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diageiser13 February 2012
The Voices Program is Awesome I hardly watch t.v., found this show by mistake and glad I did. I look forward to watching the judges and hearing the talent.

the judges are entertaining, critical and show great evaluation of musical talent.

we have 3-4 show we tape for viewing later- we just added The Voices. Christina Blake Cee lo and Adam are great teams leaders. Sitting and watching them decide to pick a talent is amazing they are listening with a critical ear yet open heart..

Keep this show running- i would watch this over any of the other talent show. I love this show
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408th Review: Fantastic new talent show: positive, different, and just wow
intelearts3 May 2011
Who would have thought it was even remotely possible to come up with a new singing show after ten years of Idol, Talent and others. But, in the viewer's opinion,The Voice was a stunning reboot for the genre.

THe idea for this singing show couldn't be simpler: the judges don't get to see the contestants they listen to them first, and boy does that make for good viewing. The four judges are obviously enjoying themselves and this is a very well-done professional production that will be interesting to see once the auditions over and we get to the knockout rounds whether it reverts to a more gladiatorial approach.

The show emphasizes that the judges are coaches here to help the contestants rather than simply "judge" them.

All in all, we loved the first show; it is a real breath of fresh air, and here's hoping it lives up to this fantastic start!
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This is the Voice
Pouria-DaTa28 April 2013
The fact that coaches can't be impressed by the outfit & style and the only factor in auditions is the VOICE is quiet fascinating

with well-known coaches in Season 4 , every single one of competitors are giving their best . more over knockout system is SOMETHING really keeps you on your seats till the end. at the moment were there is no hope for the looser and when they are in tears coaches have this power to steal that looser and add them to their team for the next level. Although this show is to find new talents, you can't find one without skill, everyone is talented and mostly everybody has a background in music.Consequently when these talents are singing you can't find an audience who hasn't been shucked by these Voices
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A talent show better than the rest
ama12861 May 2011
In an entertainment industry where looks dominate, The Voice offers a refreshing format which reassures us, that talent alone CAN prevail. Unlike rival programmes such as American Idol and X-Factor, the coaches on this programme are unable to see what the contestants look like when they first hit the stage. The auditions are essentially 'blind' auditions, where the judges sit in a chair with their back to the contestants so that their entire focus is on the voice of the contestant. Only if they like the contestant's voice, do they push a button which enables them to turn around and to see the contestant. In short- beautiful, talentless people don't get a look in here.

Living in a time that is dominated by celebrity, image and 'z-list' culture in which talentless people can make it big for being pretty, The Voice is taking things back to basics- good old fashioned raw talent. This original twist is not alone in making the show a success. The chemistry of the four coaches (Christina Aguilera, Cee-Lo Green, Adam Levine and Blake Shelton) makes the show endearing and entertaining.

Highly recommended, don't miss The Voice on NBC.
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Love Watching The Voice
shelly-versaevel8 November 2012
This is the second season that I have been watching the Voice, and I am captivated and amazed at the awesome talent. I enjoy seeing the wide variety of musical styles, and the uniqueness of each singers personality. As a viewer you get attached to each performer, and hope for their success as well. I do not know how the judges are able to vote sometimes, because there are so many wonderful performers. I think the greatest thing watching the show is that these are just everyday people like you or I who are out there putting their heart and soul on the line to follow their dreams. As a viewer you want each one to be a winner as well. I enjoy watching the dialogue that takes place between the judges, and watching how they are able to bring out the best in each performer and, make a difference in each one of their lives. They all genuinely care about each performer and want them to succeed. I look forward to each show!
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gmmgr29 September 2016
Warning: Spoilers
I have been watching the Voice since it aired.I loved the bantering & the style of the show. It was fun & enjoyable. I'm sorry but whoever decided that Miley Cyrus should be a judge on that show is crazy. Especially with all the younger talent auditioning. She is a terrible roll model for young people. She is obnoxious, rude, fowl & vulgar. When she leaves I will consider watching again. There has to be other talent out there that would have a better chemistry with Adam & Blake. I'm terribly disappointed. It has turned into the Miley Cyrus show. She has a big mouth & her clothes are hideous. Maybe if she acted like a young lady & showed some class it would be easier to take.
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Tired show, losing my interest
haffcrazy22 May 2018
When I first started watching The Voice, I really enjoyed the singers and even when they made mistakes or got pitchy, I found things to like. This season, the "one note" interplay between Adam and Blake is downright juvenile and what does the three stooges have to do with voice anyway? The singers/ song choices were so bad this time, that the commercials got played in our home, and the show got muted. Let's get rid of 'the block', and Adam and Blake, and go to actually making the singers better not the old tired hacks that couldn't get TV airtime if their singing talent was what they depended on, not their ownership of the show. I'll watch the blind auditions for next season, but if the two imbeciles don't get toned down or removed, and the talent is as limited as this season, I'm done with this pretense of "The Voice". Also, since when don't the west coast voters get a say? I don't bother, but If you are going to cut out half of the country to voting, perhaps you should have two shows. one for the west without Adam and Blake and with real singing talent. Maybe I'd be more supportive.
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A Tainted Show
thetsart27 April 2011
I am updating my review of The Voice due to Blake Shelton's actions on the show. I originally felt this show was about finding the best voice. However, Mr. Shelton has admitted in an interview he purposely picked a contestant over others because she was a girl. This admission goes similar to what he said on air at the time of the decision, admitting he had not chosen the best voice.

