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More accomplished and satisfying than one might expect.
m-a-elsewhere11 March 2014
Warning: Spoilers
YOU'RE NEXT is, unabashedly, yet another "nuclear family and/or rich yuppies besieged by masked psycho killers at vacation home" slasher, right down to the obligatory "last girl" element. But while the movie's schema is completely typical, its execution—smart script, decent cast, solid direction by Adam Wingard—is exemplary.

The major detail YOU'RE NEXT gets right is to provide actual motivation for both the villains' kill spree and for the heroine's ability to survive the abattoir (other than being yet another innocent virgin with gumption). This alone is enough to place the film at the pinnacle of its sub-genre. Moreover, director Wingard and screenwriter Simon Bennett demonstrate a talent for side-stepping annoying clichés. The assembled victims numbers ten instead of the usual half-dozen, with not one idiot teen in the lot; the squealing, screaming, helpless characters are winnowed out with audience-considerate dispatch so the more fit and bright can make the best of their situation. Meanwhile, refreshingly, the murderers are NOT portrayed as unstoppable killing machines until the final ten minutes: one even gets short of breath and needs a time- out!

The pacing and shock effects are crisp; the moments of black comedy are sparingly, intelligently planted.

All told, far more accomplished and satisfying than a genre fan has any right to expect.
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Bloody and bloody good fun.
Spikeopath13 February 2014
You're Next is directed by Adam Wingard and written by Simon Barrett. It stars Sharni Vinson, Nicholas Tucci, Wendy Glenn, A.J. Bowen and Joe Swanberg. Music is by Mads Heldtberg and cinematography by Andrew Palermo.

The Davison family and partners meet up for a family reunion at a remote holiday home and quickly find that their inner issues are the least of their worries.

The splinter of horror that encompasses home invasion, that most terrifying of subject matters, has had enough filmic entries to actually fill a house! So when another one comes along with good hype and a promise of reinvigorating the formula, it's cause for horror film fans to start salivating.

You're Next doesn't reinvent anything, but it consistently and confidently keeps the formula well oiled and proves to be one of the better films of its type. The set up is standard, a big old country house in the woods, a whole bunch of likable and dislikable people, and of course some outside assailants about to unleash hell on everyone in the house. Refreshingly this is not a roll call of pretty teenagers being stalked and slashed, this is an assorted bunch, young and old, all shapes and sizes, and the family bickering that precedes the carnage is a smart move, because once family members start getting killed there's a genuine sense of grief and regret coursing through those yet to be sliced and diced.

It's nice to find that Wingard has great respect for his target audience, he's made a film for fans of the sub-genre and inserted a darkly comic streak that pays off royally. It's often very nudge nudge and wink winkery, but always in the right places. The director also proves to have a devilish eye for a murder scene, with some of the killings here high grade in blood, physicality and originality. Elsewhere the makers give us a great heroine, a truly resourceful gal that fights back with a ferocity that's both sexy and frightening, and while the revelation of why these events are happening is hardly original – or that the back story given for our heroine's skills is just silly – Wingard plonks it all together with such bloody verve it hardly matters.

Some less than good acting from a couple of the cast, and the overuse of shaky-cam stops it from going through the roof out into the genius stratosphere, but this is a cracker of a home invasion horror and well worth a night in with the lights off and the volume tuned up loud. 8/10
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Innovative and gore-filled gem
raoulpeltier8 July 2013
"You're Next" is a home invasion/survival film in the vein of "Funny Games", "The Strangers" or again "The Last House on the Left". As in the latter cited, you'll find here the usual bunch of people being assaulted by strangers in a remote house. In that "You're Next" brings no novelty, bu does a great job at delivering the great tension and suspense associated with this specific genre of horror. Where the film truly excels, is that it adds some really clever elements of crime and comedy to the genre, making it really unique. The film does a fantastic job at giving you true/false hints about who could be involved in the invasion; and you really spend an hour wondering if it's true and who could it be, just like in these great Italian giallo. Second, the film, which starts on a serious tone, gradually and subtly incorporates comedy elements in it. Towards the end it is hilarious, but never overrated or absurd, keeping the film on the horror track at all time. There is also great deal of gore in the film, and gore-hounds will find their lot of brutal kills. The main actress, and the character she plays, also needs to be mentioned for she is, at the image of the movie, a real bad-ass! You're Next is both true to the genre and innovative. The balance between horror, crime and comedy is perfect. A great surprise and amongst the best 2013's film so far.
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Good slasher with a few welcome surprises
8512228 May 2015
Greetings from Lithuania.

