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‘Extreme Rules 2015′ Blu-ray Review

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WrestleMania 31, the WWE’s biggest event of the year is over and we arrive at Extreme Rules, the pay per view that WWE claim is their time once a year to “go extreme”. The PG era has meant that “extreme” in the current WWE climate is very different to what it meant back in Ecw or during WWE’s TV-14 run, but there’s still some interesting stuff booked for this PPV, so let’s see how it all plays out.

On paper this is a mixture of rematches and feuds we’ve seen before, but that doesn’t mean that the matches are going to be bad. The PPV opens with the Chicago crowd popping for Neville, who wrestles Bad News Barrett on the “Kick-off Show”. Daniel Bryan was pulled from the show, so his Intercontinental Title defence against Barrett never happened. Neville got a good reception from the fans and had a decent,
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10 Wrestling Matches You Should Watch To Prepare For WWE Extreme Rules


This Sunday’s Extreme Rules PPV main event is something WWE bills as the only night of the year where things go extreme. It’s their way of saying that pretty much every match has a stipulation, but it’s not like it is the only PPV like that. The last TLC PPV had a lot of stipulations too. That’s just typical WWE where they like to forget things.

As diehard wrestling fans, we don’t like to forget things. We want to do things and watch things to remind us of why we are watching in the first place. That’s why whenever there’s a PPV event it’s fun to take a look back at some matches from the past that are good to check out (on WWE Network, of course) as a way to preview the matches that we’re going to see on Sunday.
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WWE Payback Main Event Revealed?


An officially released promo for WWE’s May pay-per-view WWE Payback has led to speculation online that it could be Seth Rollins defending his World Title against Randy Orton and Roman Reigns.

You can see the promo for yourself below, which certainly hints towards Seth Rollins successfully defending his title against challenger Randy Orton at this Sunday’s WWE Extreme Rules pay-per-view.

Dave Meltzer from F4Wonline.com had speculated on a recent Wrestling Observer Live podcast that the creative direction at one point was for Roman Reigns to work a program with Kane after he is done with the Big Show this weekend. Those plans look now to have been switched to putting Reigns back in the main event picture.

Meanwhile, as reported earlier, it looks like a feud between Bray Wyatt and Ryback is the planned direction for both of those upper mid carders. It was
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Ranking 6 Best Randy Orton Matches At WWE Extreme Rules


In a little over a week Randy Orton will face off against WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins in a steel cage at WWE Extreme Rules. Another interesting stipulation for their match is that Randy Orton’s crowd favorite finisher the Rko will be banned from being used. That puts Orton at a disadvantage for sure.

While Seth Rollins is still in the future for Orton at Extreme Rules he has plenty of history to build off of. This Pay-Per-View event has been around for 6 years and The Apex Predator has had a match at every event. He’s fought in a variety of stipulations including Falls Count Anywhere and Last Man Standing while facing off against elite competition such as Batista and Cm Punk. Orton has a split record at the event: 3 wins and 3 losses.

The Viper has performed impressively in the past at this show as
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Review: WWE Extreme Rules (Blu-ray)

Though they were few actual extreme rule stipulations at the 2014 Extreme Rules Pay Per View, there were certainly extremes when it came to the quality of the matches. Stuck right at the beginning of the no man’s land between Wrestlemania and SummerSlam that inevitably finds the WWE effectively presenting the PPV as the hangover after the big Mania blowout, Extreme Rules was an evening of highs and lows.

Starting with those lows, John Cena facing off against Bray Wyatt in a steel cage might have seemed the next logical step after their Mania lock up, and to be fair to WWE Creative they’d tried to pull out all the stops to build it up in the weeks prior to Extreme Rules, but the reality of the match was that it was dull. After trying numerous times to escape the cage, only to be thwarted by continuous interference by
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‘WWE Extreme Rules 2014′ Blu-ray Review

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WWE Extreme Rules 2014 see the action from the Izod Centre New Jersey, where John Cena continues his feud with the Wyatt Family taking on Bray in a steel cage match. Evolution take on the The Shield in the battle of the the old and new factions and Kane goes back behind the mask to challenge Daniel Bryan for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, plus much more.