My original review follows...

I love music, but never enjoyed American Idol. I didn't like it's bad singers, age limits and overall negativity. I also didn't enjoy seeing bad singers being put on the air simply to make fun of them.

The Voice is nothing like that. The contestants are all great singers and the coaches fight for the best talent.

The coaches are a joy to watch, having fun, laughing and letting the moment move them. They seem as excited as the contestants are.

The Voice is a completely Idol-backwards and positive approach to finding great talent.

If you want something positive to watch for a change, this show is it.
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Very talented group of singers
dixon43013 December 2018
My opinion is that the voters vote for the judges, and not the contestants. The singers are not judged on their talent.
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OK if you ignore a few things...
jaredd24 May 2017
This show exists to attract viewers, advertisers and dollars. If you think otherwise, you are just fooling yourself.

The disclaimers alone are intolerable, such as the fact that they can change the outcome however they see fit. Then we have other major issues such as the popularity of the coach greatly influencing voting, and the concept of vote splitting.

The vote split is really damning for the show when combined with the popularity of a coach, since it means a coach with two artists will always lose compared to a coach with one artist.

So when will the producers do the right thing to make the show completely fair to the artists? I suppose when the viewers stop tuning in they will make a big deal about how they are changing things in order to get us back.

In the meantime, we can all skip the commercials and also not buy those junky cars they keep giving away. We'll fast forward through all the coaching stupidity and lame lip syncing guests and just enjoy the very few truly great performances by the artists.
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The Voice eliminates the crap
go_mo_732 July 2011
I believe The Voice is the best competition on TV. I'm not only tired of all the hype on the other shows, but I truly feel like my time has been wasted when I'm watching the performances that are simply crap. All the contestants they aired on the Voice were good right out of the gate. I never felt like my time was wasted and I came to appreciate the different styles of the singers. I LOVE how the coaches worked with their teams, helping them improve their presentations. It's too bad there's only one winner because there's at least 5 of these contestants that I would go buy their album right now if it existed. There will always be votes I disagree with... but I'm happy with the results as they stand now, even happier that the final eight will be touring together. I can hardly wait for season two!
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One of the really amazing things about IMDb,,,
... is that right now as you read these words you could go back in time and review the 1948 edition of Ted Mack and the Original Amateur Hour. Why, you are wondering, would you want to do that??? Because, as the name implies, that show really and truly was the original from which all current hit shows (Voice, Idol, etc) have sprung.

Interestingly, the concept died out for a few decades and then came roaring back into fashion. Which brings us to this show. First, it is not so much a show as a product. Big difference. The brains behind the show is John de Mol, the godfather of reality TV in the US, which means that the show was designed to be a hit before the first episode ever aired. Second, pay attention to the flow of a typical episode (I have seen them all, and I am not proud of that fact) and you will notice they spend more time promoting each other, and the show, than the so-called artists. Think about that. While you are thinking about that, notice that MORE OFTEN THAN NOT THE COACHES PICK THE WRONG SONG FOR THE ARTIST. With friends like that... Finally, since this is a formula product not a show (see above) every few years they end up with too much talent (where for example the top 2 contenders are about even and both deserve to win) and, also, seasons where all the contestants are duds -- like the 2014 season, where (trust me) very little actual record sales will result, regardless of who the winner is.