"You're Next" (2011) is more close to "Scream" then "Friday The 13th". It's a very well made horror slasher, which thinks a bit out of the box. It has some nice surprises along the way, and is involving from start till finish.

Overall, "You're Next" doesn't digs really deep into a new ground, but it has some surprises barely seen in others genre's flicks. Acting is nice, directing is very solid, and script good. Sure, it's not a very great flick, but at running time 1 h 30 min it barely drags and tense. If you like this genre, you will sure like "You're Next".
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Weak intro, but good twist
SnoopyStyle31 December 2013
It's a family reunion for the Davison family. The father was in the marketing department for a huge defense contractor, and he's loaded. Erin (Sharni Vinson) is one of the son's new girlfriend. A gang of masked killers descend on the family, but Erin has a few surprises waiting for them.

It takes a lot of time to get the movie going. Aside from the perfunctory killings, the first 25 minutes is dedicated to bringing a whole lot of these characters on screen a few at a time. I'm not particularly interested in any of them. And I couldn't really tell who's who in this family. When they finally get together at the diner table, I feel that's the real start of the movie. We finally get a nice feel of who some of these people are. Their interactions revealed more to me at the diner table than the previous 25 minutes. Then the action starts.

The action is all crossbows, knives, and axes. It's a little weird. While I understand the reason, I think a more prominent explanation is needed. Then the movie gives us a twist. It's a very good twist. It could have been much better with a better intro to lay down the bread crumbs. Once again, the weak intro fails the movie.

As for the actors, I found most of them to be overacting at first. It's not unusual in a horror movie. A lot of yelling and screaming can hide a lot of sins. It didn't help that so many of the characters seem to be doing stupid things. Sharni Vinson is a good solid lead. She looks like a weak girlie girl but is also believable as a bad ass. Nicholas Tucci plays a pretty good weasel. Overall, the acting is pretty good for a low budget horror.
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A messed up family, cleaned up by an outsider!
Reno-Rangan4 December 2017
This kind of films is usually low rated by me. It's very rare that I find one good film and that happened to be this one. I was braced for another disappointment, then I totally got surprised when it reached half way mark. Good twist too. In fact, there are many twists in the final quarters. Not like breathtaking, but very acceptable with kind of story and characters it had.

Another home invasion film. A family reunites for the parent's wedding anniversary at their rural vacation house. Slowly all the children arrive with their life partners, and then suddenly while dining, the attack takes place. Creates full of chaos, the family does not know what to do. But one of the members' retaliation makes thing complication for the attackers. What follows after that, and how it all ends are the rest of the story.

First of all, this is not a horror film as labelled. It is a terror. We don't have a such genre, so it comes under horror. But the best way to call it a thriller. Sharni Vinson was very good. It's because of how her role was designed. Best film so far by this filmmaker, until his upcoming big titles. A one-night-event film, and of course a limited cast. They make sequels for crap films, but this one definitely deserves one. So I'm expecting one. Thos who love this genre must see it.

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Brutal and Gore Slasher with Good Story and Twists
claudio_carvalho6 November 2015
Aubrey (Barbara Crampton) and Paul Davison (Rob Moran) welcome his family for a reunion in their isolated vacation house. Their sons Crispian (AJ Bowen) comes with his girlfriend Erin (Sharni Vinson); Felix (Nicholas Tucci) with his girlfriend Zee (Wendy Glenn); Drake (Joe Swanberg) with his wife Kelly (Sarah Myers); and their daughter Aimee (Amy Seimetz) comes with her boyfriend Tariq (Ti West). When they are ready to have dinner, they are attacked by a stranger with a crossbow, and Drake is wounded by an arrow and Tariq dies. They discover that their cell phones are jammed and they are trapped in the house. Erin tries to protect the house, closing doors and windows, but the masked killers murder the members of the family. Are the killers lunatic? What is the motive for slaughtering the Davison family?

"You're Next" is a brutal and gore slasher with good story and twists. The plot points are not so obvious and Sharni Vinson is the heroin that every viewer will cheer on. She seems to be a fragile woman but her reaction recalls the lead character in "The Descent". My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): "Você é o Próximo" ("You're Next")
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What the hell is mumblegore?!?
Coventry26 December 2013
Not even 10 years ago, all horror movie critics were full of praise for the so-called "splat-pack"; a bunch of young and talented new arrival directors in the horror genre. Right now in 2013, we don't hear much anymore about most of this unofficial pack (including Neil Marshall, Greg McLean, Darren Lynn Bousman and others), but they seem to have been replaced with a new army of horror prodigies. Lately, all we hear about are Ti West, Adam Wingard, Joe Swanberg and Simon Barrett. Moreover they seem to be close friends, appear as actors in each other's movies and the type of films they make even received its very own subgenre name. Mumblegore, whatever the hell the characteristics may be. Do they really deserve this honor? Not quite. Ti West made a few worthwhile movies ("The Roost", "House of the Devil"), but their previous group project "V/H/S" was lamentable and this effort – released with a delay of nearly two years – is only just slightly above average.

