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Ellen Page: Kitty Pryde



  • Kitty Pryde : [prepping Logan]  Basically, your body will go to sleep while your mind travels back in time. As long as you're back there, past and present will continue to coexist. But once you wake up, whatever you've done will take hold and become history. And for the rest of us it'll be the only history that we know. It'll be like the last fifty years never happened, in this world, in this war. The only person who will remember it is you. All right, Logan, I need to you clear head and to stay as calm as possible.

  • [Shadowcat sends Bishop back in time just as the Sentinels turn up] 

    Kitty Pryde : Too late, assholes!

  • Professor X : Raven was a dear friend of mine...

    Kitty Pryde : What happened?

    [Magneto takes a quick look at the Professor] 

    Professor X : I drove her away.

  • Bobby : You won't have much time in the past, the Sentinels will find us. They always do.

    Kitty Pryde : And this time we won't be able to run, we'll have no escape. This is our last chance.

  • Logan : You have any good news?

    Kitty Pryde : Well, you don't really age so you'll pretty much look the same.

  • Kitty Pryde : [In a deleted scene]  Where's Bobby?

    Rogue : I'm sorry, Kitty.

    [as Kitty weeps, Rogue moves over and absorbs her power, leaving her on the ground, weakened. Rogue takes over using her powers on Wolverine] 

    Rogue : Hello, Logan.

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