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Park Slope mom
jotix10025 November 2011
Warning: Spoilers
The trio is seen at a firing range, when we first encounter them. After the practice, George, obviously worried about Emily's relationship with the older Bernard, asks Jonathan's help in taking his daughter out on a date. George would be appreciative if his young friend can put some sense into Emily.

Ray is finding his inspiration again for Super Ray2, a comic book that shows a female character he has modeled after a Georgia O'Keefe's flower painting. Supposedly she will be the "Emasculator". Leah has other things in her mind. She wants Ray to do his part in helping around the household. Ray goes grocery shopping. One of the things he finds is a woman's large size girdle which he uses around his midriff for his aching back. Doing housework, especially cleaning the toilets is not his idea of fun. Leah confronts Ray when she discovers Ray has fed the girls chicken that has hormones she does not want them to have and orders him to clear out.

Jonathan and Emily meet at his apartment beneath the clock tower. She is friendly, but she shows no interest in the amateur detective at all. She would rather be with Bernard. Emily mentions she saw an ad in Craigslist for a detective which she read to him from her smart phone: "Need a dick, call Jonathan Ames". He realizes someone has stolen his identity.

Bernard has taken his future father-in-law to a new restaurant that is going through a pre-opening. To George's amazement it belongs to his old enemy Richard Antrim. George who prides himself in getting fresh produce from farms a hundred miles from the city, is told Antrim's buys his vegetables from places fifty miles from Manhattan. Bernard, seeing George agitated comes to his aid by proclaiming a rat was climbing his leg, setting a panic in the new restaurant.

Ray, now out of Leah's life, goes drinking. He meets an older woman, Belinda, whom he finds to his liking. The lady drinks Bailey's while Ray drinks whiskey. The two hit it off and she invites him to come home with her. There she offers him her supply of Oxycontin to relief his back and her hip. They end up in bed together.

Meanwhile, Jonathan finds the impostor and follows the guy, who is pathetic. Getting stoned, Jonathan confesses George put him to take her out. Emily is furious. Being drunk she walks in the scene they have been observing, ending the case. George, mad at his friend pronounces he does not want to see him for a while. After all, Jonathan is not to be trusted.

Michael Lemann directed the episode. Luigi Del Tredici co-wrote the chapter with the creator of the series, the real Jonathan Ames. Tonight's installment veers toward individual vignettes in which the trio only is seen at the start of the program. Olympia Dukakis makes a guest appearance.
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