"You're Next" opens very promising and traditional, with a mixture of good old 80's slasher setting and a post-2000 brutal home invasion concept. The wealthy and loving Davison parents host their four children and their partners at their remote countryside mansion to celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary. The family dinner unfolds as normal, quarreling siblings included, but the party gets rudely interrupted when three masked and maniacal perpetrators attack the house. The sudden attack as well as the first four or five killings are extremely tense and provide the film with a uniquely mortifying atmosphere. Wingard manages to hold the suspense for a strong half hour, but then awkwardly reveals all the main plot twists and compensates the suspense with far-fetched character developments and grotesque black humor. The film remains somewhat enjoyable, thanks to the apt performance of lead actress (and kick-ass lady) Sharni Vinson and inventive (gruesome) death traps. What I appreciated most about this film was that they cast the wondrous Barbara Crampton as the mother. The horror diva of "Re-Animator" and "From Beyond" is well past 50 years of age, but she still looks fabulous!
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Lots of Fun
Maxine_Olivier20 June 2013
I just saw You're Next at L.A. Film Fest and it was a blast. Had tons of fun and an amazing crowd. It's Home Invasion, which means Home Alone meets the ending of Straw Dogs. Does it reinvent the genre with a new twist? Possibly. It's definitely a fresh look at the genre. It's starts of pretty serious but transitions to humor and its smooth sailing from there on. Regardless, you're in for a real treat. Sure there is lots of violence and some actors outweigh others in the talent department but that's what makes the movie unique and interesting. It definitely keeps you on the tip of your toes. If you love horror films you have to see this!!!
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Very good and VERY gory
preppy-31 September 2013
Warning: Spoilers
This is all about a bunch of siblings and their significant others, gathered together to celebrate their parents 35th anniversary. They're all in a huge house in the middle of nowhere. The siblings don't get along and are arguing almost right away when they are suddenly attacked from men in creepy animal masks outside. The family is trapped in the house, their cell phones don't work and the men outside are intent on killing everyone.

OK--I pretty much figured out who was doing it and why (they do give you plenty of clues) so there was no big mystery. Still the film worked. It's never dull, the tension builds up nicely, all the acting is good and it's gory. VERY VERY gory! Blood and guts go flying every which way in this movie. It really works when the family gets one of the killers and gives them what's coming to them. Whether that's a good or bad thing is up to you. Even better the characters are believable and act exactly as you would expect people to act in this situation. Most of the women in this film are strong, fearless and fight back which is another point in its favor. There's also some intentional humor with some very funny lines that actually help to lessen the tension. Also it's great to see Barbara Crampton ("Re-Animator", "From Beyond") back in a horror film and Sharni Vinson is a FANTASTIC Final Girl. There's also a few twists at the end that I didn't see coming. Fast, vicious, very gory and (in a way) fun. Worth seeing.
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Searing horror
dfranzen7025 August 2013
Warning: Spoilers
What starts out as a peaceful family reunion in a secluded home quickly devolves into utter madness and hysteria when a family is inexplicably attacked by assailants wearing animal masks. But the bad guys haven't reckoned on the tenacity of one of the guests - from outside of the family - who becomes a thorn in their sides (and head, and arms, and so on). You're Next is an unequivocal scare ride, impressive enough to make one forgive the occasional lapses in logic.

First to arrive are the mother and father, Paul and Aubrey. They plan to renovate the house, sort of a retirement project for Paul (who had worked for a defense contractor). Shortly thereafter, Aubrey thinks she hears footsteps upstairs. Paul goes to check it out but finds nothing. Meanwhile, son Crispian (yes, that's his name) is driving up with his girlfriend Erin; he's a teacher of some repute who's probably not as successful as he'd like to be. His two brothers and sister and their respective significant others are to arrive the next day. Crispian seems like a nice enough fellow, and he explains to Erin that his family hasn't been all together in a long time. "It'll be...interesting," he tells her that night. "How so?" she asks. "You'll see," he adds mysteriously. At this point we're supposed to grasp that there are long- standing issues among the family members, as is not unheard of.