But the show has its moments. Watching Michelle Chammuel perform was a treat. Watch her in web clips and you will notice that a major talent was lost that season. Which is, oddly, what gives the show its panache. Not its carefully rehearsed moments. Its the ones that got away.
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mldeman4 May 2011
I think the biggest problem with The Voice is that it's not actually about "the voice", it's about the artists and furthering their own popularity. Christina Aguilera seems so full of herself! The show always says, "see which artist can say they discovered and developed the voice!" Carson Daly wants to be Ryan Seacrest so bad. The only coach I like is Cee Lo. I was really excited for this show and quickly disappointed since it's basically a popularity contest among the coaches. The blind audition is a good idea in THEORY - too bad all the coaches can see each other and regularly comment about the contestants and whether they are going to push their button. The show's authenticity could be improved by disallowing the coaches from seeing each other.
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Miley Cirus on board bad choice!
montyandrocky4 September 2016
I have watched virtually every episode since The Voice began. But I refuse to watch it with Miley Cirus on board. I have not seen ANY episodes this season nor will I as long as she is there.

Take it for what it's worth.

Miley has done her damage in the entertainment business. She has rebelled and played disgusting performances. A virtual embarrassment. There are many of us who turn the channels when she shows any situation. Your popular show that has been such a success is NOT enough to make her appear to be a good person and performer. Much less a valid believable judge! She has made her bed and now has to deal with the consequences.

Your show will suffer in viewers because of her presence. But, even if it doesn't, my conscience will not allow me to give her the time of the day.

Good luck and perhaps.....I will be able to watch next season.
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A reality show with a HUGE problematic Voting system
CyniLogical25 June 2015
I think all of the reality shows that involve voting by the viewers have a huge problem on their voting. Older and matured viewers rarely vote with passion unless when the competitors/participants are from their towns, cities, counties or states. It's so obvious and so predictable that only teenagers or even kids or younger people in their first two years of college, who are always holding smart phones endlessly texting will vote with blind passion. So when a reality show such as 'The Voice' and 'American Idol' require their viewers to vote for the person who like most, these overly enthusiastic texting young generation would vote like there's no tomorrow. They won't give a damn to a charge of every call they placed.

Then again, there's another unrealistic voting problem we have to put into consideration: Female teenagers would vote crazily when there's a handsome young guy with pretty face among the competitors. The would become so crazy, their voting fingers would have their own will and mind to keep voting for that guy, their dream lover, no matter what; even there's another competitor whose singing is much much better than that young dude, the teen-aged young female viewers will not vote for him, worst yet, the other better and more talented singer is a female, a similar gender like them feminine. They will reject her and hate her if she is too good, because she maybe endanger their young dude's ranking. (Watch this 2015 season, you would know what I mean here.) Unless, just unless, there's no likable and lovable young stud in that season, these young voting viewers might become a bit fair, voting a prettier one of the same gender. Usually, older guys or more matured female competitors would not get too many votes from those young viewers. These outcomes, well, even you think with you toes, will be so easily understood.

'The Voice' got another huge problem, i.e., the so-called four 'Coaches/Judges'. Since every coach would have several competitors they choose during the blind pick, whenever the person they coached singing, they would try every way to complement him or her, while the other three opponent coaches will render nothing negative to the other three coaches team members. Why they would have enemies in the same business? Praise other opponents means other opponent coaches will praise your team members. So these 4 guys always doing the 'scratching other three coaches' backs, praising their singers doing a great job'. This you scratch my back and I will scratch you back was an often disgusting and pretentious bullshitting scene that we kept seeing again and again.

Therefore, the 4 coaches/Judges system of 'The Voice' is not as good and fair as 'American Idol'. The latter show got 3 real judges who always comments with their true feeling whenever the competitor finished singing, they really judged and taught some important and usable suggestions to the participants and improve them in the next round. But not these 4 coaches of The Voice, most of the time, they were just bullshitting to each other, complemented among them.

The other big problem of 'The Voice', is coming from one of the coaches, Adam Levine. This guy always tried to say something deep, trying so hard to show his depth in everything, but often and always spoke something that even he himself could not comprehend. We often saw this guy just kept talking, talking and couldn't stop, like a dog chasing its own tail, circling around non-stop, yet most of what he said would be just gibberish beating-about-the-bush crappy nothingness. His other serious problem is his constant abusing insults to the other guy, Blake Shelton, a weird way to show his compadre brotherhood to that poor guy.

