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Good for who just watch movie for fun, not good for those who analyze movies
user-132-97367213 October 2014
I have just spent 2 hour on buses and 1 hour on foot to a cinema to watch this movie, and it totally worth it.

It is fun and I love it.

I admit that there are something in the movie that is not logical or not realistic, but it can still be called a good comedy as long as you do not take all the things so seriously.

Someone also mentioned that they are attracted by the trailer and are disappointed after watching it. What I shall say is that trailer does not exaggerate the fun point of the movie, I saw more fun spots in the movie which didn't shown in the trailer.

If you just want to have fun, it is a good choice, but if you want a very logical/classic/perfect story, do not try this one.
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Let's Be Cops is that stupid cop movie that most critics aren't gonna like, but I did
RforFilm24 September 2014
Everyone has played cops and robbers at some point. This is the most basic of imagination games a child could play not matter what part of the world or even time period they came from. It about the thrill of chasing the bad guy or being the bad guy and trying to evade the good guys. You could stage a robbery or stop a kidnapping, but this is something I could easily believe every one has done. But like most growing people, these games end as adults decide to start playing with something that truly interests them and make a career out of it.

But sometimes the cops and robbers game is fun enough that the adult wants this to become their life. They'll ask for information on what the next step is to becoming a real life officer. Either they'll be scared away from the complicated paperwork and academy, denied because of something they have or done, or they possess the will to go through with it and make it a career. But you occasionally hear about those bad apples that think its funny to impersonate an officer. Like the characters in Let's Be Cops, their most likely stupid and don't think about the consequences on the people they fool.

Justin (played by Damon Wayans, Jr.) and Ryan (played by Jake Johnson) are two best friends that have lived in Los Angeles hoping that their lives here would be better then in Ohio. This is not the case as Justin is a video game designer whose more of an assistant then a creative mind and Ryan is a bum friend whose football days are long behind him and living off of a commercial payday that has kept him stable. They head out to a college reunion as cops thinking it's a costume party. Not only is it a masquerade party instead, but they have a hard time fitting in with their more successful classmates.

Just as they decide they might go back to Ohio, they discover something on the city streets; people are giving them double takes, the tallest of men start to slouch and the hottest of women give them smiles. The two quickly realize that people think that their cops. Ryan wants to play around with this more, now getting the respect that he's wanted after college, though Justin is more of a weak coward whose more concerned with going to prison. The two eventually get good enough to deceive the L.A.P.D. and start doing detective work for a Russian mafia.

Every summer there's a movie that I'm gonna find is a surprise that I didn't expect; Let's Be Cops is the surprise. It was a movie I remember laughing at even though a lot of the gags were stupid, reminding me of something like Surf Ninjas. But…I kind of like Surf Ninjas. So why am I forgiving here and not of something like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles that was full of dumb jokes?

First of all, the jokes feel like timeless jokes, as to say that they didn't rely on modern day or pop culture things that could be dated in a few years. Second, the characters are likable. Both Justin and Ryan feel like those recent college buddies that still need to find better interests, but they put so much passion in what their doing that you really want to see where they go with this. Third, I feel like that the movie is in on the whole joke of cop clichès and that most of the jokes, especially the jokes that aren't funny, are intentional.