Extreme Rules Pre-show Match – WeeLC Match – Hornswoggle vs. El Torito (a DVD/Blu-ray Extra)

What the hell is a WeeLC match, you may ask. Well, I asked the same damn thing. Is it a match in which combatants can use chairs, ladders and urine to defeat their opponents? No, it isn’t, though that sure would have been a spectacle. The WeeLC match is WWE’s way of amusing itself with puns. This is a midget TLC match in which no holds are barred.
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WWE Extreme Rules: Summary Review And Results


Extreme Rules 2014 was the first proper ‘special event’ of the new WWE era, a night in which the new generation of stars had their chance to shine, and in most cases, this proved to be what happened – Cesaro, Paige, Rusev, Bray Wyatt, The Shield and Daniel Bryan all proved successful. WWE is all about ‘in with the new’ and ‘out with the old’ right now, which made for an entertaining night, although this was hardly an event that we will still be talking about a year from now. Extreme Rules 2014 was solidly in the upper-mid region of event quality.

The opening match in New Jersey was Cesaro vs Rob Van Dam vs Jack Swagger. Previous to this, there had been a pre-show on the Network of Hornswoggle vs El Torito in a WeeLC match. As you would expect from a midget contest, it was ludicrous, made more so
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WWE Extreme Rules: Watch Seth Rollins’ Crazy Balcony Jump


Seth Rollins lived up to the ‘Extreme’ moniker of last night’s WWE pay per view, diving at least ten feet off an arena balcony!

The crazy leap on to Triple H, Randy Orton and Dean Ambrose was the ‘Oh my God!’ moment of the night.

No doubt about it, Rollins will be feeling the repercussions this morning. The velocity of crashing through three men would have been sore in itself, the resulting impact with the arena floor also offering up a world of pain. The only thing protecting his bones from the concrete was a very thin rug!

This spot was reminiscent of the crazy balcony dives we used to see Super Crazy do back in the old Ecw. By recreating the spot, Rollins ended up being the one true star of the Extreme Rules pay-per-view who really embraced the event origins as a hardcore show. There was
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10 Wildest WWE Matches Ever


The WWE Extreme Rules event is likely going to feature some crazy moments simply because with several stipulation matches on the card that’s what they’re promising the fans. It’s not going to be as wild as some WWE events in the past, though. That’s because the company’s PG rating has forced them to be a lot more careful in terms of the wild matches. There are still some physical brawls in WWE, but nothing compared to what it was.

What we’re here to look at today are some of WWE’s wildest matches ever. What makes a match wild? A number of things do like the uses of weapons such as ladders, tables, chairs, kendo sticks and whatever else a wrestler can get his hands on. Blood certainly helps. Visible pain comes to mind too.

There are two names you’re going to
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WWE Extreme Rules: 8 Predictions

In the 4 weeks since WrestleMania 30 the WWE has been steadily travelling on the road to its next pay per view, Extreme Rules. Of course the whole concept of ‘Extreme Rules’ is a façade in the current WWE PG Era. Extremes of one sort or another are strictly forbidden. Evidently, apart from the namesake of ‘Extreme’ in ‘Extreme Rules’, the pay per view is not likely to feature any hardcore violence, blood or for that matter anything but PG friendly wrestling.

While this would ordinarily be disappointing for many fans looking for the WWE to get in touch with its extreme side, it would seem that in 2014 the WWE has made an attempt at appeasing them by compensating its lack of extremity with a well developed PPV show featuring interesting and exciting confrontations. From the reunion of Evolution and the re-masking of Kane to the resurgence of women’s wrestling and
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WWE Extreme Rules 2014 Predictions

WWE Extreme Rules is the first pay-per-view or “special event” after testing the waters with the WrestleMania XXX with WWE Network. Now, most cable providers aren’t even carrying the event, so it’ll be interesting to see how WWE handles this event. Certainly the urgency isn’t exactly the same as viewers through WWE Network are already locked into a monthly plan. Historically, Extreme Rules has always been one of the better shows throughout the year and the hope is that the trend is continued.

