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12 Oct. 2009
Volare con le proprie ali
Young, naive but determined angel Raf goes to the Golden School to learn to be a Guardian Angel. First moment on earth she's teased by a Devil named Sulfus who later turns out to be her appointed rival.
13 Oct. 2009
Amiche per sempre
Raf had a terrible nightmare and is comforted by her best friend Urie. Meanwhile, the human Andrew does not defend his friend James against the school bullies. So Raf decides to launch a new challenge against Sulfus. The Devil decides to hold the House Challenge in his home city and involves the Angel in a chase with a dragon. Raf is in trouble early, but her friends quickly come to help her.
14 Oct. 2009
Povero diavolo
Raf has the right to make the first move on Andrew and get him to make the right choice, but she has no idea how. She finally implements a plan where James is able to help Andrew. Andrew then realizes it was wrong to not help James when he was in need, so when James is bothered by the bullies again, Andrew decides to give them a good lesson!
15 Oct. 2009
La vera bellezza
Jennifer, an Earthly guarded by Urie and ensnared by Cabiria, feels different from other girls because she does not follow trends and does not like to have a flashy look. Urie must get her to accept her "different" look and be happy with the way she is. Meanwhile, the scar on Sulfus' hand has disappeared and he can finally throw away the glove that hid it. Malachi takes possession of the glove.
16 Oct. 2009
Le regole del gioco
Edward, guarded by Sweet and ensnared by Kabale, organizes a poker game at home to raise the money necessary to buy a scooter. Kabale intervenes and helps Edward win the game against his friend. His friend asks Edward to give back the money he won, because his father is having financial difficulties. Edward makes a decision.
19 Oct. 2009
Malachi opens a small box, from which emerges a black spider left free to roam the school: the goal is to sting Raf and Sulfus. Arkhan and Temptel must be away from school throughout the weekend: one will go to high places, the other to the low spheres, to make the review of their respective students. The Angels and Devils will continue to look after their land; the rivalry grows.
20 Oct. 2009
Verità e bugie
Raf and Sulfus are not feeling very well. They are taken to their respective infirmaries. Malachi, hidden in the land, pulls out a small box hidden in a pocket of his sweatshirt, the spider that we saw in the previous episode. The servant leaves the spider free to follow Raf and Sulfus closely, so that Reina can watch everything that's happening between them.
21 Oct. 2009
Chi semina vento raccoglie tempesta
Arkhan and Temptel are in the grand universal library of the school to do research. They want to find out the consequences of an Angel and a Devil falling in love. The two browse and read hundreds of books, but initially do not seem to find anything worthwhile for them. Meanwhile, Edward is attacked by a strange thief, who forces him to give him all the money he has.
22 Oct. 2009
Vita da terreno
The angels and devils spend a day as humans.
23 Oct. 2009
Arkhan and Temptel permanently enshrine the separation of Raf and Sulfus. From now on Andrew will be guarded by Miki, against Sulfus. Raf is newly assigned to twin girls, Julia and Helen, who will be ensnared by Gas. Julia and Elena are two rich girls, recently transferred to the city, who are very sad and worried about going to a new school.
26 Oct. 2009
Appuntamento segreto
Raf and Sulfus find letters, supposedly sent to one another, to meet in front of the Challenge Room. Later, in the schoolyard, the four Angels listen to a dialogue between Andrew and Jennifer: the boy wants to spend his birthday alone with her in "Rock Café", the local trendy and expensive restaurant. Jennifer is very concerned she doesn't have enough money to buy a nice gift for Andrew.
27 Oct. 2009
Prigionieri del cuore
The Angels and Devils are very concerned: Raf and Sulfus seem to have disappeared into thin air! Both groups, however, understand that it was someone else who wrote those messages, as the handwriting is identical. Kabale plucks up courage and opens the door of the Challenge Room, which reveals the black abyss that swallowed their friends.
30 Oct. 2009
L'inganno di Reina
Students at the Golden School seem enthusiastic about a trip to the "Caves of Obscurity". However, the poster was actually put up by Malachi and the trip is part of a diabolical plan by Reina to get Raf and Sulfus alone.
2 Nov. 2009
Guardian Angel, Guardian Devil
Raf and Sulfus convince their friends not to tell the professors about anything that has happened. But Kabale confides in Gas, who goes and tells Temptel. Temptel then reveals to Arkhan that Raf and Sulfus were about to kiss. Arkhan accuses Raf and announces that from now on Gabe will always be by her side, as her own Guardian Angel.
3 Nov. 2009
Giocare con il fuoco
Students at the Golden School seem enthusiastic about a trip to the "Caves of Obscurity". However, the poster was actually put up by Malachi and the trip is part of a diabolical plan by Reina to get Raf and Sulfus alone.
6 Nov. 2009
Dal tramonto all'alba
While Sulfus frees Helen from the tentacles of the octopus, Gabe and Misha fight the monsters at the top of the mountain, far from land. Meanwhile, Arkhan and Temptel report back to school with Urie and Cabiria, who are feverish and bathed by the evil purple glow. Arkhan rushes into the universal library to find the formula of the poison.
11 Nov. 2009
Sull'orlo del baratro
At the Tournament of Light and Dark, the Challenge Room has taken the form of a stage. The challenges will be chosen by the Orb of Destiny and one member of the losing team will be expelled. However, Reina has secretly taken control. Raf will be challenged by Sulfus.
12 Nov. 2009
La rivincita delle Angels
For the game against Urie, Kabale chooses a setting outside a typical Shaolin Temple on top of a mountain. The two clash in a challenge of Kung Fu, during which Kabale initially seems to have the advantage, but then Urie, after the discovery of a new power, "multi-beast," is victorious. Through this power, the Angel can turn into any animal.
16 Nov. 2009
Due coppie, un destino
Reina sends Raf and Sulfus back in time to witness a female Devil and male Angel who share their relationship issue. After an argument and battle Raf and Sulfus submit to their feelings and share a kiss.

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