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Truly a great drama, with well served black comedy
FrankTagliano2 February 2012
After some episodes of "Lilyhammer", I really think they have made something original here. Steven Van Zandt is acting like a champ, and carries the show. It's not just a drama, but it also have some funny moments. Van Zandt have some golden comments and bring something Italian-American over to little Norway. Van Zandt as a mobster in ice cold Lillehammer is suitable, and so far this show has surprised me. A lot of good supporting actors here too. Like Fridtjof Såheim and Trond Fausa Aurvaag, both well respected actors in Norway. The level of acting is good overall, with characters that brings the best and worse out of each other. I'm looking forward to the continuation, and I recommend others to see it too.
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Amusing crime drama
helmuc8 February 2012
I will start with a sentence: it isn't usual American crime drama. Throughout the scenario you will be submerged in Scandinavian culture with their simplicity, beautiful landscapes and people who prefer to keep silent instead of talking things people around already know... and that sounds kinda Sicilian :)

Watched both first series and wow! ... waiting for the next one :)

simply brilliant!

And, yes - I meant "amusing" as it is full with original and interesting Norwegian characters and loaded with comedy elements.

Humm, many will say the name of the real town is Lillehammer, but remember that the name of his dog was Lily - and then the picture is complete.

If you are after blood, whores, drugs and uber violence - these TV series are not probably for you - it is all about being what? hey - watch it!
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Refreshing and well Written
leslie_b_200311 February 2012
I thought this was an amazing series and hope that it continues for a second season. I found it to be very well written and entertaining. I sat and watched all 8 episodes in one sitting because I was hooked within the first 30 min. Good characters, good acting, good story line. Lots of twists and turns but Frank always comes out smelling like a rose. Anybody who has an interest in sopranos or shows like it will enjoy it. Also, over 50 percent of the dialogue is subtitled but don't let that detour you from giving it a chance. Its well worth it.

Steven Van Zandt surprised me in this series. Sure he's doing what he does best as a mafioso character, but its nice to see him on the screen again and handled the lead role very well.
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Frank Tagliano is a New York Mobster who is relocated to Norway, Lillehammer after giving up his boss to the FBI
JesusPrice17 February 2012
(I don't know what the last guy was talking about - this show is laugh out loud funny).

The show starts off pretty fast by Frank Tagliano (Steve Van Zandt) who's a New York Mobster, giving up his boss to the FBI. Within the first 20 minutes of the first episode he's relocated to Norway, more specifically, Lillehammer. This is due to the fact that he saw the Winter Olympics in '94 and decided it was a good place to start a new.

From there Frank has to adapt to Norwegian society which is proving to be quite the challenge. Public works officials like the good folk over at NAV aren't very helpful when it comes to adapting. Frank soon realizes that in order for him to succeed in Norway, he's going to have to resort to his old ways.

The show is funny, very funny. There are some things that seem a little thin, for example how fast he learns to understand Norwegian. Though he doesn't seem to understand a hundred percent of the time what people say (like the review before me implied). Other than that I think everyone who plays a part in this show does a great job. There's no reason why this show would deserve anything beneath a 8/10 rating.

And if you think I'm getting paid to say this: No, I'm not. But I thought the show deserved an honest review, and not a biased one. Give it a chance, I didn't think I'd be very funny but now I'm really looking forward to season two.
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LilyHammer Simply Amazing.
kylejones_12326 February 2012
Steve is amazing in the show and its creation, great story line, great characters. I really hope Nexflix runs 10 seasons. Good job Netflix keep making Lilyhammer the great show that it is. Great job Steve.

Anyone who watches the first episode will be hooked into watching all eight amazing episodes in one day. The show has its great funny points throughout all episodes, and a great story line with amazing talent from all the cast. Please Take sometime to watch this amazing first time production by Netflix.