I'll give this seven fake police badges out of ten. Let's Be Cops is that comedy that will become a hit on television through repeated viewings at midnight with teenagers and college students. I can't say it's for everyone, but this is something you need to turn off your logical brain to enjoy.
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Very very funny
blueovation21 September 2014
Let me just start by saying that this isn't an over the top blockbuster film like everyone seems to expect from every movie that comes out now. For some reason people have these attitudes towards movies that aren't packed with insane plot holes and story details wrapped up in a cgi blanket to attempt to blow your mind. This movie is really a funny movie, no matter what anyone says. My girlfriend was having a bad day and I was low on energy to try to entertain so we went to see this for a few laughs. It didn't disappoint. I didn't go in with high hopes that there would be any real reason to like it very much but it came around within the first few minutes of the movie. We both left feeling better and like it was worth it, (and I am an adult so the 'teenager type jokes' that one reviewer referred to are unfounded). Jake Johnson really sells the image of a guy just looking for any kind of change in his life and Damon Wayans Jr. is and actor that really puts a lot of work into whatever role he is in. I don't want to ruin any of the movie with bits and pieces that I enjoyed more than the others so I am leaving you with this. If you have a desire to get enjoyment from a film without becoming emotionally invested in a story that lasts 3 movies or longer with hints and clues popping up all over the place eluding to a next installment of whatever series, (and enjoy comedy of all types) then I would recommend this highly. Not artistic, not over done, not offensive to the degree some say, just straight up good comedy. Waaay better than the terrible Seth Rogen movie "the Neighbors". Hope this helps.
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Actually it was pretty good, wasn't expecting it to be such a good film
edwardtilbury26 October 2014
This was actually pretty funny. Seeing that this is a Wayans Brothers movie I wasn't sure if it would be too corny or have too many D&F jokes too tolerate. Usually if the comedy is too dumbed-down / "family friendly I'm out. But I was actually entertained. The D&F humor was actually funny (giant naked man) and it wasn't the crux of the movie. There's actually a good buddy cop theme here, it's hilarious to see them test the limits of their new cop powers, the antagonists are really threatening. There's a good action theme that goes along with this story, I enjoyed it. I was surprised to see Andy Garcia (Untouchables) or Jon Lajoie (from Youtube / The League) to be in this movie, two of my favorite actors.
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Taste determines your rating of this movie
mathijzzzie28 September 2014
When I saw the trailer I was reluctant about seeing this movie. I was afraid it was a standard popular American comedy in which absurdity-comedy was the focus, like most stand-up comedians and Southpark. The movie does include these kind of jokes, but because of the sequence of jokes and the "story" (as in standard rom-com "story") I found the movie to be very funny. But then again it is difficult to make a movie which everybody thinks is funny, for example I think the Achorman 1 was the most hilarious movie ever but the sequel I thought was terrible. So I think you will either love or hate this movie depending on your sense of humor.
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Perfectly Pitched
ian-dodkins23 November 2014
Good comedies are hard to do. Let's face it, we're bored with 'hangover II etc' and a comedy isn't funny if it just repeats previous comedies or if it is just banal humour.

Well, this film is neither intellectual nor cheesy. It has a really nice core story about these two great guys who have had very little success in life, but then they realise how powerful they are just by wearing police uniforms. The story seems simple, but the two main actors play it just right and it doesn't go over the top, but produces a really humorous film that kept be riveted. One of the best comedies I have seen, simply because it gets the balance right and is light, exciting, fun, has a little depth, and made me laugh despite my grumpy mood. Thoroughly recommended to everyone! No 'shocking'/rude comedy, simply excellent fun.
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abcvision30 September 2014
Ryan and Justin, both are at a point in life when nothing seems to be working. Ryan is a former college football star and seems he can't get a break in Hollywood. Justin is a video game designer and can't get his cop game off the ground. One day on their way to a costume party, they discover that dressing like cops give them the respect and attention they crave. This leads to a path to acting like cops and being part of the LA police force. All is fun in games until they cross a real life gangster and discover that being a cop is not as easy as in the movies. A funny movie and also amazing how Damon Wayans, Jr. looks and acts like his daddy. Funny and a good story, Let's be Cops is a peek inside the police world.
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A Good Laugh Here and There
louski-5449118 September 2014
At first I was not sure if I liked the movie. I assumed it was just going to be another quotable movie where at times you had a good laugh. But because I love both of the two main actors from the show New Girl, I just had to see it. I actually found myself laughing way more than I expected and would love to watch this movie again. Some parts were taken too far but it had a good amount of clean humor and a little crude humor as well. It takes a lot for a comedy to earn itself ten stars. This film did not quite do it because of the scenes that were over the top and probably should have just been left out all together. Don't expect the same laugh out loud comedy like New Girl from Let's Be Cops but it can definitely lift your mood and give you an occasional belly laugh.
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Soon-To-Be Cult-Classic.
powermandan13 January 2015
Upon its release, Let's Be Cops got negative reviews. It wasn't panned, people and critics just said it simply wasn't good. There is a group of people that loved this. Many cult classics were hated at first, then eventually get a fan base. I am part of that fan base.

