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  • Carrying the activated Nightshade bomb, Frank boards the plane where Bailey is holding Sarah hostage. Bailey releases Sarah but orders Frank to get off the plane and take the bomb with him. Frank complies and joins Marvin, Victoria, and Han on the tarmac. As Bailey's plane takes off, they await the explosion of the bomb. With only four seconds left, Bailey discovers that the bomb has been hidden on his plane, and the plane goes up in a massive explosion. Frank reveals the empty bomb casing, indicating that he planted the bomb on the plane sometime before he faced Bailey. Incensed at losing his plane, Han says that Frank owes him $30 million for the plane and $20 million for not killing him. While walking away with Sarah, Frank replies, "All right". In the final scene, Sarah is shown jazzing it up on a mission in Caracas while Frank and Marvin (in drag) watch. Edit (Coming Soon)

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