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Sex & Nudity

  • an underaged girl wears a dress with deep cleavage
  • an underaged girl shows her deep cleavage
  • a man wakes up wearing only underpants
  • a man is shown a few images on a computer of scantely dressed girls (bra and pants)
  • a woman start to unbutton her shirt, a man closes it again (no nudity shown)
  • a woman rips her shirt of, revealing a top
  • a woman eavesdrops to the sound of lovemaking
  • an underaged girl proposes sex to an older man
  • a woman aks if a man wants to touch her custard (suggesting her vagina)
  • an underaged girl flounts her breasts
  • an underaged girl grabs a man from behind
  • An underaged girl gets in the car with an adult man, they start to kiss.

Violence & Gore

  • a woman pulls a man across a desk and forced kisses him
  • very short flashes of memory concerning violence
  • a man takes a sip of alcohol and spits it in the face of another
  • a man touches a girls breast and gets slapped on the wrist


  • what the hell
  • A family uses unkind words at the table, a young girl gives her family the finger
  • oh my God, God damn, shit, fuck off

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The movie is about puberty in a depessing environment, the pervasive mood is depressed and rather intense

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