What people really need to know about Let's Be Cops is that it's not a dim-witted comedy. Dim- witted comedies are like Strange Wilderness, Brothers Soloman, and Dude, Where's My Car? Those are plagued with dumb characters and a lack of intelligence and heart. Jake Johnson and Damon Wayans Jr. are the main characters who are much smarter than the average dim-witted character. Johnson is pretty close, but not quite. I will admit this movie isn't very funny, nor funny as a typical dim-witted comedy. Perhaps it would have been funnier if it had more dim- witted elements and characters. Perhaps not.

Let's Be Cops is about two thirty-year-old best friends, Ryan O'Malley and Justin Miller (Johnson, Wayans), who live in Los Angeles for opportunity, but think it's time to go back to Ohio. Justin works at a video game company where he is a big pushover; Ryan doesn't work and and aspires to nothing, just wishing he could play pro-football. When they intercept real police uniforms, they act like real cops, then get involved in a high-profile drug case. The first little bit when they dress up as cops and start acting like them is pretty funny because we all know everybody would try to abuse their privilege. Then the funniness starts to die down, but that is when the brains of the movie come.

What makes Let's Be Cops so appealing that so many people miss is what the police work does to Ryan and Justin. For Ryan, it gives him a sense of enjoyment and pride which he hasn't had in a long time. For Justin, it gives him confidence and helps with his assertiveness. That is what the movie is all about: finding your true self. Is the movie unrealistic and silly? Of course, but that's what makes it a nice watch. Two losers put on police outfits and something changes inside themselves. They find the respect they've always longed for.
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Let's Be Cops Review
Allen_The-Shep_Shepherd13 August 2014
Warning: Spoilers
My Thoughts:

I was really looking forward to this movie when I saw the trailers for it. But this movie has committed one of my cardinal sins and that is with all the trailers and TV spots they pretty much show you all the funny moments in the film. That is always disappointing to me and I do not understand why the movie companies keep doing that. Take notes from some of the more successful R rated comedies where you do not have to show every single funny moment in your trailer to get people to come in or show us some of the scenes that maybe didn't make it into the movie.

The second thing that I didn't like about this movie is that even before the halfway point I knew what was going to happen with not only the two main characters but the storyline as well. I am not going to ruin anything for those that still go see it in the theaters but if you pay attention you know what is going to happen to O'Malley (Jake Johnson) and you know how the story is going to unfold.

This seems to be a recurring problem with R rated comedies, you will get like two great comedies that everyone is going to compare all other comedies that follow it and this year they happen to be Neighbors and 22 Jump Street. I do believe there is room for more great comedies especially the R rated kind but they do need to take notes from the above mentioned movies and plan accordingly.

My Recommendation:

I wish I could say go see it in theaters but sadly do not waster the money wait for the DVD.
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Reserved for the Old Blockbuster Crowd
bkrauser-81-31106416 September 2014
Don't be fooled by the sophomoric title which conjures up images of idiots pretending to be cops to pick up chicks, get free things and otherwise act like fools in uniform…wait, that is what happens in this film. Still don't be fooled by the title, the movie isn't so much face-palming as it is just mildly and reliably silly.

The movie stars Jake Johnson of New Girl (2011-2014) fame as a burned out former college sports prodigy who's currently unemployed and single in sunny Los Angeles. His roommate Damon Wayans Jr. is a video game designer who struggles to bring his ideas to life thanks to a petrifying fear of taking initiative. His new game pitch involves a Grand Theft Auto-type RPG boasting an authentic beat cop experience. So authentic in fact, that he borrows real police uniforms to place on his presentation mannequins. His boss doesn't go for it but at least the two can become a hit at a costume party, thus beginning a ruse that grabs the attention of the ladies, the criminals and the LAPD.

The film adds very little to the buddy cop genre save a realistic performance by Rob Riggle as a legit Police officer. The villains are serviceable in menace and acting ability while love interest Nina Dobrev of the ever popular Degrassi: The Next Generation (2006-2009) is breathtaking T&A. The notion of Dobrev's character aspiring to be a makeup artist and not an actress or model is about as silly as Fred Astaire aspiring to be a shoe-shiner. Try as they might the chemistry between the two leads is cordial but no where near the level of Murtaugh and Briggs, Cates and Hammond, Lee and Carter. At best they're Freebie and the Bean (1974) without the pretense of already being A-List stars.

