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Season 4

Into the Heart of Coldness/The Remarkable Beardini!
Jake goes to ShiverJack's frozen fortress to rescue the Penguins of Ch-Ch-Chilly Canyon. The Remarkable Beardini, a pirate magician, thinks Jake stole his Invisibility Ring.
10 Oct. 2015
Escape from Ghost Island/The Island of Doctor Undergear
The ghoulish Captain Wraith turns Hook, Smee, and Jake into ghosts! Captain Jake sets out on a quest to repair Captain Gizmo, but Doctor Undergear has other plans.
17 Oct. 2015
Rise of the Pirate Pharaoh/The Golden Hook
Jake and the crew accidentally awaken the Pirate Pharaoh! Captain Hook finds the Golden Hook, which turns anything it touches into gold!
24 Oct. 2015
Mystery of the Mighty Colossus/The Doubloon Monsoon
Captain Colossus's ex-first mate, the Grim Buccaneer, tries to take the Mighty Colossus. Captain Hook & Mama Hook race against Bones & Grandpa Bones to find the Doubloon Monsoon.
7 Nov. 2015
Shark Attack!/Captain Hook's Colossal Collision
Captain Jake must save his ship, the Mighty Colossus, when Doctor Undergear attempts to sink it. Captain Hook steals the Mighty Colossus and Captain Jake has to stop him.
Phantoms of Never-Nether Land/Magical Mayhem!
Captain Jake helps his matey Treasure Tooth rescue Peg-Leg Peg from the prankster ghosts. Captain Hook steals the Remarkable Beardini's magical Rings.
21 Nov. 2015
Monkey Tiki Trouble/Jake's Cold-Hearted Matey
The magical Monkey Tiki causes Captain Hook and King Zongo to switch brains! ChillyZack uses his frozen powers to try and capture Captain Jake and his crew.
Dread the Pharaoh!/Sharky Unchained!
The ex-genie Dread is freed from his bottle by the Pirate Pharaoh's mummy cat! Sharky slips away from the Jolly Roger to help Captain Jake and his crew to protect Never Land.
14 Mar. 2016
Captain Quixote/Captain Hook's Crocodile Crew
Captain Jake meets a Spanish pirate who is on a quest to capture El Blanco, the White Squid! Captain Hook becomes King of the Crocodiles.
21 Mar. 2016
The Creature of Doubloon Lagoon/Minotaur Mix-Up!
Captain Hook chases after the mysterious Gill Creature in pursuit of "a mighty treasure." Captain Hook transforms into the Minotaur of Argos!
28 Mar. 2015
Pirate Fool's Day!/The Forbidden City
On Pirate Fools Day, Peter Pan's shadow arrives on Never Land to prank everybody! Captain Chen asks Captain Jake to assist him in finding a cure for his Dragon Curse.
21 Jun. 2016
Attack of the Pirate Piranhas/March of the Lava Monsters
When Captain Hook ruins the shipwreck lunch for a school of Pirate Piranhas, the feisty fish follow him home! Captain Hook finds a magical medallion that creates lava monsters!
12 Jul. 2015
Beardini's Apprentice/Mummy First Mate
Cubby has difficulty learning to use a magic wand during a lesson with the Remarkable Beardini. The Pirate Pharaoh commands the Pirate Mummy to be his First Mate.
Crabageddon!/Night of the Stonewolf
Captain Jake, King Crab, and Crab Louie team up to oust Doctor Undergear. Captain Hook tricks Jake and his crew into finding the legendary Stonewolf Treasure.

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