But other than the above-mentioned problems of 'The Voice', I have to say that this singing competition is way better than 'American Idol'. If compare these two singing competition reality shows, the talent quality and standard of The Voice is much much better and higher than 'American Idol'. When viewing these two singing programs in a row, you'd easily know American Idol's singers are not good enough, especially this 2015 season, they were just terrible and too untalented.
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An entertaining show compared to the usual
stevenrodz25 January 2012
Warning: Spoilers
With more focus on singing and great voices in particular, this show changes the usual multi-talent showcasing shows which have become rather too annoying to watch. As far as the favoritism and bias goes, well, there's nothing much to talk about as there's no show which comes without it on television anyways. And it happens both on-stage as well as backstage. Just watch it for the neat songs and the competition.It's yet to be seen how the second season will do. The judges reaction's especially the ones between Blake, Adam and Cee-Lo are comical. Christina Aguilera does the usual prima donna act and the pressure on her team feels like it's much higher than the rest. All the guys love their female contestants and it's pretty obvious that the women stand much better chances to qualify and win. Who doesn't love women? I'd personally have loved to see the Indian chick Sonia Rao get selected for voice and personality.Too bad she doesn't!!
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Really folks?
kpfan52616 October 2014
I just do not get why the voice needs to have 3 pop stars and a country star? Why not get a rocker in their and give it some variety? I just do not understand why it is overloaded with pop. You will get more views if you have more variety. It is cool the way it is set up with the blind auditions but they choose some of the wrong people. I've seen multiple people sing wonderfully but they did not get chosen because they do not have that pop sound that "everyone" wants. You will get rockers to watch if you kick one of the judges out and put in a rocker or two. Have Billy Joe Armstrong, Paul Stanley or someone in there to help the rock community! This world is being taken over by pop and TV needs to help balance it out!
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Not impressed
jcleveland28 June 2011
I like the idea of considering only the voices of the contestants, but I find the show very boring. I started tuning in pretty late after the auditions. The only people I have liked are Dia and the black guy (sorry I don't know his name). Everyone else pretty much sings carbon copies of the original songs... And the coaches don't say anything about it, they just say how amazing they thought it was. Its nice that they aren't mean like American idol judges, but they could offer a little bit of criticism. Except for those two, the show is a total snoozefest. Right now, I'm watching the final performances and they each perform an original song.. All the ones I've heard so far have been boring, including Dia's.
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Much bearable than Idol and X Factor
ltc092827 March 2013
So a couple or so years ago, I decided to write off all singing shows; they're just all the same and have become uninteresting to me. I did end up giving X Factor a chance; it was too flashy, loud and dramatic for me. Then I gave Sing-Off a chance; I'm not gonna lie, I actually ended up loving it for its originality and great judge panel (side note: I'm so stoked that it's back for another season this year!!).

So I recently saw an article with some video clips from season 4 of The Voice and one contestant, whose name is Judith, prompted me to go ahead and give the show a chance. I just need to see how far she makes it in the show, because her voice is splendidly amazing. So after watching the premiere episodes, I may actually enjoy it. First off, I have respect for Adam, Shakira and Usher as artists (not so much Blake only because I've never heard of him before this show), and they're a funny group with good chemistry.

I also love the fact that, unlike American Idol, the contestants aren't being judged off their looks or outfits. They're being judged solely off their singing capabilities. I'm also happy that The Voice doesn't waste viewers' time with horrible/stupid performances. They only invite great singers to the stage instead of trying to pull in viewers with outrageously stupid acts. Now I'm not saying all of the contestants on the show are amazing singers; I've definitely heard some not-so-great ones, but it's not silly like Idol.