The next day, the rest of the guests are on the scene. There's noticeable tension between Crispian and his brother Drake, as well as between Drake and the youngest brother, Felix. One gets the impression that there're been plenty of bickering and sniping over the years. Drake picks on both of his brothers plus his sister's boyfriend Tariq, a documentary director. And then the attack begins, and chaos reigns.

People are picked off, shot by bow and arrow or hit with an axe. Some try to go for help, to no avail. Cell phone service is down, too. No one knows who's attacking the family, it seems; is this a random event, or were they selected for extermination?

While most of the guests are loudly panicking, only Erin has the wherewithal to act quickly and decisively. She knows how to use weapons, including her own body. She knows how to keep intruders out. For example, she has the idea of people rushing out of the dining room while holding a chair, thus giving them some cover. She takes charge better than anyone else there seemingly can. It's not really important why she possesses these skills; it's just enough to know she can employ them. Makes for a better movie than watching a family get cut down, that's for sure.

There are two things that intrigued me in this movie. One is the dazzling, breathless direction by Adam Wingard (V/H/S), which puts the viewer right in the middle of everything. This not only makes it tough to think about the motives of the family members but also gives the viewer almost no time to contemplate anything other than pure survival. Just like the family members. Aha. The second is that underlying question of why the family is being attacked, for if they've been specifically targeted, is it because the family has money, or some other, equally nefarious reason?

Here are some caveats, though: the attackers seem pretty dumb, when all is said and done. Their dumbness doesn't detract from the action/violence/plot, anyway, so it's not a real issue. Along the same lines, the method behind all of the madness seems a little sketchy, even far fetched. But it's not implausible, so again it doesn't detract from the mayhem.

So it turns out I liked You're Next quite a bit, although those who aren't thrilled with blood and guts and such should really not bother. There's nothing for you here. There is a story, and it's a pretty interesting one, serving as a nice backdrop for the murdering and whatnot.
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Direct-to-DVD mediocrity that went theatrical.
capkronos25 August 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Though there may be similar movies predating it, the first movie I remember seeing that featured psychos in cheap, creepy plastic animal masks was FORTRESS (1985), an underrated Aussie thriller featuring kidnappers decked out like "Dabby Duck," "Pussy Cat" and "Mac the Mouse" (as well as "Father Christmas") going after a schoolteacher and the students in her charge. That movie scared the hell out of me as a little kid and perhaps left a lasting impression on others because I've seen several films since featuring killers in identical get-ups. This is another one. It's even plausible the filmmakers are attempting to pay direct homage to that earlier film by casting an Australian leading lady in an otherwise very American film, but it's hard to tell. Unlike FORTRESS, which is more of a suspense thriller than an all out horror film, this one mashes up slasher-gore, home invasion flick, mystery and black comedy. The results are extremely uneven.

Paul (Rob Moran), a millionaire, now-retired marketing director for a defense contractor, and his wife Aubrey (Barbara Crampton), decide to celebrate their thirty-fifth wedding anniversary by having all four of their children and their spouses / significant others over for a weekend visit. Little do most of them know, but their next-door neighbor down the road (Larry Fessenden in his usual one-scene cameo) and his girlfriend have already been slaughtered by a trio of nuts whose identities are concealed with fox, tiger and lamb masks. While having dinner and emotions are already running high because of some bickering between a few of the brothers, one of the guests is shot through the head with an crossbow arrow through the window. From then on out it's a fight for survival for the rest as the intruders stalk the grounds and some of the family members are (rather predictably) exposed as having ties with the masked killers.

Filmed back in early 2011, this somehow managed to garner a belated wide theatrical release (2000+ cinemas) in late 2013. As with nearly all major genre films to come down the pike in the 2000s, a good deal of hype was generated for it by both the distributor and most of the better-known genre websites doing their usual cheerleading routine (considering the latter are little more than paid hype-generating shills posing as unbiased "genre critics" I'm surprised *anyone* cares what they have to say). Despite all of that, audiences rejected this one and it was quickly yanked from theaters after grossing only 18 million dollars. It's quite easy to understand why: There's nothing unique, inventive or all that good about this film and it was hardly deserving of ANY "critical" attention bestowed upon it. The acting is mostly terrible, the script is abysmal (with a silly, predictable, hole- filled plot and characters doing the most moronic things imaginable to get themselves killed), the picture quality is flat, ugly and murky and the film slavishly relies on loud sound cues, jump cuts and jittery camera- work to provide its "scares."

