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First season good but now, just awful.
jrcmmclean14 March 2013
I used to watch this program and enjoyed it. It showed people working hard, who had great knowledge of restoration. The first couple of seasons were great, but now it's become the same old reality trash that most other shows are. I like watching something that is informative and shows you something you don't see everyday. American Restoration has grown into stupidity. I don't care about who bought a dog, or who gets in trouble at school, and I certainly don't care about any wedding crap either. I thought this was a show about restoration, not picking out a wedding dress. The entire show now focuses on this kind of stuff. I've stopped watching it since you don't see much about restoration. You just see the item as old and rusty, to brand new. I guess if you like watching a bunch of grown men bickering about nothing,then watch it. Maybe TLC will pick up the next season. I think the low point was having to endure Rick crying about moving. Just terrible.
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Scripted reality at its worst.
OrangieTooDope3 May 2017
The History Channel never fails to surprise me.For years they have been creating fake reality shows and constantly making them even more fake.This show was created to lie about where the people from Pawn Stars took things to get restored, just like Counting Cars.And just like those other two shows, AR followed the exact same fake path.One season they had a bunch of celebrities pretend to be customers and then the next season they starting having fully scripted stories with a cold open setting up the sadness.The show was never interesting or believable and should have not lasted more than one season.Now History has surprised me once again.Instead of canceling a miserable failure,they just decided to change the cast and make it even less exciting.That was possibly the dumbest move any TV executive ever made.This show and network should never be watched by anyone.
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greg-paque21 February 2015
I was very pleased when American Restoration spun off of Pawn Stars The concept was thoroughly engaging and became a personal favorite. Its decline in quality was subtle until the dramatic and unessisary introduction of the character Leonard. This was a grave and incredible stumble and prompted me to simply stop watching the show. So strong was my reaction and disappointment it compelled me to write this comment while seeing a re-run. As it evolved the show became less technical and more incredible. Obviously staged scenes attempted to keep the audience engaged. It has instead transitioned to being sad with sarcastic characters and plot lines that are insulting. Simply not true to the original concept. The premise was good, the current execution is unacceptable. You have silenced a positive voice for American Restoration and you've lost at least one more viewer.
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Jumping the Shark....
yellrebel5921 March 2014
I loved the show when it first started. Rick seems like a genuinely nice guy. There was some contrived shtick, but now (2014) it's getting out of hand. They spend less time showing how the work is done and more time on everybody trying to be an inked-up weirdo and phony conflict scenarios. I don't expect the show to view like a PBS craftsman documentary, but I don't know why History has come to believe that everybody enjoys this fake sitcom garbage. They have introduced 3 new cast members, and all their scenarios and hi-jinks seem utterly scripted. I liked it better when his wife was on camera now and then. I think they need to go back to basics and focus on the history of the items and the details of how they are restored. I'm starting to wonder if the work is even done there. I was in shock the other day when a guy was actually demonstrating a lathe. They need more of that! I know reality TV is anything but reality, but this show is getting hard to watch, especially that kid with the two-tone hair that hasn't seemed to mature at all in 5 years. I'd have thought he'd lose that preposterous dye job by season 3. Honestly, everybody trying to be "weird" on History is getting really tedious and dull.
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Fantastic Viewing
davidpridmore17 August 2011
If you are a fan of Pawn Stars as I am, you probably noticed that regular expert Rick Dale hadn't been on for a while; that is because he now has his own show! Rick Dale is a very likable guy who during the run of Pawn Stars has restored some amazing pieces for the guys at Gold & Silver Pawn. Now he has his own show which runs along a similar format to Pawn Stars; he usually has around 3 customers per episode who bring in various interesting items to be restored, they negotiate a price and for the next 30minutes, the action revolves around how the items are repaired and made to look new before a grand revealing at the end. Regular characters who appear on the show are Tyler, Rick's son, his brother Ron along with Kowboy, Kyle and Brettley. All the recurring characters are very enjoyable to watch in their own way, with Kowboy enjoying the role of antagonist with deadpan Kyle being an excellent foil. There is a great deal of crossover between American Restoration and Pawn Stars with episode 02/14 involving a full episode for each programme, this episode even involves Danny from Counts Customs; who along with Rick Dale and Sean Rich made up three of the best experts from Pawn Stars. Overall, American Restoration makes great viewing, being both entertaining and interesting, complimented by a great cast. It also seems a lot less staged than Pawn Stars has become, even though some of the restorations clearly take a lot longer than the few days the programme appears to suggest. This programme has the potential to run and run!!