Frank "The Fixer" Tagliano (Steven Van Zandt), a former member of the New York mob, is put in the witness protection program after testifying in a trial in the United States. Tagliano is relocated to Lillehammer in Norway as he was intrigued by the town when he saw television images of the 1994 Winter Olympics, and therefore chooses to start his new life, as Norwegian-American immigrant Giovanni Henriksen.
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Lilyhammer and Netflix
kc199718 February 2012
When I first heard Netflix was making an original episode I was not at all impressed. I was like great, pile on crap to your already disgraced name. Well, I was wrong. Forgive me Netflix. I absolutely, love this new series. I put the show on this afternoon, and I have been glued to it all day. I am now on the 8th episode. Van Zandt (The Sopranos) is ruthlessly awesome. He may be a thug/wiseguy, and uses his bullish ways to get what he wants in this small, sheepish town of Norway, but you find yourself attached to his character. The townspeople, each have unique story to tell. They are all odd in a wonderful way.

The only thing I see a problem is.., subtitles. I like it, but may turn off some viewers. So, if your not a foreign film watcher, or like to read, you will hate it. No, this is not a foreign film...just an example. The entire film is spoken in Norweign with atiny bit of English spoken. So be warn. Who knows you might like it, and learn a new language. It could happen. Overall, I love Steven Van Zandt is in this series..A+ job.
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Great show!
jr-289-66510610 February 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I loved it. I heard Little Stevie on The Sern Show the other day and couldn't wait to watch this. This is a continuation of Little Stevie's character in another well known mobster drama as far as I'm concerned. I hope we get to see a lot more of this show. You will not be disappointed with this if you have enjoyed any of Stevie's other portrayals of a bad a** mobster. I could watch episode one over and over again. This is truly one of my favorite shows running right now. And best of all it is brought to us by Netflix. I hope to see a lot more from this wonderful entertainment company. Moreover, I hope to see more of Little Stevie Van Zandt. Thank you for reading & enjoy!
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Great New Crime Drama...with some comedy
justin-mendygral10 February 2012
I first heard of Lilyhammer through a Howard Stern interview with Steven Van Zandt. Since I was a huge Sopranos fan I immediately became interested in Lilyhammer. The show itself is great and I'm really impressed with Netflix's first original program. One concern is that they would not have enough funding to continue the project. Lilyhammer will never be confused with Soprano's but it has a lot of similarities to all organized crime dramas. Steven and the other actors do a great job, the only issue I have is sometimes it is difficult understand the native actors. While it does add authenticity to the setting it requires you to give your full attention to the screen. Luckily, the show is great and there is no worry of losing interest.
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Norwegian show not American
MNorge11 March 2012
A lot of people seems to think that this is a US produced show ... It's not ! The show is a Norwegian idea and written, directed and produced in Norway by a Norwegian company. It's not an original American / Netfix produced show. Netfix only bought the rights to show it in the USA If you look at the list of production crew, you wont see any American names: Does anyone here really think that any multi zillion dollar American production studio would spend money on a series in Norway, with mostly Norwegian actors, language and culture ? get real ! The show is great by the way

and to "eastcoastguyz" comment of 5 May 2012

"This is a spin-off from The Sopranos regardless if anyone wants to admit it or not. Same character with a different name. The show had promise but it's ruined by excessive subtitles that are totally uncalled for. In Norway they also speak English, so there is no need for the subtitles for a series that's target is the American audience"

The show is first and foremost targeted to a Norwegian audience. Netflix has become somewhat involved in season 2, but it is still targeted first and foremost to the Norwegian audience. The Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation ( NRK ) has the first hand right to broadcast the series and decides how many seasons etc. Unless NRK decides to not want to continue with the show, that's how it is.

The series has been sold to over 130 countries world wide.

As for Language and subtitles ... It would be a silly series, if everyone were to speak English. English is not the main Language in Norway and while it no doubt would be comfortable for an English speaking audience, it would look and sound totally ridiculous in a series made from Norway. It would be unnatural. We live in the real world up here North ...
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black comedy in tongues
jay-896-74142114 February 2012
this Netflix exclusive series was a delight to watch. full of darkness and humor . the characters are diverse and unique . adds some culture shock for non residents of Norway and its a fun ride to watch a light hearted look at a mafia goon go good sort of?

it nice that he makes good decision amount bad when it comes to helping out the right people. definitely looking forward to more episodes and worth watching a couple times.