Thankfully, there are two elements that keep the film (just barely) watchable. The first is the high amount of splatter. Axes, knives and machetes are sunk into heads, eyes are gouged out with ice picks, a head is literally blended, nails are driven through feet, throats are slashed open and spew blood, etc. The film provides plenty of blood and utilizes old school makeup effects, so it works OK as a brainless gore-fest. The second successful element is lead actress Sharni Vinson, who starts out as your typically sweet, supportive girlfriend type before her survivalist instincts kick in and she transforms into an crotch-kicking, head-bashing bad ass who can take a lick and keep on ticking. Not even a knife through the shoulder, a leap through a second story window, a shard of glass through the leg or a gunshot to the chest can slow this chick down! Though the character isn't the least bit believable, Vinson has fun with the part and is the only even remotely likable person in the movie. I also enjoyed seeing Crampton in her small role, though the filmmakers don't really give her anything to do. The rest of cast - consisting mostly of a clique of filmmakers / actors who frequently work with one another - is awful.

If you're gonna see this one, I'd keep expectations low. Aside from the bloodshed and the leading lady, there's nothing special or unique or exceptional about this one. There's zero depth, no atmosphere and it's not the least bit scary, suspenseful, original OR clever. I've seen a lot of the defenders claim this is a comedy, but aside from a few mildly amusing moments, most of the attempts at "humor" ("I want to f*** you on this bed next to your dead mom!") are pretty pathetic.
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Do not be NEXT to waste your money
broni195423 August 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I wish there were negative numbers available. If they were my vote would be "minus" 10. Who does write those reviews above me? Either blind people or movie maker's family and friends. The movie is simply horrible. Script doesn't make sense at all.

Whoever qualified movie cast as actors should immediately lose his/her job. You would find more realistic acting people in your bar around the corner.

Dialogs are ridiculous. At some point Paul says: "We've been watched by those people for DAYS". He said that after being in his summer house for two days.

At another moment Paul finds some intruder's belongings (sleeping bag, water and even some bottle with urine) in his bedroom closet. Why would the bad guy stay in a closet if the house hadn't been occupied for months (summer house)? He had a whole house to himself.

I could go on and on....

Do NOT waste your money on this garbage.
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2/10 watch!
gizm0_52 January 2014
I actually liked the look of this movie from the trailers but was very disappointed.

The main premise is good.

But it's poorly executed, with over the top and ridiculous situations.

The acting is some of the worst I've seen in a long time.

None of the characters react realistically to any of the situations presented to them. Which is made more apparent by the dismal acting.

I'd like to say I enjoyed at least some of the movie other than the ending. But honestly I waited through the whole thing to see if it got better. But it didn't...

I will admit I laughed at the movie a few times, but not because it was funny. The parts that made me laugh, did so because of how mind numbingly awful the film was.
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Croc Dundee's daughter repels home invasion ...
mecheart13 September 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I have gone into many slasher films over three decades and more dumbfounded repeatedly by victim(s) written without even a basic ability to fight back against the masked men running amok with machete and hunting knife. A hard coded rule of the slasher film adhered to by numerous outings: the more a protagonist fights back, the worse he or she suffers until their eventual death. Thus my interest in a slasher feature billed as one where the least likely victim not only fights back, but wins.

Another recent film in the genre failed its promise to deliver the same ('No One Lives').

Speaking to character, a writer must walk a fine line to deliver a protagonist from victimized to bloodied victory without painting her as more vicious than the killer(s). Normally this is done in sequences best described as trials by or under fire through the survival of which the heroine grows her courage and combat skills. It is a primal story theme powerful as it is poignant in its ability to connect an audience with the character, and develop her in a maelstrom before their very eyes.

In 'You're Next' the heroine Erin (Sharni Vinson) comes prepackaged a bad-ass, despite her portrayal as a meek tag along until her instant transformation when the killing starts. Erin is the sole strong character among ten others, so mentally and physically more competent than everyone else, she alone knows how to drive a nail through wood or kick a man in that place.

There is no gradual turnover in Erin, nor does she begin weak and grow stronger through negotiation of the increasingly difficult problems she faces as a small band of masked killers slaughter their way through her boyfriend's sizable family. She instantly becomes a ninety pound engine of destruction which only revs higher the longer she is threatened. I much prefer a character who must dig deep into inner strength she was unaware she had in the first place.

Regarding the rest, the premise of the film has potential for high entertainment value but its makers squandered it in their painfully obvious by the numbers execution likely a consequence of bad writing and directing.

The screenplay fails to flesh out the other nine characters who are not Erin which is a shame as it does briefly ignite friction between two of three brothers in an argument at family dinner. Here must be drawn a comparison between slasher films of the seventies and eighties and the lot currently trending.

