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angela-846-50536719 December 2011
I read the book before seeing the movie, and I am aware of the fact that the translation of a book into a movie is often a disappointment. However, I was pleasantly surprised by the adaptation of this book. I think it tries to keep the spirit of the book, even when there are some changes, and I really think they did their best to stick to the story and keep things into character. I actually did not know much about most actors, but they were cast well.

My impression was that this was a way to start a series based on D.D. Warren stories. I would like that. She appeared to be a witty, strong character. I think that Bobby was not portrayed as strong as he could be, because a lot of his background story was left out in this movie. I have to admit that some parts of the movie were a bit cheesy, or should I say old-fashioned, or (maybe worse) stereotype, but I could look past that because of the overall story.

My main criticism would be the use of the 'victim' Annabelle. In the book, she has a lot of first-person story, that is not really included in the movie now. Moreover, she appears to be a stronger personality in the book than in the movie. I personally believe that that is a missed opportunity, since they cast someone that could really play a believable strong but vulnerable personality to play Annabelle. Overall, I would recommend to watch this movie.
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bodies in a pit - ugh
blanche-27 December 2011
The discovery of mummified womens' bodies in an underground pit sparks an investigation into a grisly affair in "Hide," a 2011 TV movie. Carla Gugino stars as the detective married to her career. The murders are reminiscent of an earlier murder where the victim survived. In the current set of murders, one victim is wearing a necklace with her name on it; however, it turns out that the necklace was a gift from her best friend -- who looks very much like the victim from the previous murder.

Fairly interesting if slightly confusing TV movie where there are plenty of suspects, but if you've seen as many of this type of thing as I have, you'll figure at least part of it out in the first fifteen minutes.

There is something very detached about not only the story but the performances. Carla Gugino is the big name in this, followed by Mark-Paul Gosselaar of Franklin & Bash. Unfortunately, the dialogue isn't much. Gugino is worthy of better, but she looks great.

Okay. So far, these TNT mystery movies aren't ringing my chimes.
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Hide....from this movie!
rbrb3 December 2013
Very poor attempt at a serial killer film. Bodies found in a graveyard, detectives called to investigate. Then 2 hours of grossly overloaded plot. The players in this movie are sub-standard 'B' picture and it really does show. Meant to be taken from a book but the story is so tedious and convoluted, I used the fast forward. As often happens when the film makers have a boring story they seem to think that having sub text romance in the film will somehow improve it: big mistake especially in this movie.

I am being very generous and give:

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The similarities are striking
bkoganbing29 October 2016
The film Hide concerns the search for a serial killer and is prompted by some kids fooling around on the sight of an abandoned mental hospital. One kid falls through the ground and discovers someone's torture chamber and some preserved remains in plastic bags.

This looks like the work of someone who tried to abduct Bridget Regan years ago and one of the bodies was of someone who had been abducted after Regan's perpetrator died in prison. Is it a copycat or did they have the wrong guy.

Hide's plot is complex and it is gloomy with an overriding sense of fear and tragedy. I will say that Regan had a stalker who was truly demented and obsessed.

I'm disagreeing with the reviewer who said that the added romantic triangle of lead detective Carla Gugino and two of her assistants Mark-Paul Gosselaar and Kevin Alejandro was superfluous. I think it was needed to lighten things a bit in a very heavy and tragic story.

Still the film could have moved a tad faster, but it's a tale well told.
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Bad TV-movie with a few pluses.
punishmentpark23 June 2015
Warning: Spoilers
With low, low expectations I watched in the middle of the night on 13th Street (no, that's not where I live). Carla Gugino is a true milf, and I was sure she alone would get me through it. But there's more. 'Hide' has a way too far-fetched plot, but some ideas here and there were actually pretty cool.

For the rest of it, it's another 'Bold and the beautiful go detective' TV-movie of which there are so many on a regular basis on 13th Street. Pretty people with petty issues, or in any case they seem that way because of the poor acting skills and the unimaginative style in which it is filmed - and in between they solve some awful murders. Though, in all honesty, Gugino's character had its charm, even beyond Gugino herself.

3 out of 10, for Carla and some separate ideas.
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