The setting is very unique, the story may be predictable at times but over all still a great chapter series.

it does contain course language, some racial inappropriateness, nudity and other sensitive material for some viewers.
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Quite funny
lhhung_himself13 February 2012
How can you do yet another Mafia series? How can you top the Sopranos? - which couldn't even compete with itself after a few years.

Some of the best moments in the Sopranos were the ironies. Lillyhammer turns the Mafia theme completely into a dark comedy. Some of the lines are ROTFL hilarious.

There is of course the fish out of water - wise-guy meets the Von Trapp Singers - culture conflict element. This is not done to advance a political view, though some Americans not used to European viewpoints might not see it that way. In any case the juxtaposition of values is used to good comic effect.

I just wonder how long they can keep this up - most of the easy laughs are gone and the plotting last couple of episodes were pretty weak, even for a parody.

Still this streamed series is a lot of fun and better than much of the scripted TV nowadays.

I'm still waiting for Johnny to try lutefisk...
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Lilyhammer--where life is not all black and white
atlasmb20 December 2013
Netflix has scored again with Lilyhammer. This show is primarily a comedy and I find myself laughing out loud during every episode.

Imagine a cross between Al Pacino and Archie Bunker and you have a fair understanding of the main character, Frank Tagliano (Steven Van Zandt)--a mobster who turns state's evidence and goes into the Witness Protection Program in, of all places, Norway. This is a fish-out-of-water story that gives Frank plenty of cultural differences to deal with. He is a guy who leads with his fists inserted into a pacifist environment.

Before he leaves the states, he is warned that if he gets in trouble with the law in Norway, he is on his own. So we know up-front, that this story can go either of two ways. In Lillehammer, Frank deals with an eccentric cast of characters and the viewer never knows which direction the story will take. The series finds humor in the most interesting places.

Much of the humor has an agenda. It takes a playful jab at anti-terrorist paranoia, for example. Bureaucracy is often the target.

The scenery is beautiful. The music is eclectic and very enjoyable. The cast does a good job with the multi-cultural narrative. The dialogue is in both English and Norwegian, but subtitles are used and it is never difficult to understand what is happening.

There are unmistakable reminders of Fargo. And the quirkiness of the locals might remind you of Local Hero (a great film to emulate). Frank's approach to "justice" is reminiscent of Walking Tall or Death Wish or the other vigilante movies.

I am midway through the second season and enjoying the ride very much. I do not recommend the series to anyone squeamish about violence or raw language. For anyone else, I highly recommend Lilyhammer.
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Norwegian social satire meets Sopranos
rehams16 January 2013
Lilyhammer, the story of the New York mobster 'Johnny' taking up witness refuge in Lillehammer, Norway, is a great little gem available on Netflix.

The story is simple and gets going fast: New York mafia guy rats out his 'family' to the FBI and is entered into the witness program. Instead of choosing to go somewhere in the US (or somewhere sunny), he goes to Norway after having fond memories of the 94 Winter Olympics. As you can imagine there's quite a clash of cultures between the entrepreneurial and direct American and the quite, socialist and subdued Norwegian culture. Add some romance, crime and friendships and you've got a great little story.

Don't be fooled by the presence of Steven Van Zandt from Sopranos. This is a satire/comedy made by the Norwegian TV channel NRK and aimed at Norwegians. A lot of the show is about the absurdities of a politically correct Norwegian bureaucracy and Norwegian culture in general. The American as an outsider, becomes the character who does and say the things many Norwegians wish they could do or say. Very funny, particularly if you know anything about Scandinavian culture already. Americans and others will be able to enjoy it anyway, since the show has some good performances from the acting cast and clever script. And of course, the gorgeous Norwegian countryside.

If you find yourself entertained and amused at Lilyhammer, check out the mockumentary 'Troll Hunters' also available on Netflix.
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Lovable Wise Guy
AudioFileZ18 March 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Lilyhammer is a made for Norwegian TV series which Netflix decided to buy and air as their first original series. Naturally, one may ask: how well does a show made for a foreign country, and one that liberally uses the native tongue, translate? Quite well,actually, and the reason is largely due to Steven Van Zandt playing a mobster much more accessible than his previous Sopranos Silvio portrayal.

