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I was excited when I heard this one was coming to the PSP, but not what I was expecting.
Aaron137525 January 2011
I had already played Persona 3 and 4 and loved both games. So when I found out this one was being re-released on the PSP I was totally excited. To bad this one just is not up to those other two titles. Do not get me wrong it was okay, just not as fun and in depth as the other two. There are no social links in this, the first incarnation and for the most part all you are doing is fighting random battle after random battle. You have to grind a lot in this one suffice to say. Granted you had to grind in the others too, but you also had to do things that had absolutely nothing to do with fighting such as going to school, doing after school activities and going on class trips. There are no such elements in this one. It started out rather good, as you and your friends go to visit a friend in the hospital only to have the hospital under siege by demons. You then spend most of the game trying to find out the cause of the outbreak and at one point you are transported to an alternate dimension. Certain aspects of the game were good, just to much grinding in the end to really be a lot of fun. In this one you do not summon demons, but rather simply summon your Persona to come out and help you deal with enemies. You also use different weapons such as a sword or whip then a secondary weapon which is a gun for all characters. The fighting at times is not to bad, at other times a bit frustrating. I have also heard that this is the first game to have real voice overs during game play, but not sure if that is true or not. I do know that both the third and fourth Persona games are immensely better than this one as I did not mind that those games took well over 90 hours to win while this one probably did not take that much time it still felt a lot longer. I do not know the precise time it took to win this one as the PSP kept track of time even when I was not actively playing the game. It was fun in a way though, but nothing I have not played before. I still want to see what Persona 2 is like and I have heard rumors that it too is coming to the PSP.
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