But let's be real, this film isn't trying to be the next Rush Hour (1998), and yes that is the new marker of quality. It's a movie that tries to reassemble the old Blockbuster video crowd who rented Martin Lawrence's National Security (2003) and All About the Benjamins (2002) a hundred times because old habits die hard and The Marine (2006) was already rented out. While Johnson and Wayans Jr. may not have the established fan base of Martin Lawrence or Ice Cube, there's no denying the films refreshing lack of pretense and the actors' enthusiasm towards the one-trick pony screenplay.

Let's cut the BS, what it all comes down to in movies like this is can it make you laugh? The short answer is yes and not just scattered chuckles either. Is it worth a re-watch; probably not. There are some truly inspired moments many of which are provided by Keegan-Michael Key (If Key and Jordan Peele were cast as the hapless fake cops instead of Johnson and Wayans who knows how deliciously absurd this movie could have gotten). Yet the buddy-banter all feels recycled and the action sequences are mundane.

I tacitly approve even if Let's Be Cops appeared too late on the scene to be relevant. Those who are limitedly exposed to the clichés of boys-in-blue-type cinema will find something to like, especially when their parents aren't in the room. Those with more discerning taste might want to look the other way on this one, not because it's offensive, dumb or bad but because it's too little of anything.

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a matter of taste but essentially stupid.
beef-638-12143626 October 2014
Let's be honest here. This movie has one quintessential quality: stupidity. The duo of make-belief cops is so stupid, I wonder how they made it this far in their lives without having a lethal accident. Basically it's two thirty-something guys with their careers in a sinkhole, suddenly finding great joy and opportunity in pretending to be cops.

Through it all they keep doing remarkably stupid things, shamefully stupid things, and ridiculously stupid things.

It appears this is where the movie delivers. You can watch almost two hours of these guys being really stupid - it is up to you to regard this as a funny thing, or as shamefully bad taste. For me, it is the latter.
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One of the Worst Comedies I've Seen In a Long Time!
RustyShacklefordd12 August 2014
Just got back from seeing this and this really was one of the worst movies I've seen this year. The writing is horrible! The laziest type of comedy, I swear half of the jokes completely relied on swearing. Some of the jokes didn't even have anything to do with the cop premise (hotboxing the car, riding roller coasters) it was obvious they didn't have enough material to fill the entire movie so they stuffed it with cheap juvenile jokes. An example of this would be a scene were the writers didn't know how to end it, so they have a character get tackled by a fat naked guy so we can watch his testicles get rubbed on his face (comedy gold right?). And don't even get me started on them ramming jokes into the ground. Also, it ask the viewer to despend their disbelief on the level of something like Identity Thief. The story is incredibly predictable even by comedy standards. You know exactly who the villains are the second they appear on screen and the twist can be seen from miles away. There is also just poor writing in advancing the story. For example, when the girl calls Damon Wayans character telling him to come see her, they somehow know to come into the building knowing that she was being held hostage even though she didn't even imply that at all. I honestly felt a bit insulted by how bad some of the writing in this was. The tone was also stuck between along the lines between something like 21 Jump Street and something along the lines of Hot Fuzz. The third act felt like an entirely different movie and there wasn't even a good transition into it. The only good thing I can say about it is that the chemistry between the two leads was good.

The most depressing thing was that I saw this in a packed theater filled with teenagers laughing like it was the funniest movie they ever saw. I swear every time somebody dropped the f-bomb or said pussy they laughed like crazy. It will probably end up being #1 at the box office this weekend and FOX will probably green light a sequel that will make millions as well. This truly is one of the worst movies I've seen in a long time! I actually think it might be worse than Transformers which I thought was the worst movie of the summer up until this. I'd rather watch Kevin Smith's Cop Out a million times before ever having to watch this again. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY PEOPLE! I only went because a friend invited me to and it was discount day at one of my local theaters and I still feel ripped off! It doesn't quite reach the level of awfulness along the lines of A Haunted House 2, but it's pretty damn close. If it's movies like this that people are truly finding funny, then I really think we are looking at the decline of comedy as we know it.
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Fun Movie
Dark_Lord_Mark24 October 2014
Very fun movie.