The ensemble slasher movie is three decades old and more, surely then a concept rife with examples from which to draw buckets of fresh blood. Where genre films of that bygone era often painted skillfully interesting depth even into characters killed within minutes of their opening acts, pictures such as 'You're Next' shape most of their supporting cast as cardboard cutouts lacking the ability to think or act at the slightest sign of trouble. In the case of the film in question: "Who are the members of this zany wooden family, and why should we care if they die?"

This film comes packing a couple of twists although they are divergent from the light in which its masked killers are first painted and the wooden, lifeless responses of family members to the deaths of their loved ones telegraph plainly what the reveals will be, that or forces you to believe the acting and writing are worse than you imagined believable.

The masked killers themselves are uninteresting and of the variety you've seen many times before, slasher fan or not. They wear bright white animal faces and black tactical gear. Do they want to blend into the night, or not? They carry the most unwieldy of mêlée weapons and use crossbows despite the remote location of their targets. And they paint blood graffiti on the walls of their victims' homes hinting at their sadistic nature, yet the death of one of their own proves them just as emotionally human as anyone else.

The rest is beat after beat of nonsensical supporting character behavior and senseless repetition. The bad guys kill the neighbors two minutes into act one yet the script returns us two more times to their house where a highly annoying song is playing on repeat, you've been warned. A killer peers over a window sill, sees a trap laid there by our heroine, and then steps on it anyway. A victim runs slow motion into a metal wire hung at Adam's apple height. What if her much taller brother had come out first? The heroine rigs a lethal trap at the front door, but the bad guys keep using the window beside it to get in. Long after a killer slays someone inside an upstairs bedroom, another character says "I think it's safe to assume one of them is inside." Much in the same vein follows.

Viewer response thus far to 'You're Next' has astonished me. That or there's hidden quality I am missing in films such as this.

This is an ensemble home invasion slasher film. It's often funny - at the writer's expense - and although it promises to break genre standards, offers up implausibility on high in its heroine's back story as the child of survivalists. Its greatest mistake: she is more psychopathic than the killers themselves who look like they've escaped from the sets of other movies from a few years back. I suppose they grew tired of 'The Strangers' and then were 'Purge'(ed}.

Fans of supernatural horror need not enter - nor most horror movie buffs past their thirty-fifth year.

Minus nine for killers wearing animals masks, plus one for Ti West, minus one for his death, and plus none for the sequel to Crocodile Dundee starring his daughter ... the damsel who kicks ass.
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This movie sucked...
tllypj198523 April 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I'm not sure how this movie has a 6.5 on here... Was a very, very bad movie. The characters are constantly doing stupid things that make you say WTF? One girl sees a guy upstairs under the bed, so she bolts directly out the front door into the woods ( where guys have been shooting cross bow bolts from ) She doesn't grab a phone or tell anybody that she saw a guy upstairs. Uh, OK...

And they had a "Big plan" to have one of the family members bolt out the door to run past the Cell phone jammer and call 911, basically the family didn't care at all about this girl, they were willing to send her out into danger without caring, then she runs into a wire that cuts her throat open as she exits the door, THEN everybody is upset, even though they were sending her to her death anyway...

There were many times I said WTF is going on, these characters are so stupid! Even the killers are complete weakling boneheads. One chick takes them all out, a killer steps through the window, sees nails in a board below the window and steps on it anyway.. seriously...

This movie doesn't deserve the rating... Just like World War Z... Just like Absentia... Good horror movies are few and far between these days. It's all overrated garbage
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Welcome to the house of dumb
rooee13 September 2013
Remember, halfway through Cabin in the Woods, how it went completely off the rails in the most delirious way possible? That was bold. Expect no such curveballs from You're Next. This basic, cheapo slasher has taken two years to reach the silver screen, although it's not clear how it ever made the step up from DVD - it has Kim Newman's Video Dungeon written all over it.

The story concerns a reunion of the Davison siblings at their wealthy parents' country home. Tensions bubble under the surface during some sporadically engaging early scenes. Then the family start getting picked off by crossbow snipers. Soon the killers are in the house, taking out family members one by one as they inexplicably go exploring rooms on their own.

There will be blood; there will be predictable twists; there will be a dearth of surprises.

A lack of innovation wasn't a problem for recent horror hit The Conjuring, but then that movie was propelled by skillful performances, the subtle building of tension, a fine script, plausible character motivations, elegant direction and editing, and some imaginative scary encounters. You're Next has none of these things.

