Gokaiger Goseiger Super Sentai 199 Hero Great Battle (2011) Poster

Rika Satoh: Eri, Gosei Pink



  • Moune : What about Zangyack? Did we beat them?

    Satoru Akashi : Yeah. Their fleet was destroyed.

    Eri : Then... It's all over?

    Chiaki Tani : Yeah. But we can't fight in those forms again.

    Genta Umemori : We used up the power we use for fighting.

    Moune : No way.

    Eri : But why?

    Saki Royama : Our powers scattered into space along with Zangyack's fleet.

    Agri : We can't transform again?

    Hyde : We can't use our Tensou Techniques either.

    Alata : But... I think this was for the best. Because... we were able to protect this planet.

    Satoru Akashi : Yeah. We were able to protect Earth's future.

  • Gokai Red : The conflict is over. Return the Ranger Keys.

    Gosei Yellow : Huh? These powers originally belonged to us!

    Gosei Red : I'm sorry for doing it this way. You guys have Gosei Knight's Ranger Key too, right? Can you just give it to us without resisting?

    Gosei Pink : Yeah!

    Gokai Pink : Gosei Knight?

    Gokai Blue : I don't recall it.

    Gokai Red : You heard him.

    Gosei Black : That's not possible.

    Gosei Pink : Yeah! He's the knight fated to purify the planet!

    [shows Gosei Knight in Headder form] 

    Gosei Knight : Yeah. You can't say you've never heard of me.

    Gokai Green : It talked!

    Gokai Red : Well, we haven't!

  • Gosei Knight : Maybe the pirates don't know about my Ranger Key?

    Hyde : That can't be possible. They've got to have it.

    Eri : Alata? What is it?

    Alata : I thought they'd understand if we talked it out. Even though they're not from this planet.

    Moune : You're still saying that? It's not possible. They're pirates.

    Alata : That's true.

    Hyde : Plus they're strong. We can't take them head on. To get back Gosei Knight's power, we need a more extreme method.

  • Black Cross King : Your opponents are the past Super Sentai members!

    Ahim de Famille : Eh? Is that possible?

    Moune : There really were a lot of them.

    Joe Gibken : When all together, there's so many!

    Moune : This is so wrong! It's like we're the villains!

    Joe Gibken : I suppose. We are pirates.

    Agri : Well we're Gosei Angels. At any rate, I don't like this.

    Eri : I can't believe we have to fight our sempai.

    Hyde : Even knowing they're not the actual ones... doesn't make this any easier.

    Ahim de Famille : But we have no choice!

    Alata : I can't believe these precious powers that exist to protect the planet are being used like this. This is completely unforgivable!

    Gosei Knight : Are you guys ready to do this?

    Captain Marvelous : Let's settle this!

  • Ahim de Famille : Are you really sure?

    Agri : We think that having all the powers in one place might be the best. So, please do your best.

    Joe Gibken : It's a bother if you ask us to protect Earth.

    Gosei Knight : Just the response I expected.

    Moune : But, no matter what you guys say, you'll protect it anyway, right?

    Eri : We think that's okay.

    Hyde : What a strange band of pirates.

    Luka Millfy : You sure? You really want to trust us that much?

    Eri : It'll be okay! But, I would be happy if you like the Earth ever more than before.

    Don Dogoier : Well, I like it. Both this planet and the people living on it.

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