Van Zant as "The Fixer" becomes a witness and as a result ends up having to eschew his former life in the witness protection program. His choice for "getting lost" is the Norwegian town of Lillehammer based on his remembrances of the 1994 Olympics revelation of the quaint and picturesque town. Never mind that Norway is a country that thrives on strict laws and regulations which extend to a certain attitude toward immigrants. The fact that it is "out of the way", has gobs of charm, is populated with, he believes, open minded and beautiful women, well Lillehammer is perfect.

As soon as he arrives he is a fish out of water as he lives meagerly next door to the town's female chief of police. Comically, at least initially upon plopping down, he drives around in the polar opposite of the standard mob issue luxo-boat car. Frank Tagliano's world may be under the radar to would-be "whackers", but it is akin to him landing on Venus and that's a huge part of the fun.

The entire characters who soon revolve in Frank's new life are Norwegian actors/actresses (after all this is actually made for Norwegians). It is a credit to the talent of those people, plus the writers, that as an American viewer they were quite likable. Of course trouble ensues, but Frank has a kind of "bulletproof and 10-foot tall" way about him that easily manages to keep him above water and flush. A guys got to work and for an ex-mob guy what is more natural than owning a bar in a staggering cold place where people stay inside and drink a lot. Oh yeah, put a name implying an escape from the cold on the bar too - The Flamingo Bar.

I won't go into all the characters, but Frank's flunky partner is quite lovable, kind of like a Norwegian new-millennium Barney Fife. The female police chief has a soft soul. The immigration integration guy bumbles and is soon under Frank's thumb. And there is even a love interest for Frank, a woman who is attractive enough, but is even more sweet and unquestioning - U.S. viewers will connect with all of these quite nicely.

In the eight episodes (a very compact season) we see Frank use his muscle and smarts to get into trouble and evade it as his stock in town rises,. It's all done with a non and a wink as nothing is overly heavy, even when there's a couple of murders. Simply put, Lilyhammer doesn't over-reach as it puts a smile on the viewer's face. As already stated, at least for American viewers, the main reason is Steven Van Zandt's Frank Tagliano, however, the rest of the cast fits extremely well for the icing on the cake. Interesting, the show debuted to the largest TV audience for a Norwegian TV show ever and kept it up for it's first season's quick run. Watch it and you may just find yourself looking forward to season two.
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Good Show. Entertaining gangster-series.
zenrunar20 February 2012
Loved this show. Although filled with some stereotypes, I love the fact this show was filmed in Norway, with Norwegian crew and actors. It's refreshing to see other countries providing a great alternative to "the machine" and mass-produced Hollywood crap. We need more countries doing this and utilizing the Internet as an avenue of streaming like Netflix did in this case. NRK, the TV station/network that produced it did a solid job on this and moved outside of its comfort zone on this project. It's legitimate, entertaining and with great scenery and acting. Although the language and sub-titles throws you off at times, it all comes together well. Even the other Norwegian actors did a solid job. If you love mob movies, mafia stuff and "little Steven", this one is for you. Enjoy.
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Great show with peculiarities
faccheckerN7 March 2012
The series is out of the ordinary and hence refreshing. While Steven is double dipping on his Sopranos performance, he is non the less more than welcome in a season two. That's if NRK of Norway and Rubicon decides to produce another season and if Netflix can afford to buy it. Aside from the Norwegian English dialogue with subtitles, which should be OK for most viewers, the dialogue is witty but mostly predictable from Stevens performance. Norwegian actors have their own unique style but that's what makes it worthwhile in addition to the unique scenery. Its not often that one sees anything from Norway on the screen but perhaps the US Norwegian combination can facilitate more worthy productions cross the international border. All in, funny, peculiar and kept me up for 4 evenings in a row.
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Norway has never produced anything better
macz24 September 2012
It is a sad fact that this series did not strike the right chord with many Norwegian TV critics. They just didn't get it. A lot of Norwegians didn't get it. The kind of Norwegians who DID get it were those who have been out in the world a bit. Who have lived.

As a non-Norwegian who has lived in Norway for many years and who has embraced the culture, I regard this series as a true masterpiece. Rarely do the Norwegians get a chance to parody themselves on what is, effectively, an international stage. I cannot fault this series on any level. The script is magic. The wealth of acting talent is breathtaking. The constant clash of two virtually diametrically opposed cultures is unnerving in the extreme.