This is a comedy with guys pretending to be cops.

Nothing wrong with it. It was very funny. If you like rude and offensive movies, this is slightly below that. Long and short of it, you'll have a good time watching it.

Guys would love this movie, if they gave it a shot....no pun intended. Plus it currently as pf October 2014, has a 6.8 rating....seems about right.

GIve it a try. It's just about a couple of life long friends failing at life and one day just got cop uniforms for a party and the rest is history.
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Buddy cops at their modern best!
CrisMovieCorner24 October 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I'll be 100% honest while I was looking forward to this film a whole lot, I was also very apprehensive about it too due Jake Johnson and Damon Wayans JR's characters in "New Girl" losing their enjoyable factor after the show hit an all time low for me. So I kind of went into the film with pretty low expectations, here is my review.

Justin (Wayans) and Ryan (Johnson) have both his their 30s with nothing to their names and that feeling is really playing on both of their minds. Justin is a games designer who can not seem to catch a break in the field and the other is a full blown loser living off the money he made in a herpes advertisement and they are both stuck in their ways and know it. That is, until Ryan has the genius idea to attend a costume party in official LAPD uniforms Justin has (for making his game is safe to assume), while out and about in their newly acquired uniforms they find out what it would be like to live the life of real life cops (like we ALL haven't wondered it) the respect and admiration they have been looking for all their lives.

While Justin loves the idea of a one off event rocking the uniforms, Ryan has other plans, he can't seem to let go the newly acquired lifestyle they lead, resulting in him buying an old cop car off eBay. The trouble really kicks off when Ryan and Justin end up on the wrong side of Albanian crime cartel and their leader Mossi Kasic (D'Arcy who you will struggle to recognise, I know I did) resulting in some hilarious mishaps and brilliant action sequences. With toy guns, YouTube instructions and boredom, can these two everyday guys cut it as cops? Overall, the film is incredibly funny made me regret having my apprehensions going in, I think the show runners are "New Girl" could learn a think or two about the dynamic and incorporate it in the show. The film isn't a laugh a minute Comedy, I personally would put it under the Buddy Cop genre along with "Lethal Weapon" heck it is like a 2014 version of that film, Wayan's character even references it very early on. To be honest the best part of the entire film was Wayans and Johnsons chemistry, they oozed the comedic chemistry missing from a lot of buddy comedies in recent years.

I HIGHLY recommend this film, if you are like me and apprehensive about their chemistry due to "New Girl" let them fears fall by the way side, this film 100% makes up for it. Full of Action, laughs, character progression and relate-able to an extent characters, thoroughly enjoyable watch.
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One of the worst movie I've ever seen
buitrongkhoa513 August 2014
This is the first time I write a review on IMDb and like most others, it's because the movie I leave the review is really really bad.

If you want to watch this movie, well... watch the trailer, the trailer contains the best scenes in the movie and that's it. The movie makes no sense, it's just illogical even if you're looking for a comedy movie.

Let's be cop has a "classic" story, 2 clumsy "looser" guys trying to change their life, then they got into trouble and they decide to face it like men, then they become heroes of the movie. This is not a full movie, it's just a collection of funny ideas (which you can see all of them in the trailer) combined. Everything is ridiculous. Sure, there are points in the movie that it's actually entertaining but after all, it won't worth your time. Save your time and save your money, don't watch this!
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Funny for now. . .
jacob-m-ford9726 October 2014
As you walk in the theater to watch "Let's Be Cops" you have to have a little bit of understanding what movie you just paid to fill up 100 minutes of your life. This is a dumb movie made in a cheap way that is intended to be dumb and cheap. I went in to see this movie with those expectations and as a result I was fairly entertained for the time I was sitting in that seat. To begin with "Let's Be Cops" has an absurd premise: two loser guys dress up as police officers for a costume party, and because the earth is apparently populated with people who have elementary levels of intelligence, the citizens of Los Angeles believe that they are legitimate officers of the law. In the most ridiculous and illegal ways they decide to use this to have some fun, get some girls, and get away with whatever the heck they want. But since this is a motion picture, their partying does come to stab them in the back as they get involved with a mafia- style gang, which is where we get the meat of the story.