El Torito Vs. Hornswoggle (Pre-show ‘Weelc’ Match)

The play on the acronym “TLC” and turning it into “WeeLC” is just so absurd. With that said, this should be a very entertaining match regardless of how meaningless it is. Yes, my guilty pleasure is the over-the-top corny stuff. El Torito should be pulling off some flashy stuff and Hornswoggle is always amusing to watch. I
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WWE Extreme Rules Results Predictions


Extreme Rules is a seven match card that promises to be WWE’s ‘hardcore’ event of the year. Emanating from New Jersey this May 4th, the main event of Evolution versus The Shield is being pushed hard as the main event. That’s the match which will sell the pay per view, the bout people are going to tune into the Network to see. Throw in Cena vs Wyatt in cage, alongside WWE Champion Daniel Bryan against Kane in an ‘Extreme Rules match’ and we have a very intriguing night ready to unfold.

Previous years have ended up being very good, despite WWE limitations on blood and violence, the event does often live up to its ‘extreme’ billing. Most memorable was the epic encounter between John Cena and Brock Lesnar in 2012. Could anything this year compare to that level of brilliance? With some of the stacked talent in the big matches,
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WWE Extreme Rules: 10 Matches It Could Set Up For The Future


How do you follow an event like WrestleMania XXX? After a show that gave us so many emotional highs and lows, shock and elation, it’s best to go another way entirely. An extreme way.

While I enjoyed the idea behind the Backlash PPV – tying up loose ends after WrestleMania, in less of a pressure cooker than the Grand Daddy of Them All – I think the Extreme Rules idea is even better. It doesn’t need to compete with the energy of WrestleMania, because Extreme Rules exists on a different plane entirely. We turn to Extreme Rules for hard-core wrestling thrills. Gimmicks and violence that are more rarely showcased, trotted out for our perverse pleasure.

While this year’s card looks less hard-core, more intense, everyone is talking about the changing of the guard. The Shield, Cesaro, Rusev, and Wyatt. Bad News Barrett and Paige. All highly-lauded by the fans,
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WWE Extreme Rules Spoilers – 10 Things That Will Happen


Extreme Rules promises to be a night of unpredictability, a ‘special event’ with several teases built up over the last few weeks on Raw. The drama will unfold this weekend from New Jersey, with the main event set as Evolution Vs The Shield. The co-main events are John Cena vs Bray Wyatt (in a steel cage) and WWE Champion Daniel Bryan defending against Kane (in an Extreme Rules match).

The rest of the card is made up of Big E defending his Intercontinental title against Bad News Barrett, Paige defending the Divas title against Tamina Snuka, Alexander Rusev vs R Truth and Xavier Woods (2 on 1 handicap match), and finishing off the undercard is Cesaro vs Jack Swagger vs Rob Van Dam.

There are numerous questions circulating around the internet wrestling community - who will walk out winner? What will happen? Who could return? Is John Cena going heel?
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WWE Extreme Rules Updated Lineup – 8 Matches Announced


The final edition of Raw prior to Sunday’s Extreme Rules Special Event (or Pay-Per-View) saw WWE finalize the card by adding a couple of matches to the card. We have known the top three matches for several weeks now with Raw devoting plenty of time to all three of them in the build up to this event.

Here’s a look at the eight match lineup for this Sunday’s show taking place in East Rutherford, New Jersey.

The Shield (Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose & Seth Rollins) vs. Evolution (Triple H, Batista & Randy Orton) – There is no stipulation announced for the match. Ric Flair appeared on Raw on Monday. We don’t know if he’ll be there on Sunday night.

