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Detective Drama with a twist
isabelle-frater31 October 2014
Reinoryokusha Odagiri Kyoko no Uso (Spiritual Teacher, Kyoko Odagiri) wasn't the drama I first thought it was going to be. I thought it would have a lot of fake psychic stuff, pretending to do magic, and would be kind of annoying. Why I really started to watch was Ishihara Satomi, who I've seen in a few things, and that dress. Oh my, that is so gorgeous, I kind of want it. What I got was a detective series, actually. The cases seem to be supernatural at first glance, but of course they're not. I was happy that it was a detective series, because I'm growing to really love Japanese detective stories. Unlike most Western ones, the difference is that most "culprits" aren't really evil, and not doing things out of malicious intentions. Their motivation is often to help someone, or to save people. Therefore when the resolution comes, it's usually done in a kind way. The mysteries themselves are interesting, but not impossible to solve. I did figure some of them out, but not all of them.

Ishihara Satomi plays the title character, Odagiri Kyoko. She is a fake psychic, but like the cases she investigates, her motivations for doing it aren't evil, or just to make a lot of money. In fact, she kind of hates it, but has to. I loved how Satomi could switch between the two personalities that she had to display. That of the young woman, and the self-assured psychic. Tanihara Shosuke plays Taniguchi Ichirou, a detective trying to find an actual psychic to recruit. She ends up helping Kyoko with her detective work, and I could also feel a spark between them, but sadly this isn't a romance drama. Oshima Yuko is Ibushi Kaoru, Kyoko's manager and cousin. I liked the character, she was kind of cute and ruthless.

Overall, an interesting variation on the detective drama. It is also touching at places, and the ending was great. Well worth watching.
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psychopathic Japanese TV show murder/mystery melting pot - or hodge pot - or hogwash ?
dumsumdumfai3 November 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Well, although this shows starts off boarder lining the ridiculous, but if you seen/know some of the Japanese TV shows and how far it goes sometimes, the premise is actually lame.

And the quirkiness, comedy is not really funny but the cases are alright. And it does gets better and each case is quirky (some may call them stupid - with the pig, with the fire). And the fact each case resolves in live TV (in the set), is although formulaic, sets it apart.

Another complaint maybe the seemingly long term plot never materialize or sort of given an anti-climatic treatment may turn some viewers off.

Now, there's a fine line between entertainment and absurdity. And this show is exactly that. It's not high art, nor it is really low brow. It's great mediocrity and it knows it ?
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