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Village Voice
Kieran Turner's Jobriath A.D. is an exceptional example of this subgenre, a cubist portrait of an unknowable man and a dramatic whodunit about an artist-victim who died by a thousand cuts.
While the subject remains something of an enigma offstage, this absorbing and deftly crafted documentary compels interest throughout.
Viewers will surely have their curiosity piqued, but may not walk out convinced of Jobriath's place in the pop Pantheon.
The film never explores the depths and nuances that could actually place Jobriath in conversation with figures who came after him, however reductively.
Jobriath A.D. is a tragic and occasionally fascinating look at pop stardom in the late ’70s and early ’80s, but its subject seems just barely compelling enough to sustain it.
It’s cruel but must be said: Presented in hushed, reverent tones, Jobriath A.D. often comes across as mockumentary material; each ghastly career move is followed by another. Hampered by limited video of Jobriath, the film lacks a sense of him or his music.

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