I suspect that some Norwegians find it hard to look into such a dazzling mirror reflection of their own society's stereotypes. That's not the Norway they want the world to see.

But fear not. The international audience that lies beyond Norway's borders seems to have taken Lillyhammer to heart. And rightly so.

Because it's a real gem!
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Great idea, but flawed execution
Hausmannsgate11 February 2012
New York Mafioso Frank Tagliano rats out his boss to the FBI and goes in to hiding. He fell in love with the small Norwegian town of Lillehammer after seeing it on TV during the 1994 Winter Olympics and demands to be settled there with a new identity, despite knowing very little about Norway or Norwegian culture. What he faces in Norway turns out to be something entirely different than what he expected, and he quickly moves to use his street knowledge to make the place feel closer to home. Thus the stage is set for a hilarious culture clash when this uncompromising American gangster does what he knows best in a completely naive and gullible town.

This show has been tagged in Norwegian media as a Sopranos set in Norway, owning to the star of the show, Steven Van Zandt, also known as the legendary "Silvio" in Sopranos. But to even compare this show to Sopranos is just wrong. If that's what you are expecting you're in for a huge disappointment. This is not Sopranos, and to be fair, it doesn't try to be. Whereas Sopranos was a television epic with intelligent character development and a subtle script, this is a light- hearted comical approach to the Mafia and culture differences. And this is also a part of the show's problem. It tries to be funny, but in many instances it goes too far. Although the show has some exceptionally funny scenes, it's also filled with cheap slapstick humour and some very two-dimensional characters that are there to offer comical relief. The foolishness of these characters is almost on Disney level and it somewhat destroys immersion. The idea is great and the scriptwriters have come up with tons of brilliant ideas for what a New York gangster would find strange in Norwegian society, but for every great scene there is an equally stupid scene.

If the show had been more disciplined with it's search for comical situations, it could have acquired a cult following. Instead you sit back with very mixed feelings. As stated earlier, you are offered a mix of some very intelligent black humour, and some scenes that just make you cringe with embarrassment. None the less, this is an original idea and the entertainment value still makes it worthwhile. Some of the characters are lovable and the general storyline keeps you watching.
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joki-schermer-610-832316 February 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Just saw the first episode on Belgian television. Steven Van Zandt plays the ultimate mobster-character for me, has done so since The Soprano's. The combination of humor and cool gangsterism, of a New York City-gangster dropped in the middle of snowy Lillehammer in Norway is great. And the mix of English and Norwegian speak catches on quickly. I really liked it. Hope Steven starts playing guitar as well. It may take some time before the Norwegian characters catch on, but the first episode promises enough. Loved the subtle, humorous lines and the obvious 'gangster-type' that has been created for this series, which of course reminds me of The Soprano's in a way. Giovanni really stands out in the snow.
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An almost perfect mix of dark humour and drama/action
TheMoviemeister14 August 2015
Warning: Spoilers
With this Netflix series I don't know whether to call this a dark comedy or an action/drama. It has a weird feeling during the intro that makes you think this isn't your typical mafia snitch story. Steven van Zandts performance as mafia under-boss turned informant is nothing short of excellent. Netflix out-done them self with this Netflix Exclusive show. There are only a couple of bad things I can say about this series. The first being after the first season it loses the good feeling you got at the start and the second is that it is Netflix exclusive. My conclusion is that this series alone almost gives you enough of a reason to subscribe to Netflix. A mesmerizing series that you should see, 9/10.
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Torgeir is the man!
SeriousJest14 July 2015
I went into the first season hoping for The Sopranos-meets-Norway. I don't know much about Norway, and it's nice to get a glimpse into other countries through productions that feature them as almost a character in themselves (for example, The American). This series did a great job in featuring Norway. However, it was also pretty hokey and featured a protagonist that I did not like.

Frank Tagliano is a narcissistic, hypocritical bully, who pushes his culture and ideas of how the world should be onto everyone in his newly adopted country, stepping on hapless and sometimes innocent Norwegians for selfish gain in stereotypical American imperialist fashion. However, unlike The Sopranos, in which Tony Soprano constantly struggled with his conscience, this show glorifies Frank. I feel like I'm supposed to chuckle as he "outsmarts" (more like strong-arms) people into satisfying his every whim.