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Full of bad acting & doesn't show you the work involved
nlambert1-953-22441320 March 2014
This show is about restoration but yet it never shows you any type of restoration work. Instead you get a lot of stage acting and it's all very disingenuous. I'd like to see more of the work and how they transform the items they get. Isn't that the whole point of the show? I don't want to just see the finished project, but rather the process of how they get it to look like new. I suspect it's due the fact they over charge the customers, so wouldn't want them to see how little work goes into restoring the items. I also don't need to see the completely and utter stage acting of the client pretending to be surprised when they unveil the item. It gets very tedious after a few episodes; especially when the items they get are very uninteresting.
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Wow, what a guilty pleasure
A_Different_Drummer15 July 2013
Let's get the negatives out of the way first. Yes, I do agree with the critic who noted that, as the series progresses, they are spending less time on the actual restorations and more time on the lives of the characters, who invariably get into dramas that may be real, or may the result of the writer's over-active imaginations. Were I more cynical (and I can be, on demand) I might start to question this magical world where every restoration turns out perfectly, every customer loves the result, and nothing ever goes wrong, except when Tyler (Rick's son) does something that you'd except to see on LEAVE IT TO BEAVER or DENNIS THE MENACE. OK, so much for the negatives. This show could be, bar none, the most upbeat production on the air. Rick Dale should run for office. He genuinely seems to find the good in every situation, every job, every client and he generates a palpable longing for the days when Americans made things by hand, by themselves, and they lasted. 30 minutes hanging out with Rick is the rough equivalent of listening to the STAR SPANGLED BANNER 78 times, give or take. As a warned you, this is a guilty pleasure. Ultimately, the real joke will be that Tyler does not actually have to learn his dad's tricks of the trade, he will likely be able to retire on the residuals.
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American Restoration is just flat out great
ctmur3 February 2012
This show should at least be an hour long. Every aspect of this show is just great. I could watch it all day long. If you want to get rid of something, how about dumping that show that has all the fat slobs who are nothing but down right thieves. That's right those assholes on Pawn Stars The only good thing about the Pawn Stars show was the spin off, American Restoration. We need more American Restoration. That show has all the good things in life going on. Family, creativity, comrades working together. Taking something old and worn out and making it just like brand new. It really shows the beauty in items that you might have never noticed. Some folks feel the prices are a bit high but they need to understand that the area that they live has a higher cost of living. Another thing is no matter what the cost charged, the item is always worth more after Rick and his team do their magic. It just a good clean show. Something that we need more of instead of all the garbage that comes across our screens. Another quick note, how about a show with the Rick that does the motorcycles and hot rods for that bunch on pawn stars?
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Restorer for Millionaires Customers ONLY!
patherwill18 January 2014
I first saw Rick Dale whenI watched 'Pawn Las Vegas' with the mean Harrison Family who I know had a business to run BUT their idea of Profit Margins gave a new meaning to the word! However getting back to Mr Dale every customer I see that visits HIS particular yard MUST BE a Millionaire OR at least have a few thousand dollars stashed away that they aren't going to miss because every client is given a quote in 'telephone numbers' and never seems to blink an eyelid, no matter how small the job? I'm not saying he isn't worth his work BUT you'd HAVE TO BE financially very well-off to even contemplate visiting him, NOT for ordinary folk for sure.
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Cheap acting trailer trash wife
hussamtalk20 October 2013
I used to like this show and Rick just to watch the things they find and the way they turn them new But the show started to become fake His prices are jacked up and not real , you can see the fake acting (the customers who are told what to say and how to react) And the crew , I don't care about any single one of them or their fake problems

