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Season 4

8 Jan. 2015
Stab in the Dark
During the festival of Fete Mouri, the owner of a rum distillery holds a seance to contact the spirit of a murdered servant from the 1850s. When a murder takes place during the seance - with every one holding hands, could the murderer be the spirit?
15 Jan. 2015
Hidden Secrets
DI Goodman is convinced that there is more to the murder of a surf instructor than meets the eye. Dwayne works hard to impress the new sergeant.
22 Jan. 2015
Damned If You Do...
The Sainte-Marie Heritage Society is celebrating the island's history with a traditional dinner but the members all end up with food poisoning and in the case of group president Francis Davison it is fatal. Suspects number Francis's teen-aged son Ryan, who argued with his father, club secretary Teresa Gower, who was embezzling funds, Francis's ex-mistress Inke and ex-military man Alan Burke, who left the group after a disagreement with Francis. Goodman must determine who is the killer whilst trying to fight his feelings for Camille.
29 Jan. 2015
Until Death Do You Part
When a bride to be, Jenny, dies mysteriously on her hen week, Humphrey and the team suspect murder. Meanwhile, Humphrey has a hard decision to make in letting Camille go to Paris.
5 Feb. 2015
Swimming in Murder
Veteran pop group Flowers of Progress is on the island with manager Cheryl Moore recording a come-back album when lead singer Stevie Smith is electrocuted in a swimming pool. With Camille now in France and Florence promoted to sergeant clumsy new officer J.P. Hooper joins the investigation. Despite all the group members having apparent alibis most had a grievance against the victim who, whilst drunk, burned down record producer Vince Thuram's studio twenty years earlier whilst his brother Jim was angry that Stevie had kept an important secret from him. Bizarrely a ...
12 Feb. 2015
The Perfect Murder
The day after Saint Marie's beach volleyball team gets through to the final star player Shelly Kennedy is murdered and her body dumped on a beach - all the suspects of course having an alibi. Shelly was about to go to the sport's governing board, supposedly to report fellow player Alison Turner for injuring another team member Jasmine Laymon but Jasmine's domineering father, the team's coach down plays this. Goodman believes that in fact Shelly was killed because she had identified a saboteur working for the rival finalists but first he must break the murderer's alibi...
19 Feb. 2015
She Was Murdered Twice
Annette Burgess, overbearing boss of a travel company on the island for a team building exercise, is shot in her bed and her phone stolen. Goodman uncovers a secret linking Annette to Dom, the group's youngest member, who has a troubled past. Indeed Dom admits to killing Annette but Goodman discovers that she was already dead before he fired the gun. In fact other group members have cause for grievance, including put upon P.A. Sandra, sister Izzy and Izzy's boyfriend Stuart. One person, however, is not who they claim to be and Goodman works out that this is the killer.
26 Feb. 2015
Unlike Father, Unlike Son
Jack Harmer, accused of murdering Sabine Mason, is himself shot dead in his prison cell and a car is seen speeding away from the scene. Sabine's widower, a pastor, is seen on CCTV with a gun but cleared when it is proved the gun was never fired. Harmer's pregnant widow Mae took out life insurance on him and enters the frame, along with her former lover, Harmer's brother Paul. Goodman's investigation is interrupted by a visit from his lofty barrister father Martin, who wants him to return to England and make up with his ex-wife.

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