"New Girl" co-stars Jake Johnson and Damon Wayans Jr. reteam for this film as Ryan and Justin: two of the biggest losers ever put onto the big screen. Their performances were good, granted the fact that absurd comedy is perhaps the easiest to do well in a film. Johnson specifically took on the role of a loser very well leaving you with the amount of distaste for his character which was needed to tell the story. Wayans did an excellent job of grasping the ridiculousness of the film and putting it into his character at the correct times. Ryan and Justin were not nearly as funny as they could have been, but for the budget this film was given Johnson and Wayans did an excellent job of providing very funny performances that are very necessary for a film like this to work. Also among the cast were James D'Arcy as the stereotypical villain, Nina Dobrev as the stereotypical girlfriend, Keagan-Michael Key as an over the top gang member, Rob Riggle as the only person who gets anything done, and a surprising appearance from Andy Garcia as the stereotypical gang leader.

When it comes to making a comedy of this style there is a precise formula that is easy to follow, works very well, and as a result is done very often. Director and co-writer Luke Greenfield clearly decided early on to stick with this formula and it can be seen throughout the film: We start with two guys. Both are over the top, both are good-for-nothings, both are funny, but are ten times funnier when they are together. Enter a ridiculous plot which they innocently get mixed up in and is way out of their league, usually something that comes up a lot in other films and TV shows. Add a creepy villain here, a girlfriend for one of them there, and a scene where they drop the comedy and say something deep and profound. Finish it up with a moment of true courage, cut quickly to another stupid joke before the credits roll, and you're set! A guaranteed twenty-five million dollars on opening weekend.

I'm not saying I dislike the formula, it works. It's irritating, but it works. At least some credit is due for that. It does bother me, however, that the films that follow the formula are often extremely successful and well-known, when there are so many really good films that take huge risks and are only seen by a select number of people. On its own scale though, this movie was fairly delightful. A good percentage of the jokes were very funny, there were numerous cringe-worthy moments, but it worked because somehow a laugh will always win that battle. The film also featured an excellent climax which was funny and even slightly suspenseful.

If you do decide to go see this film, which I don't think I'd immediately recommend, go in as I did. Have zero expectations. In fact, have low expectations. You're not going to find a "Dumb and Dumber" or a "Bridesmaids" in this movie, but it isn't a terrible thing to waste an hour and forty minutes on if you go in with very low expectations. I enjoyed it for the brief bit of my life, but I do know that I don't ever want to see it again. So as I walked out of the theater, I was ready to move onto the next thing.

I give "Let's Be Cops" a 5.8/10.
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An Original, Uproarious Comedy
bloodclay13 August 2014
I can't exactly explain why or how I ended up liking "Let's Be Cops" as much as I did. I guess it's one of those situations where my expectations were at such an average level, mixed with the fact that I was really in need of something to fill the void of late summer, that I was able to just sit back and enjoy myself. Because frankly, on paper this movie doesn't really work. The plot alone is extremely ridiculous, but luckily the actors bring the film alive and push the reality of their shenanigans to the back of your mind. And though it does require you to suspend a good amount of your disbelief, it just may surprise you with the amount of laughs to be had.

Set in Los Angeles, it follows two best friends who decide on attending a costume party as full fledged cops. Suddenly realizing that people are mistaking them for the real deal, they begin to take advantage of their circumstances as they up the ante more and more. But simultaneously they become wrapped up in the local mob and must complete a mission they got themselves into.