Does it have anything going for it? The presence of a strong female protagonist is always welcome – if Sharni Vinson is a scream queen, then she's not the one doing the screaming. Also, the film's score is distinctive, starting with dark, searing drones and slipping into some late rolling synth. But it isn't enough to make up for all that's risible.

Truly, the dialogue scenes had my auditorium sniggering. Later, when the blood starts flowing throughout the repetitive fight scenes, sniggers became full laughter. And yet there is no evidence of archness or knowingness on writer-director Adam Wingard's part. If this is a parody then I never felt like I was in on the joke. It just seemed like a poor script made into a poor film.
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this was so bad
lillavindu17 January 2014
Warning: Spoilers
i don't mind giving it one star, though. that song they kept playing was really catchy and it was the only good thing about the whole entire movie.

it was irritating how stupid everyone was. and the girl with the short hair and bangs that smokes and was supposed to be "cool" even tried getting her weirdo boyfriend to bang her next to his moms dead body. but of course he isn't up for it because it's not like it earns him money or anything.

the ending was just bad. the last survivor gets shot (shock) by a cop. she doesn't die. then the cop comes in (through the front door where there was a booby trap)...but instead of a gore scene, some crappy animated blood comes on the screen with the title of the movie and then the catchy song starts playing.

don't watch it.
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poor execution
topping6518 January 2014
Wasn't expecting much, received even less. The characters are wooden and the acting is poor. Hell, the first half of the movie, you want to kill the family yourself, because they are so annoying and stupid. The concept is interesting, but the execution is terrible. The "twist" is so obvious by the bad acting and the poor dialog. I figured it out 10 minutes into the movie, they make it very obvious. The very ending of the movie was probably the best part. It was dumb, but at least it was funny. The filming is terrible, shaky camera work and zooming in on everything. Most of the people die because they're stupid, not because the bad guys are clever. It's not even worth a free rental at Redbox.
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Don't go see this Next
JakexHorror29 August 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Having watched this last night, I can say I was bitterly disappointed. The trailer looked awesome, with its haunting score and the people in the masks looked somewhat discomforting. However after watching I can say I left feeling rather underwhelmed to say the least.

The film starts quite positive and within five minutes we are treated to the first graphic killing spree. However after this is somewhat falls apart, with plot holes appearing all over the place, the story simply falls apart. Characters are introduced in rapid succession and you can never truly get a chance to connect with them.

The film follows the somewhat familiar home invasion story. A family moves into a new house with the plan of renovating it to serve as their retirement home. Shortly after footsteps are heard upstairs, can you see where this is going? The whole family gather in the house I think there was 8 of them in total. There is obvious tension between two of them, I suppose at this point we were supposed to gather that there are long standing issues amongst the family members, but not to worry you never hear of this. It's at dinner the killing starts and ultimately where the film begins to fall apart. Armed with Crossbows, arrows start flying, and the blood starts flowing. However this is as good as it gets, you simply don't feel anything for the characters getting killed, seriously at some points it was actually laughable.

Most of the guests begin panicking and running amok however it is hear that we learn that the one of the guests is a Rambo-esque heroine who has been brought up as a survivalist. Whereas the other guests run scared she begins setting up home-alone style traps for the attackers who she knows will clearly come into the house, even though they have crossbows and hidden behind masks, makes sense right? But not to worry the attackers are so dumb they actually enter the house one by one and are picked off by the heroine. It's in the closing act that we learn that two of the brothers are in on the scheme to kill the family and collect the inheritance and the entire family estate. At this point though you'll be so seriously disconnected from the film you will be begging for it to end.

All in all it had potential but falls flat on its face.