I feel like The Voice has a good thing going on with the vibe of the show, slight originality and some great judges. Hopefully it sticks around!
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It's All About The Voice!!!
The casting for this show couldn't have been better, everyone compliments each other. Cee-Lo and Christina are the most likable and more wittiest of the bunch. The interesting thing about this show is the fact that they have blind auditions and choose contestants based on the voice and only the voice. Each mentor then chooses a contestant to add to their team, and the teams battle it out as America chooses who The Voice will be. It's a million times better than American Idol and obviously more interesting than the new US version of X-Factor (which has a weak judging panel). The former shows focus on finding the next Britney or GaGA (autotuned/image) while The Voice specializes in finding the next Whitney or Christina (the voice). 10 Stars!!!!
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Better than all the other shows like it
emala10123 December 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I started watching it on Hulu when a girl from my hometown won season 3. I loved the idea of the blind auditions, but I wish that the judges couldn't converse before pressing their button, but it definitely takes away some of the bias. The announcer irritates me, though. They should seriously get someone new. All the singers can sing on the show, which is definitely a plus. Sometimes the judges make a wrong choice, and at least in season three I don't think the right person was chosen to win, but they can still sing. Yes, they make mistakes, and they are pop/rock/etc. singers so their intonation and all the stuff that matters to classical singers are often a little off, but they love what they do and so I can't help but enjoy it.
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Adam has got to go!!
naturallyrockin8 December 2018
The Voice has been my favorite TV show for the past several years since I got introduced to it. I would rate it a 10, except for Adam Levine. I used to like him, but as each season has come & gone, he has become increasingly irritating & whiney - and it's no longer enjoyable with him on the show. The straw that broke the camel's back happened last week when Adam threw DeAndre under the bus in such an embarrassingly-awful way, just a week after loudly promising America that he would take DeAndre all the way to the finale, if they saved him that week. That was a horrible moment, and thank God Kelly Clarkson spoke up. (Kelly and Alicia Keyes have been my two favorite coaches, by the way; Jennifer Hudson has been much better this season) I no longer trust Adam, and no one should pick him as their coach. He has displayed that he has no integrity whatsoever, and seems a little creepy the way he has fawned over Reagan and Tyke. Plus, the interchange between Adam and Blake is so - gag me - old by this point. We need fresh blood & coaching! Since Blake is essential for the country music fans -- and provides real support to their careers, and since the two rotating coaches seem to always represent the pop/soul categories, why not have a "Gospel" coach put in the mix, since a large percentage of singers who try out for the voice have that background? I was trying to think of good male candidates, and TOBY MAC seems like a perfect fit. If he couldn't do it, then how about Michael W Smith or Steven Curtis Chapman...or Amy Grant! (and bring a male back into one of the other two spots, like Pharrell) Michael Buble has a good reputation for integrity. I sure hope a decision-maker for the show reads this...
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Suggesting an International Competition
clusania15 October 2017
I noticed that The Voice is popular in different parts of the world. Have you ever thought of holding an international competition with the winners from all the other countries along with us(The U.S.A.). And for it to air all over the world and for everyone to be able to pick a winner. In my opinion music is universal and it would be a big hit. Just saying
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nataliedoll7 February 2012
First I'll start with, I loved season one of the voice! The person who I wanted to win from their very first audition ended up winning,YAY, which I'll be honest doesn't happy very often on these kind of talent that definitely was a huge bonus!!!

Its now season 2 and I.AM.IN.HEAVEN!!!!...Eargasms...and its only in to the audition episodes....the talent is blowing me away!!! They've made a slight change from the first season to where the blind auditions are by invitation only, which is so brilliant because because we know for sure that the show has done its homework and knows that the people auditioning can for sure sing and already have some sort of background and/or experience in music....and I just have to say again...the talent is SO OUTSTANDING.... so INCREDIBLE, BRILLIANT, PHENOMENAL, they really found some good ones.

X'Tina, Adam, Ceelo, and Blake as coaches are so much fun to watch as they fight over the contestants and try to convince them to join their's officially my new favorite singing competition!!!

I hope season two can continue to carry through and deliver through out (and pick the right winner of course he he) as they've started out with a huge bang and I'm thoroughly hooked and can't wait for the next episode to air.... 10/10
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My opinion of The Voice
PaulGBang14 June 2011
The program sucks! Horrible staging, terrible format, and the contestants all appear to be the worst rejects from American Idol and America's Got Talent. I cannot believe the casting crew of The Voice could not find some of the great talent out there in the U. S.!! The voices are week, off key, or just not any good. The entire staging and set design seems poorly thought out. Too much glitz. The big red chairs not only look weird but make the judges look bad. I've watched the program for several weeks hoping it would get better, but tonight's disastrous show (6/14/2011) was the last straw! It's coming off my TiVo! I can't take anymore.
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