Fortunately, in the second and third seasons, Frank became a little more judicious and tolerable, while other characters, such as Fausa's Torgeir, flourish. In my opinion, Fausa carries the show. He is charismatic, funny, humble, and tough when he needs to be. He idolizes Frank, even though he is often unrewarded for his unconditional love. Most importantly, he is the conscience of the show, and through him, we are reminded of the price one pays for being or following Frankie the Fixer.

By the way, world, look out for Maria Joana and Ida Elise Broch. You might fall in love.
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Fargo on steroids
wilenco27 June 2014
Just finished binge watching the 2 seasons. Little Steven and a motley crew of Norwegian oddball characters scamming their way through Lillehammer- how can you go wrong with that. The dialog is a mix of Norwegian and English. Don't let subtitles scare you off. The characters are original, dialog out of this world and the setting totally cool. No pun intended. Steven van Zandt was born to play this part. There are subtle hints to the Sopranos and Bruce Springsteen. This show is not your run of the mill B.S American rehashed trite story lines. Its a Norwegian production, fresh, funny and just brilliant and totally addictive. If you are into travel this will inspire you to visit Norway.

Can't wait for season 3.
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Absolutely brilliant and refreshing
What an ingenious storyline and a clever cast of characters. I can't wait until season 2 comes out. Crime, drama and comedy all wrapped up in a perfect TV that I did not want to stop watching. Good job Netflix! I can't wait until they come out with more series. I like the idea of having the full season available via streaming. I even did not mind the Norwegian subtitles throughout the series. It was worth it. The main character is great and plays for Bruce Springsteen. The town where it is filmed is snowy and beautiful. You certainly get a true taste of Norwegian culture and politics...polar opposite from how Americans think. These contrasts are evident throughout the series, which makes it very interesting. I would say this would be rated R. I think it is one of the best new series out there.
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The Reincarnation of Silvio Dante
BoomerDT30 August 2015
When we last saw Tony Soprano's Consigliore and confidant, he had been critically wounded, in a coma and on life support after a hit by the NY mob.

While the Silvio character didn't apparently survive, Stevie Van Zandt keeps him alive in a solid Netflix series, "Lillyhammer" playing Frank Tagliano, a mobster who goes into the FBI witness protection program. It becomes a classic fish out of water story as Frankie adapts from the NY underworld to living in Norway, which seems to be the most PC place on the planet, excepting most American college campuses.

Obviously, Van Zandt loved playing Sil, as he plays Frank (who becomes Giovanni "Johnny" Hendrikson in his new identity) exactly as he played Sil. He had the character nailed. He decides on Norway because he thought the place looked inviting after watching the 94 Winter Olympics on TV. Frank is able to go there and pretty much take over the town, owning the hottest club in town, running various scams as he manages to assemble his own crew and teach them how to intimidate and control the locals. It's all pretty much done in a light hearted and mostly comedic way. Frank also falls in (and out)of love with a local, fathering twins and in general endearing himself to most of the locals. There is violence as Frank's crew runs into rivalries with Russian and Arab mobsters, plus the NY mafia eventually finds where he has relocated. Also some funny references dropped to Soprano life during the series…if you were a Soprano fan you should like this.
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Who's the boss?
ferdinand193223 February 2015
From such a thin premise - the 1994 Olympics - and highly dependent on a non-professional actor in van Zandt, this is outstandingly good. The qualities that make it enjoyable are the other characters, the story-lines are really well crafted and the sheer improbability of what goes on is played to advantage making it very funny at times.

As an actor Van Zandt has two, maybe three, moves and expressions; his hairpiece is architectural, rather like the prow of an aircraft carrier, but here he has the presence and authenticity to carry it with the voice and manner. Playing opposite him are a solid troupe of Norwegian actors who add and make him look good as they are all professional.

With the landscape, the none too clever crew, the many episodes touching on Norwegian folk culture, the often absurd nature of what is happening; it's almost as if 'Fargo' went back to the old country and really told a crime story as it should be.

Kick back and enjoy.
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