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Season 5

7 Jan. 2016
The Complex Murder
As Goodman buys a boat Dan Hagen, wealthy philanthropist and oceanographic leader of a diving party, is shot on board his yacht whilst the four members of his group are all underwater and in each other's sight. Goodman is puzzled by the appearance of a toy soldier next to the corpse and learns, not only that Dan's ex-spouse and current trophy wife are in the party though apparently friends, but that Dan's colleague Sam Blake had argued with him over a professional matter and student Jonathan Taylor was a drug smuggler Dan exposed. Taylor is arrested but ultimately the...
14 Jan. 2016
One for the Road
Outgoing island governor Caroline Bamber is poisoned after accepting a drink from Commander Patterson at her leaving party but Goodman finds an unsigned note in her bag warning that someone was out to kill her. Private secretary Ellery tells Goodman that Caroline was blackmailing president Francois Tromeur over an affair but deputy governor Andy Hamilton and assistant Lucy Preville are also in the frame. Goodman deduces how Caroline was poisoned but has less success finding a girlfriend online.
21 Jan. 2016
Posing in Murder
A fashion show on the beach takes a murderous turn when a model is found strangled with a scarf backstage, moments after leaving the catwalk.
28 Jan. 2016
A Personal Murder
After Dwayne has given the oration at his friend Cedrik Verga's funeral, he gets a text from Cedrik that states, "I Was Murdered," although coroner Ivan Tate recorded death by natural causes. Discovering that Cedrik was smothered with a pillow, Goodman interviews Tate, Cedrik's schoolmaster brother Temmy, and Father Floyd Lynch, who all played cards with Cedrik on the night he died, with a neighbor reporting raised voices. The prime suspect is Temmy, whose girlfriend Ottilie Cedrik took from him, although Father Lynch has cause for Cedrik not to reveal letters the ...
4 Feb. 2016
Lost Identity
Whilst visiting Goodman his auntie Mary sees conservatory salesman John Green fall to his death from an adjacent hotel balcony. It was his first visit to the island, where he knew no one and he was not robbed. A tenuous link is established with British expat Neil Jenkins, a former career criminal but his partner Ella gives him a sound alibi and the break-through occurs when the police learn that Green is actually Marcus Knight, a man under witness protection, who had been to the island six years earlier. Although she claims to be suffering from the onset of ...
11 Feb. 2016
Dishing Up Murder
Chef Robert Holt is stabbed to death following the launch of his restaurant Le Calmar. His phone and money are missing but not an expensive watch and initially robbery is suspected. His partner Anouk, son Matt, sous chef Dexter and pastry chef Kim all claim to have been in their villa at the time and only his brother Gary, a bankrupt and ex-prisoner has no alibi. A street urchin picked up the phone which he says Robert dropped whilst arguing with Matt and indeed Matt, Dexter, Kim and Anouk all claim that the victim was a bully who controlled all their lives. To solve ...
18 Feb. 2016
The Blood Red Sea
Hours after salvaging a huge cache of silver coins from the Santa Anna shipwreck and arguing with rival treasure hunter Newton Farrell Tosh Walker is stabbed to death on Newton's boat and his corpse thrown into the sea. Newton is the prime suspect having cleaned out his boat and possessing the murder weapon, in addition to which Tosh rang his wife Naomi to say Newton had stabbed him. The one piece of the puzzle that fails to fit is that at the time of the murder Newton was seen drinking in a local bar. Naomi tells Goodman Tosh suspected her of infidelity whilst his ...
25 Feb. 2016
Flames of Love
Tourist Sian Evans is found dead inside a locked bathroom, having apparently shot herself but Goodman does not believe she committed suicide. She was one of several guests staying at local Astor Henri's hostel, along with boyfriend Griff Morgan, middle-aged writer Perrie Chapman and young Leo Richards. Goodman discovers that Sian had had a fling with Leo and bought ecstasy tablets from Astor, as well as discovering errant wife Perrie's secret. Customarily he assembles all the suspects to denounce Sian's murderer before attending officer JP's wedding and reacquainting ...

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