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Michael Fassbender: Erik Lehnsherr



  • Pietro Maximoff : They told me you control metal.

    Erik Lehnsherr : "They"?

    Pietro Maximoff : You know, my mom once knew a guy who could do that.

    [Erik looks a little worried] 

  • Erik Lehnsherr : I didn't kill the President.

    Charles Xavier : The bullet curved, Erik.

    Erik Lehnsherr : Because I was trying to save him. They took me out before I could.

    Charles Xavier : [looks at Erik]  Why would you try and save him?

    Erik Lehnsherr : Because he was one of us.

  • Charles Xavier : I'm just not very good with violence...

    [the elevator doors open and Charles sees Erik] 

    Erik Lehnsherr : Charles.

    [Charles punches him, knocking Erik to the ground, then winces in pain himself] 

    Erik Lehnsherr : Good to see you too, old friend.

  • [Magneto enters the Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Stadium] 

    Groundskeeper : Excuse me, can I help you?

    Erik Lehnsherr : No. You can't.

    [lifts the stadium into the sky] 

  • Erik Lehnsherr : We have fifteen seconds before the door open, and then guards will come through that door.

    Pietro Maximoff : Should be fun. I'm holding you so you won't get whiplash.

    Erik Lehnsherr : What?

    Pietro Maximoff : Whip... lash.

  • Charles Xavier : When did you last see her?

    Erik Lehnsherr : The day I left for Dallas.

    Charles Xavier : And how was she?

    Erik Lehnsherr : Strong. Driven. Loyal.

    Charles Xavier : How... how was she?

    Erik Lehnsherr : She was... We were... I could see why she meant so much to you. You should be proud of her, Charles. She's out there fighting for our cause.

    Charles Xavier : YOUR cause. The girl I raised, she was not capable of killing.

    Erik Lehnsherr : You didn't raise her. You grew up with her. She couldn't stay a little girl forever. That's why she left.

    Charles Xavier : She left because you got inside her head.

    Erik Lehnsherr : That's not MY power.

  • Pietro Maximoff : Do you know karate?

    Erik Lehnsherr : I don't know karate. But I know crazy.

  • Erik Lehnsherr : How did you lose them?

    Charles Xavier : The treatment for my spine affects my DNA.

    Erik Lehnsherr : You sacrificed your powers so you could walk?

    Charles Xavier : I sacrificed my powers so that I could sleep!... What do you know about it?

    Erik Lehnsherr : I've lost my fair share.

    Charles Xavier : Hah! Dry your eyes, Erik. Doesn't justify what you've done.

    Erik Lehnsherr : You have no idea what I've done.

    Charles Xavier : I know that you took the things that mean the most to me.

    Erik Lehnsherr : Well, maybe you should have fought harder for them!

    Charles Xavier : [stands up]  If you want to fight, Erik, then I will give you a fight!

    Logan : Sit down!

    Erik Lehnsherr : [raises his hand calmly]  Let him come.

    Charles Xavier : [grabs Erik]  You abandoned me! You took her away, and you abandoned me!

    Erik Lehnsherr : Angel. Azazel. Emma. Banshee. Mutant brothers and sisters, all dead!

    [the plane's controls start to freeze up and dive] 

    Erik Lehnsherr : Countless others, experimented on, butchered!

    Hank McCoy : Erik!

    Erik Lehnsherr : Where were you, Charles? We were supposed to protect them! Where were you when your own people needed you? Hiding! You and Hank! Pretending to be something you're not!

    Hank McCoy : [at the controls]  Erik!

    [the plane steadies] 

    Erik Lehnsherr : You abandoned us ALL!

  • Erik Lehnsherr : If you let them have me, I'm as good as dead. You know that.

    Charles Xavier : I know.

    Erik Lehnsherr : Goodbye, old friend.

    Charles Xavier : Goodbye, Erik.

    [Magneto and Mystique escape] 

    Hank McCoy : Are you sure you should let them go?

    Charles Xavier : Yes. I have hope for them. There's going to be a time, Hank, when we're all together.