Told in a hilarious self-aware style that makes fun of the normal buddy-cop clichés, it proves to be more original than anticipated. The lead duo played by Jake Johnson and Damon Wayans Jr. show great chemistry and deliver a series of uproariously funny moments that seem to never end. It may not be the most sophisticated comedy (with this being more on the raunchy side) but I still got a huge kick out of it and would highly recommend it to those interested.
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aherschberg12 September 2014
My girlfriend and I went to view this movie and we laughed throughout the whole movie. Being in my mid 30's and her being in her mid 20's we found this movie as comical as In Living Color. The other reviews posted with negative feedback by the way they write seems they don't have a scene of humor or poor quality of judgment by saying 22 jump street with all the homosexual hidden humor was comparable. This movie is a must see. Both actors fit the part perfectly. One educated less rick taker and the other the complete opposite. One entry posted mentions added Jack Black, wow that sounds lame and boring since his movies all put me to sleep. School of Rock, ya so boring. The diversity in the movie was a great idea. Its refreshing to see an educated Black man on screen and not portrayed as the stereotypical non sense of this world. Dwayne Wayne Jr's character mentioned a reference about "scaring brothers" which was uncalled for but guessing writers added to relate to ignorant public that relate to that comment.
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Comedies should be funny
imapotato197527 October 2014
I am spending as much effort on this review as they did on this movie.

Forget the sloppy direction,multiple continuity errors and bad makeup of which the crew should take some fault.

BUT, it was comedy that wasn't funny and had a lazy trope moral that was a Chekov's gun from the first 15 minutes. I didn't think Keenan could NOT be funny but he tried in this film, and Mr. quirky girl sidekick was a bit over the top in the bad way as the main guy. Damon Jr. was doing a horrible impression of his dad.

I don't know if that's worse or that the government green lighted a PRO cop movie during bad press for the militarization of the police and multiple counts of bad cops.They are getting predictable...I know the CIA helped give Affleck an Oscar, but damn at least have taste over at Homeland Security before you green light something like this

I DID give it a 2 because James D'Arcy was a great villain
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One of the best comedies in last two years
ringingpeacehb2 December 2014
This is one of the best comedies I've seen lately. Comparing Dumb and Dumber To with this is ridiculous. This movie is so much better. I usually don't laugh a lot when I watch movies but I really laughed in this movie. And it also has an interesting plot which is really engaging. And two main characters are so funny each in their own way. I've tried to watch a lot of new movies lately but usually I stop watching them after half an hour as soon as I see how stupid it is. But I would like to see more movies like this and I'm really disappointed that the grade on IMDb is only 6,6. From now on I'll never check grades on this site to see if I'm going to watch a movie.
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decadence and repetition
rlsalgad9 November 2014
After a few minutes, like 2 minutes, you can see what this is all about. Two losers trying to make it in LA, but realizing that is not gonna happen. OK. let's watch this plot for the million time, no big deal... but when you see that Jake Johnson's success moment was appearing in a ad about hemorrhoids (or something like that), you can't avoid to get a little annoyed by the repetition, it's unbelievable that a joke so overdone like that one keeps getting screen time.

This is a lazy movie, all the jokes where done before, and multiple times, it tries to appeal to being ludicrous-funny, i think, but it's just ludicrous, everything that happens appears to be the product of the imagination of a 12 year old that devotes his life to watch and love generic sitcoms. I recommend to see this, non the less, because is a very very good example of the absolute decadence of comedy, having moronic stories and repeating the same jokes of the last 30 years.
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People should be arrested for this tripe
thedukeofmovietown14 September 2014
I saw LET'S BE COPS yesterday. Let's Be Cops stars Damon Wayans Jr. and Jake Johnson as two losers who pretend to be cops in order to get the thrills and respect they lack in their normal lives. The movie attempts to be another version of those wacky cop movies like Police Academy or Super Troopers but unlike those movies, this movie is tragically unfunny. Every time there seems to be a setup for a joke it just peters out and in some cases, Wayans and Johnson run away from the scene, get into a cop car and drive away. The movie is not all bad though, Keegan-Michael Key of Key & Peel fame has a funny part as a dreadlocked tattooed thug but he shows up far too late to breathe much needed life into the movie. Overall I really can't think of anything else good to say about this movie. Its badly written, unfunny and just overall really dry. I really can't recommend it in any capacity. Let's Be Cops gets a 1...out of 5.
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How Can We Get People To Hate Cops Even More?
FilmMuscle15 August 2014
In an unbelievable turn of events, a comedy, that promotes the badass, crime-stopping life that's seemingly led by a standard police officer, releases at the height of a colossal controversy in which the true belligerent, imperious nature of the police has become ever more apparent, thus blighting the film's humor with an ominous undertone. In reality, a viewer's enjoyment of a particular movie doesn't solely stem from the actual content's quality but also from the experience in and of itself—the people you're with, the ambiance you're encompassed by, etc. This has never been more evident, but at the same time, it complexly diverts into two separate paths of sentiment: one of sheer fun as the rest of the audience's laughter and elation mixes in with mine and produces a tremendous atmosphere heretofore mentioned, and the other of perplexity—or perhaps, even, repulsion.

