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4 Jan. 2018
Murder from Above
It's the first full case for DI Jack Mooney on the island, and he's convinced a woman's apparent suicide is murder.
11 Jan. 2018
The Stakes Are High
Four poker players compete for a $3m prize, one of them is murdered.
18 Jan. 2018
Written in Murder
DI Mooney has to investigate the death of Frank O'Toole, an author whose best days were behind him.
25 Jan. 2018
The Healer
Pastor Steadman King, a faith healer returns to the Island after decades; unfortunately his joyous return is cut short when one of his clients dies during a service.
1 Feb. 2018
Murder on the Day of the Dead
The island is celebrating its Day of the Dead, which literally lives up to its name when Daisy Anderson, organizer of a charity auction at the local yacht club, is murdered after sending a frantic message to her husband Finn. She had had a brief affair with club member Adam Warner, about which Finn knew, and was filing for divorce, as well as discovering a fraud perpetrated by club treasurer Charlotte Hamilton. However all three have alibis. Jack is mystified by the appearance of a butterfly which should be in hibernation on Daisy's body but it gives him a clue to ...
8 Feb. 2018
Meditated in Murder
A spiritual leader is strangled at an exclusive resort, and seemingly only one of the guests could have killed him.
15 Feb. 2018
Dark Memories
Café owner and petty crook Eugene Jones is found dead and JP's old school-mate, bad boy Cordell Thomas, who worked for him confesses that he killed him during a fight. Jack, however, is not convinced, drawing attention to a peanut clutched in the dead man's fist. Valuables stolen from ex-con Charlie Blake are found at Eugene's house whilst Eugene's sister Celeste also had a grievance with him. Despite a confession from one of the suspects the peanut proves to be the clue to solving the murder.
22 Feb. 2018
Melodies of Murder
Reggae band Leon and the Ragers reform to play on the island but guitarist Billy Springer is found dead in a locked room having contacted Commissioner Patterson to give him information about the unsolved murder of his wife Jasmine thirty years earlier. Jasmine's disapproval of he husband's drunken life-style caused the group to split, leaving to the other three members being suspects in both murders. Jack works out which one, with only the clue of a bent, rusty fork to help him.

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