WWE World Heavyweight Championship (Extreme Rules Match): Daniel Bryan vs. Kane – Bryan defends the WWE Championship against his former tag team partner.

Steel Cage Match: John Cena vs.
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WWE Extreme Rules: 10 Things Overly Optimistic Fans Hope Will Happen


When WWE Extreme Rules takes place on May 4th from East Rutherford, New Jersey it’s going to be a show that will continue the theme of WrestleMania 30 as WWE continues to push its younger stars to the forefront. We saw the likes of Daniel Bryan, The Shield, Bray Wyatt and Cesaro in prominent roles. What’s next for them?

Now that the Extreme Rules lineup is set, there are questions about what may happen and more importantly what we hope to happen. As wrestling fans, we just want the product to be exciting. We’re not used to WWE staying stagnant with their programming. They always have to keep going forward.

Daniel Bryan is now the man, so we want to know how they’re going to keep him strong and book him as a credible World Champion. Then we want to see who the next big thing is.
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WWE Extreme Rules 2014 Updated Lineup – 6 Matches Announced


The WWE Extreme Rules pay-per-view (or “Special Event” as WWE is trying to call it in the post-Network era) takes place at the Izod Center in East Rutherford, New Jersey on May 4th. There’s only one more episode of Raw left before the event and it looks like the card is set although another one or two matches may be added.

This past Monday on Raw, it was announced that Daniel Bryan will defend the WWE World Heavyweight Championship against Kane in an Extreme Rules match that was confirmed on WWE.com. What’s an Extreme Rules Match? It’s the same thing as a No Holds Barred match where anything goes.

It will be interesting to see how it’s booked because it’s highly unlikely that Bryan would lose one month after winning the title and having Kane lose would hurt him after bringing him
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WWE Extreme Rules – Evolution Vs The Shield Match Official


Triple H has announced Evolution will take on The Shield at Extreme Rules, making the match official during the opening segment of this week’s Smackdown taping. Hunter went on to talk about Evolution reforming on Raw, touting the group as WWE’s most successful faction ever.

The news of the Shield vs Evolution becoming a main event for Extreme Rules was expected, this was internally a long term plan going back before WrestleMania 30. What was under question was if Daniel Bryan would be added to the match, with the conclusion to the April 7th Raw hinting he could be included along with Kane to make the clash a four vs four.

Triple H’s announcement on Smackdown seems to rule this possibility out, although the scope remains for the addition of Bryan if WWE did want to go down that route. What is more likely is that
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WWE Extreme Rules Matches Latest – John Cena vs Bray Wyatt Steel Cage Match Added


The first official match has been announced for the Extreme Rules Special Event (Pay Per View) on May 4th in East Rutherford, New Jersey.

Bray Wyatt was in the ring talking trash about John Cena when Cena made his presence known after he was called out. Cena tried some comedy that didn’t really work, but then he got down to business. Cena challenged Wyatt to a match at Extreme Rules. It wasn’t just any match, though. It was a Steel Cage Match. Wyatt accepted.

It will be interesting to see how they book the match. Cena won clean at WrestleMania, so he really doesn’t need another win unless they want to end the feud there. If they want to continue the feud then Wyatt should get the win to make him look like he’s on Cena’s level. They could have a third and
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WWE Extreme Rules: 8 Match Predictions


In this week’s Wrestling Observer newsletter, it was stated that the term “pay-per-view” will be no more in WWE since the network is firmly in place in the United States now. We have used the “PPV” term for nearly 30 years now, but now they’re going to be called special events.

The next special event on the WWE calendar is the annual Extreme Rules show. It’s an event that in the past has seen every match on the card use some kind of stipulation while other years only the top matches had a stipulation. While there’s no telling what WWE might plan for the May 4th event in terms of stipulations, we do know enough about current feuds to try to put together a lineup for the show.

It’s the first Special Event where Daniel Bryan is walking into the match as the WWE World Heavyweight Champion.
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