprise for everyone as Vicky returns to the house after leaving last time around. She gets straight back into it, getting mortal and having a cheeky tash on with Scotty T.[!CR!]
5 Aug. 2014
Episode #8.3
Charlotte's back! And her arrival couldn't have come at a worse time, as she walks in on a double date and finds out all about Gaz getting with Marnie. New lad Aaron wins a date with Holly after completing her challenge, but he reveals he's actually got a thing for Vicky.
12 Aug. 2014
Episode #8.4
With Charlotte back in the house, all eyes are on Gaz and Marnie and whether they'll decide to continue sleeping together. Charlotte is in tears after Gaz and Aaron blame her for creating a boy-girl divide, and the crew take Tash-On Tours to Manchester to share the Geordie approach to singles nights: get mortal, and neck on.
19 Aug. 2014
Episode #8.5
Things kick off in the house as Aaron hears Vicky and the girls slagging him off on the eve of his third date with Vicky. And while the lads are out at work the girls get a massive surprise as new boy Kyle arrives to join the family.
26 Aug. 2014
Episode #8.6
New boy Kyle gets properly settled into the house by spending the night with Holly, and the Geordies take Tash on Tours international as they jet off to Reykjavik, Iceland for some serious partying.
2 Sep. 2014
Episode #8.7
The group wake up in Iceland with mixed feelings. The girls are angry with the lads for 'pie-ing' them last night and pulling girls. Kyle and Holly get very flirty on a trip to the 'Penis Museum' and the Geordie Tours next stop is to an impressive geyser (that "smells like one of James' protein farts!")
9 Sep. 2014
Episode #8.8
Will Aaron and Marnie finally get together and will Gaz and Scott make up after Gaz broke his own Lad Code? Meanwhile Charlotte and Holly announce Geordie Shore's first-ever wedding!
28 Oct. 2014
Episode #9.1
There's a shock for the others when Vicky gets a promotion to team leader, or 'Boss Vicky' as she soon becomes known. She gets to choose who goes to work, but will she be able to keep everyone in check, and will she punish anyone who steps out of line?[!CR!]Kyle looks to start as he ended last time, by getting into bed with Holly, but she's decided to stay classy this time and Kyle's going to have to work hard to change her mind.[!CR!]The team continue to run 'Tash-on Tours', the most raucous singles nights in the country. While at work, Aaron gets a girl's number, ...
4 Nov. 2014
Episode #9.2
To celebrate Holly's birthday Vicky arranges a house party. Aaron and Marnie make up, but Aaron turns into his own worst enemy when he decides to keep his options open and invites another girl to Holly's house party.[!CR!]Marnie is raging about Aaron's gorgeous guest, and kisses Kyle in an attempt make Aaron jealous. Kyle immediately realises he has done the wrong thing and apologises to Aaron but Aaron and Gary cannot believe Kyle could kiss Marnie behind Aaron's back and the boys kick off. There is a huge fight in the boys' bedroom and the party comes to an end with...
11 Nov. 2014
Episode #9.3
They all head off to France without Marnie who hasn't returned to the house after kissing Kyle at Holly's house party. Kyle is left to bear the brunt of the anger from the lads in Paris.[!CR!]Charlotte finds herself confiding in Gary about her failing relationship with her boyfriend Mitch, and her friendship with Gary goes from strength to strength.[!CR!]The Tash on Tours job in Paris is a complete disaster after Vicky gets too drunk and the language barrier proves too much for the sophisticated Parisian singles.[!CR!]After a difficult few days with Aaron not ...
18 Nov. 2014
Episode #9.4
Vicky is in trouble with Boss Anna after making a mess of the Tash on Tours job in Paris. As a punishment Anna asks Vicky to make 200 origami swans for a Japanese-themed event. It's up to Vicky to get everyone to work together to make them, but Marnie decides she can't be bothered and sets herself on a collision course with Vicky.The others are shocked when Charlotte returns and announces that she has split with her boyfriend and is now single for the first time in a year and a half. Six hours later, after a night of mortal madness, Gaz and Charlotte find themselves ...
25 Nov. 2014
Episode #9.5
Marnie and Vicky's reconciliation is short lived when Vicky discovers Marnie's been lying to her all along. A tash on tours night in Charlotte's home town of Sunderland ends in disaster when Aaron sees Marnie and Scott getting way too close for his liking. After coming to blows with Scott in the club Aaron leaves the house leaving a furious Scott and Marnie to get their revenge...but have they taken things too far this time? When Aaron returns to the house he's still furious and not ready to forgive and forget but what happens when Gary tells him the truth about what ...
2 Dec. 2014
Episode #9.6
Disastrous consequences for Ricci and Gary rock the Geordie Shore house leaving Vicky and Charlotte stunned. Picking up the pieces, Sophie has a difficult decision to make whilst Charlotte learns Gaz's true feelings for her. With Jay and James about to have the night of their lives, the girls set off on a road trip tackling a colonic, Geordie Style, with it all ending in tears before bedtime. But Jay and James have other plans for bedtime.
9 Dec. 2014
Episode #9.7
While Nathan and Chloe make up, the rest of the gang head to lazer tag where the only thing in Gary's sights is Abbie. Later, a slip of the tongue ends up in an argument and a trip to A&E.
16 Dec. 2014
Episode #9.8
At Aaron's birthday party both Gary and Abbie have their eyes on other people, Marnie gives Aaron a present he won't forget, and, later, someone utters three little words - "I love you". (S15, ep8)

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