3/10 – Go see it at your own peril.
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A family comes together for their parents's anniversary and are attacked by unknown killers.
lexiewilson41523 August 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Words cannot describe quite how disappointed I was with this movie. First of all, It's pretty bad when the audience is laughing through half of a "Horror" film. I was actually quite excited to see this, and it's rare that I go see a movie at the theater. I knew the moment the family started arguing about who was faster that this was going to suck. I'm more mad at Lionsgate than anything for advertising this as a scary movie when there was loads of comedy in it. At least advertise some comedy too so people know what to expect. If it weren't for the comedy, it might have been a decent movie. Maybe a 5 or 6 on a scale of 1 to 10. I wanted to be scared, not humored. Maybe one of these days a company will actually make a truly scary horror film.
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OMG! This Movie was Terrible!
etrusley11240228 October 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Maybe I'm too "Old School" Maybe my opinion sucks. Maybe i trusted Rotten tomatoes too much. Whatever the reason I decided to go see this movie, I was wrong. This is terrible! Classic Slasher my A#$! This is a horrible excuse for a Horror film or, Comedy. Laughable someone Bankrolled this. Excuse my language but, I haven't been this disappointed since Burt Wonderstone. Cheesy Plot of a family away in a cabin in the middle of no where for a Family Retreat. All these Snot nosed kids come out the wood works. A family game turns into a nightmare as arrows go whisking thru the windows. Saving you all some time, turns out the ungrateful brother of our story hires killers to take out his parent for ....wait for it....Inheritance!!!! Yes!! But, then the plot starts to turn as the typical brunette comes in her wife-beater dirty, still sexually appealing trying everything to make it. Typical crappy B Movie. Sound a little hostile? I am! I spent close to $40 to go see this CRAP because Critics Raved " Thrill ride of your Life!" Rolling Stone says "Must see of the Year!!!!!!" Crap. Most of the rehashed bullshit Hollywood keeps pumping out is a product of Lost Imagination. Today's Generation of Movie goers have been deprived of the mystery of the story anymore. Trailers give away the Plot, Climax and Resolution in the 2 1/2 min trailers.But even I didn't see this coming. I actually left in the final few minutes to go smoke a cigarette. I came back and my wife ask if we had to stay to finish. Horrible way to leave a theater. I'm not sure if Payola is a practice used in Movie Reviews but, it sure seems that way here. Over hyped film. Lackluster acting. Short comedic punches i guess but, not enough to repair the damage. It's just not believable. I hope you wait and save this for a free Redbox rental for a bored day. Should be a good conversation starter. If you like Movies that is.
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Awful awful awful....
MartianTom30 August 2013
7.1 points on IMDb? You gotta be kidding me! This can only be down to the 'teenage' factor (check any reviews containing the word 'awesome').

Did I say awful? It's probably even worse than that. I walked out 20 minutes before the end because I simply couldn't stand another moment. I had the entire screening to myself, too, which must say something about a reputation that I somehow missed. And the high score on IMDb suckered me in.

Every horror movie cliché is here. Thought they'd all been played to death? Well, someone thought they were worth another spin. On top of that, there were all the usual 'That would be the stupidest thing to do - so let's do it' moments. And as if all that wasn't bad enough, it was filmed with a hand-held camera, which made me feel queasier than the gore scenes. Those, too, were unoriginal. It almost felt like a send-up. But it took itself far too seriously for that.

How does stuff like this get the green light? How does it get funding? How bad does your career have to be that you are forced to 'act' in garbage like this?

Okay. You get the picture by now. Have some respect for your own intelligence and discernment.

Give it a miss.
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A Blast!
Red_Identity31 December 2013
Surprise of the day! You're Next is effective, gruesome, wickedly funny and twisted. I had a blast with this. It's not that original, but the way it plays with certain expectations is pretty refreshing, and the whole set up and the way the rampage starts is pretty fantastic. While it never takes on a full-on comedic tone like other horror films, it still takes great pleasure in giving the audience the most simple type of satisfaction. That's not saying it's not gory, because it is, and it's quite brutal. The actors are all pretty appropriate considering the tone of the film, and the twists manage to work. The ending also works in spite of itself. This is highly recommended, perhaps even better than The Conjuring.
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An excellent and very refreshing horror movie!!
davispittman29 June 2015
Your next was surprisingly one of the best horror movies I've ever seen! It was written well, exciting, electrifying, and very smart. It didn't have any of the old slasher movie clichés, it was very unique and refreshing. Also it had not only one twist at the end of the film, but 2 twists, both were fantastic! Erin, the lead of the film was a great character! She wasn't one of those slutty cliché slasher movie girls, she was a really tough fighter who knew what to do, it was really cool to see a horror movie that did not have all the old clichés. All of the characters were wonderfully casted and well written! You honestly cannot predict the end of this movie, I'm not going to reveal the end because I want you to watch it and see for yourself because I sure you, you will not be disappointed. My only complaint is I wish it would've dialed down some of the gore, the gore wasn't constant and it wasn't terribly graphic but it was a little bit too much for my taste. Also at the very beginning there is a half naked woman that walks around revealing her breasts, just to let you know, just in case nudity makes you uncomfortable. I would've liked for one or two characters to be a little bit more attractive but it's not all about how attractive an actor is, it's about how well they pull off the roles and I can honestly say all of the actors in this film did a great job pulling off their roles! 10 out of 10 for you're next, if you're a horror movie fan this is a must see!
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