Now, I don't want to pose as the killjoy, but the pure obnoxiousness evinced in this film is quite overwhelming. At the very start, you have two men (Ryan and Justin) who're truly lost in their lives and have no idea of what their next step in life is, surrounded by jerks who continuously remind them of their stunted growth in potential careers. A depressing aura sets in as the sheer relevance of this predicament becomes realized, which makes you hold on in even greater anticipation for the fun to commence. Lo and behold, suddenly, that dispiriting tone of the opening transforms into the very opposite as these two disparately personified friends are inflicted with a contagious idea that leads them to don authentic police uniforms and henceforth further into their imitation of a law enforcement officer. What follows is a string of morally reprehensible acts on their part merely because they can—they obtain an (spurious) authoritative status and instantly decide to assert their power over regular people, belittling them through all kinds of mockery.

Oftentimes, you can't help but laugh hysterically—I know I did—but at the same time, you begin to question your own sense of humor and the exact decency of our two (deranged) protagonists who we're following and guffawing along with throughout. Even though plenty of scenes lead to golden hilarity, the characters involved behave rather moronically and nonsensically. Who thought it'd be a great idea to speedily drive through a soccer field, populated with adolescents, in a police car just for the gasconade of it? Ryan, the genius. Who would be that franticly avid to turn himself into the police? Justin, the upstanding citizen. One also would assume that individuals couldn't possibly be this overt in their cluelessness and disquietude, undeniably arousing suspicion from everyone around, but these two imbeciles are.

In addition, the plot relies on one contrivance after another—the villains are omnipresent to a laughable degree, and characters somehow run into each other at the perfect time to initiate the next plot point. In essence, this could best be described as an entertaining and laugh- out-loud funny "guilty pleasure"; though illogical decisions and plot holes profuse its every minute, Let's Be Cops ultimately delivers the laughs and thrills, especially given the fact that its last act suddenly shifts into a crime thriller with a few satisfying twists and turns up its sleeve.

Rob Riggle, Andy Garcia, and Keegan-Michael Key make very memorable appearances with the latter portraying an eccentric Latino nutcase who speaks amusing broken English and is bedecked with tattoos and various jewelries. When it concerns laughter, this film certainly comes equipped with uproarious surprises and harmonious chemistry between its two leads (Jake Johnson playing the laidback, imprudent type and Damon Wayans Jr. the more uptight, circumspect partner-in-crime). All in all, the best advice I could give to those still curious about seeing the movie: go in, forget about everything, cease any level of thought- processing, and have a good time!
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Not Funny or Memorable,
lesleyharris306 September 2014
Let's Be Cops is a terrible movie with a really poorly written storyline and a decent cast that sadly had no way of making this enjoyable.The two main characters are unlikeable from the moment you meet them and you don't care about them or anything they're doing for the whole movie.It is also just not funny,some parts were enjoyable but absolutely nothing had me properly laughing,I think Jake Johnson and Damon Wayans Jr. are both good comedy actors,particularity on New Girl,but they just could not improve on this brutal script.Rob Riggle and Andy Garcia are the movies highlight,it was great to see someone deliver some comedy that actually worked and some good dramatic acting,but they both deserved so much better than this.The movie is also about a half an hour too long,you really don't care about these characters at this point but the story just keeps going,it's only 100 minutes but I honestly thought it was passed 2 hours,I don't think I had ever felt this bored watching a comedy.Little laughs and unlikeable characters,I regret paying money to see this movie and I highly recommend you don't.

After getting mistaken for real police officers when wearing a costume,two friends decide to keep up the charade.

Best Performance: Andy Garcia Worst Performance: Natasha Leggero
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