The Little Prince (2015) Poster

Ricky Gervais: The Conceited Man



  • The Businessman : [after using one of the stars as example for powering his planet]  There, you see? The inessential has become perfectly essential.

    [to the Little Girl, angry] 

    The Businessman : How it should be for all things.

    [ordering The Conceited Man and pointing to the classroom] 

    The Businessman : Take her back to the classroom. Make sure no one interferes.

    [the Conceited Man grabs The Little Girl's arm as he was about to get her to the classroom, as the latter was trying to break free of The Conceited Man's grip] 

    The Little Girl : No! Let me go, I can't...

    The Conceited Man : [to the Little Girl]  Stop!

    The Little Girl : Don't let them do this to me!

    The Conceited Man : [to the Little Girl]  I said stop!

    Mr. Prince : [to the Businessman]  ... Wait.

    The Businessman : [to Mr. Prince]  Wait? I've given you 371 jobs, and you have been fired from 370 of them. I think it's time you go back to work, my little failure.

  • The Conceited Man : [posing as a policeman]  Why are you so small?

    The Little Girl : Because I'm a child.

    The Conceited Man : That is absolutely not allowed here!

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