And the worst part trying to shove that trailer trash wife down our throat, not to mention how slutty she got in one episode ( this is a family channel )!!!!! She should either go to some other show like the cheap trailer wife's of Las Vegas or dance on a pole somewhere This show is not worth watching anymore.
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Great show when it sticks to its purpose
irishm9 August 2013
The 7 is because, as others have noted, there's sometimes a little too much padding and too little restoration... I really want to see the items brought through the restoration process, not just a big "voila!" at the end of the show so we can see how it turned out.

That said, I like it. I like the actual folks involved (well, I'm kinda anti-Kelly, but she just doesn't seem to add a lot). I LOVE the Ron/Tyler dynamic and always enjoy the shows where they go out on a pick together; there's a lot of love between the two of them and they seem to have a great relationship. Tyler also has a solid relationship with his dad, of course; they jerk each others' chain every so often, and being a teen Tyler isn't so crazy about being disciplined, but they have their buddy-buddy moments as well (loved the fan Tyler restored for Father's Day, in his dad's favorite color!).

The rest of the crew... Kowboy, Kyle, Brettly, all good. Kowboy can be counted on for a good zinger; my favorite of his is when he said "That guy loses more parts than a leper on a pogo stick!" Might have been written for him, might not... but his delivery was spot-on.

This is one of the shows I point to when I hear someone say "all reality TV is garbage". No it's not. Maybe MOST of it is, but every now and then you find a gem, and this show is one of 'em.
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These reviewers don't understand "value"
willgilliland-6901417 July 2016
The only faults of American Restoration while Rick's business was a part of it, were the funny antics that were scripted. You would have to be a group of trained actors to pull that off.

For those thinking Rick "ripped them off", by definition, you're wrong. The value of a restoration is determined by the negotiation. What you can't afford or what you are not willing to pay has NOTHING to do with the true customers on the show. Keep in mind there are NO manuals, few wiring diagrams, many fabrications needed and all the while Rick does a quality job.

There are very very few people in the world with the same level of knowledge of pneumatics, hydraulics, electronics, chemicals, painting techniques, reverse mechanical engineering, cleaning without damaging and to connect his talented works with a buyer.... just amazing.
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I won't watch because of Kowgirl
xchuckyoufarliex7 January 2014
It's contrived and clearly the worst of the Pawn Stars spin offs. But it's worse than just contrived - the show is gross. It's truly cringe worthy for one singular reason - the "kowboy" jerk. He's the stereotypical insecure, moronic, mean spirited jerk we all have known too many off. He's not controversial - he's generic. His brand of miserable does not generate hype for a show, it repels viewers.

In fact, I lost respect for the business owner - whoever employs, let alone showcases, a jerk-loser-moron like "Kowboy" is trash. Certain people are toxic, and this "kowboy" is radioactive toxic.

The show is bad regardless of this moron, but his presence makes it nauseating. I'll watch Discovery, and leave History channel is history as far as my TV is concerned.
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Destroying history!!
malmoehank13 February 2019
Worst crap ever, bad acting people destroying old collectibles and transform them into new things. And to ridiculous prices that could buy you at least 2 of the same thing.
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They destroy all the beautiful items of yesterday's
matti_kaki17 January 2016
I am a long term electronic service engineer specialized to professional video tape recorders. I do also much restoration work with old radios etc. It is just awful to see how they destroy those nice old things removing every single nuance and original paint they have. Even if the paintwork is really good for its age. They repaint using their own colors which usually are too bright and do not fit to these old beauties. Also they ruin labels and texts when they can't do them right. They use wrong fonts and wrong colors etc. Also they change old, beautiful gears and buttons and other things which made the apparatus look so fine. Why? Did they sell those to real restorers or museums? Also the prices are something ridiculous. I wonder if anybody really has paid those huge sums for that bad job. One of the worst was the Nasa helmet they totally ruined.
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American Restoration needs to stay on TV
unsinkable-1306625 September 2017
I love this show, American Restoration. I think they do an amazing job restoring old antiques, old bikes, old cars and etc. they come up with some very unique items at times. I actually wish that you would show more of the objects being restored in a little more detail. Even a little more history of each object would be nice. Please keep this show on it's one of my favorite shows.
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A Solid 10 For The First Few Seasons.
collectorofsorts9 July 2019
The first three to four seasons were great! Then the History Channel started adding all the scripted drama that killed the show. Most of the folks commenting here are just clueless as to how the world works. They complain that enough of the actual work isn't shown. Well, each show would need to be 10 hours long if you followed each item thoroughly from start to finish. Many complain about pricing. For them, I would suggest they lease a huge property and fill it with a Million Dollars worth of tools and equipment and then hire a solid crew of skilled craftsmen to do restorations. If they can do that and charge bargain basement prices on their restorations, I'll give them a pat on the shoulder. Basically, in this world, you get what you pay for. Wonder how many of the complainers have a $1000 iPhone in their pocket that shatters the first time you drop it? Anyways, it was a wonderful show. I enjoyed the first 6 seasons. I loved watching 'the family' each week and watching Rick teach his son and stepson responsibility and seeing them become productive members of society after learning their skilled trade. Wonderful show! It was like watching a 1960's era family. Sure, people argued and bickered. But, that's life. I spent my life working the oil fields and shipyards around the world. That's kind of the norm for folks in the skilled trade fields.
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