  • [Erik corners the President and his men, and makes a speech at the cameras there] 

    Erik Lehnsherr : You built these weapons to destroy us. Why? Because you are afraid of our gifts. Because we are different. Humanity has always feared that which is different. Well, I'm here to tell you, to tell the world, you're right to fear us! We are the future! We are the ones who will inherit this earth! And anyone who stands in our way will suffer the same fate as these men you see before you! Today was meant to be a display of your power. Instead, I give you a glimpse of the devastation my race can unleash upon yours! Let this be a warning to the world. And to my mutant brothers and sisters out there, I say this: no more hiding. No more suffering. You have lived in the shadows in shame and fear for too long. Come out. Join me. Fight together in a brotherhood of our kind! A new tomorrow, that starts today!

  • President Nixon : You want to make a statement? Kill me, fine! But spare everyone else!

    Erik Lehnsherr : Very heroic, Mr. President. But you have no intention of sparing any of us. The future of our species begins now!

    [gets distracted, Mystique reveals herself and shoots him in the neck] 

    Erik Lehnsherr : You used to be a better shot.

    Raven : Trust me. I still am.

    [knocks out Erik] 

  • Erik Lehnsherr : [impales Logan with rebars]  So much for being a survivor.

    [hurls him into the Potomac river] 

  • [Raven grabs Erik from a crowd and shoves him into a phone booth] 

    Raven : [a plastic rod at Erik's throat]  If I see so much as a screw move I will jam this into your throat.

    Erik Lehnsherr : How did you find me?

    Raven : You taught me well.

    Erik Lehnsherr : It's been a long time since we were this close. I missed you.

    Raven : You tried to kill me.

    Erik Lehnsherr : So the rest of us could live.

    Raven : What do you mean?

    Erik Lehnsherr : We received a message from the future.

    Raven : Don't lie to me!

    Erik Lehnsherr : I never have, and I never will! Humans use your blood, your genes, to create a weapon that wipes us all out. I was only doing what I felt necessary to secure our future.

    Raven : So what's to stop me from killing YOU right now and securing MY future?

    Erik Lehnsherr : Nothing. Doesn't matter any more. They have your DNA. Your blood was on the street.

    Raven : [takes rod away from Erik's neck]  Whose fault was that?

    Erik Lehnsherr : Mine. I've seen their plans. They're creating a weapon, and now they have what they need to take it further. We have to strike now, while we still hold the upper hand.

    Raven : I've seen too many friends die, Erik. I don't want a war, I only want the man who murdered them.

    Erik Lehnsherr : This IS war. What happened to you? Did you lose your way while I was gone? Are you still Charles's Raven... or are you Mystique?

    Raven : Trask is the enemy.

    Erik Lehnsherr : Killing one man isn't enough.

    Raven : It never was for you. Goodbye, Erik.

    [Raven leaves] 

  • Erik Lehnsherr : [sets a Sentinel on Logan and Hank]  Do what you were made for!

  • Erik Lehnsherr : [to Logan]  I take it we're best buddies in the future?

    Logan : I spent a lot of years trying to bring you down, bub.

    Erik Lehnsherr : How's that work out for you?

    Logan : ...You're like me. You're a survivor.

  • Erik Lehnsherr : [sees Logan's bone claws]  Imagine if they were metal...

  • Charles Xavier : [to Raven/Mystique]  I'm going to keep you safe. I'm going to keep you out of their hands.

    [Erik uses his power to draw a gun to his hand which he aims at Raven] 

    Raven : Erik?

    Charles Xavier : Erik... what are you doing?

    Erik Lehnsherr : Securing our future. Forgive me, Mystique. As long as you're out there, we'll never be safe.

    Hank McCoy : Erik...

    Raven : Use your power, Charles. Stop him.

    Charles Xavier : I...

    Raven : He can't.

    [She flees. Hank dives at Erik causing him to release the gun, but he uses his powers to pull the trigger anyway. She leaps out the window, but Erik curves the bullet's trajectory to hit her in the right calf, embedding it there] 

  • Charles Xavier : You must think me so foolish. We've always said they would come after us.

    Erik Lehnsherr : I never imagined they'd use Raven's DNA to do it.

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